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Ever since Roran had warned them, Klea had set aside some of her time to do in-depth research on the faction behind the fifth rank of the privileged class, Shatter Cross.

Thanks to that, she found out that there was a dark history between the Cross faction and Zodiac City.

Standing in the same grade – Grade 4, the bad blood and conflict between the two traversed through eons of time, spanning over thousands of years and costing innumerable lives.

Therefore Klea assumed that both Magus Shena and the grand magus must have known each other very well.

She thought that the usual Magus Shena would stay calm and composed.

However, the female Dragon bloodline brought out her crystal spear instead before taking a stance.

Her entire demeanor screamed ready for a battle, as she fiercely spoke.

The young acolyte is my mission.

Stop the fight and release the girl this instant!

Upon hearing her words, the old grand magus swiftly replied, No

The expression on his wrinkled old face turned serious as he said, I won\'t let another half-blood defeat our prince.

The half-blood the old magus meant was the Dragon bloodline protégé Zach, who defeated Shatter Cross.

Klea became anxious when she realized that the Full Moon magus was prepared to fight the old grand magus.

After all, if the two of them really fought, their clash would definitely make the matter bigger than it should be.

The tension in the atmosphere rose as one of the old magus\' arms began to be enveloped by crackling lightning, while Magus Shena made the air temperature in the warehouse drop swiftly.

Klea could not do anything but watch as things gradually headed in a dire direction.

It was at that moment, when things were about to spiral out of control, that a figure suddenly burst through the warehouse door.

Everyone\'s attention immediately turned to the newcomer.

To Klea\'s complete surprise, the figure was a good-looking young man with silver hair that she recognized right away.

It was none other than the root of this situation, the heir of the Cross faction, Shatter Cross.

The presence of the Cross Prince quickly made the old grand magus stop his spell.

Meanwhile, Shatter swiftly walked over, glanced towards Klea, and then returned his attention to the latter, opening his mouth saying, So it\'s true, uncle…

Not giving the old grand magus a chance to speak, he immediately added, This is so embarrassing!

The old grand magus turned respectful and said, Young master, you don\'t need to get involved in this..

I will take care of it.

Hearing those words, Shatter went towards the window and looked at another warehouse where a fight was taking place.

You see, there\'s nothing to make a fuss about! That so-called Savage Acolyte has no way of defeating Anzi!

Everyone\'s attention was drawn because of those words.

Right now, they all could see how the Inhumane acolyte was still able to stand even after having his head pierced by Emery\'s claws.

This was shocking, especially to Klea who knew very well how deadly those claws were.

The old magus\' demeanor suddenly turned submissive.

Gone was the attitude he had previously shown to Magus Shena, as he said, You are right, young master.

It… was my mistake.

I shouldn\'t have done this without your say.

That\'s right, uncle… you should have.

The young man\'s expression turned to a smile as he added, But then, if Anzi can kill him, this could become a fortune.

Hearing the way the two spoke as if there were only the two of them in the world greatly annoyed Magus Shena.

Klea could see that the dragon magus readied her spear preparing to force them to stop.

However, Klea quickly signaled for her to stop with a shake of her head.

After that, she turned and tried to talk to the young master of the Cross family – now knowing that the latter was the one calling the shots.

Giving the best smile she could, Klea said, Young master Cross, how lucky you are to come at the right time.

It was clear that those unexpected words managed to pique the young man\'s interest.

What do you mean asked Shatter, looking Klea straight in the eye.

It\'s fortunate, truly. She said ambiguously.

If you don\'t come, the two will invite trouble to the faction being instigated by the Golden city authority for nothing.

Shatter still didn\'t understand what Klea wanted to say, and realizing that, the girl continued her words.

You see… I know and can guarantee that Emery will not and will never skip his fights.

So you don\'t have to worry about him skipping a challenge.

Means, you can keep your rank safe and protected by your subordinate, young master.

Klea said those words as if she was supporting and congratulating the Cross Prince, but in reality, it only irritated the latter and made him mad.

To his ears, her words insinuated that by ordering Anzi to forcefully make Emery accept a duel, he was actually scared by the notion of fighting against Emery.

Huh! Are you saying that I\'m afraid He snorted and scoffed.

I never said I couldn\'t beat that half-blood!

Is that so! An expression of exaggerated surprise appeared on Klea\'s face hearing that.

To further exaggerate her reaction, she covered her mouth with her hands.

Young master, are you saying that you could win without using any tricks

The response came right away, loud and clear.

Of course, I can!

Hearing that, with a smile Klea spoke softly.

Then why are we here, young master Keeping me here will trouble Emery\'s mind in the fight..

Such a cheap trick not worth of Cross faction

She paused, glanced at the warehouse where the two people were fighting, before continuing, And… Why are we watching their fight secretly This kind of behavior doesn\'t match your grandiose, don\'t you think

A stunned look appeared on Shatter\'s face, before he nodded his head thinking her argument made sense.

Yes, it is not!

The old grand magus seemed to want to interrupt, but eventually decided not to say anything seeing how the Cross Prince had made up his mind.

He just followed right behind as Shatter led the group into the warehouse where the fierce battle was taking place.

As soon as they entered the warehouse, Klea\'s heart ached to see Emery\'s miserable state.

Wounds were visible all over his body, while his breath was panting as if the air had completely disappeared.

The arrival of the group brought the fight to a halt.

At first, Emery was wary of the new arrivals.

However, when his eyes caught sight of Klea\'s figure and saw that she was safe and sound, a joyful expression appeared on his face.

Klea ran up and jumped at Emery, and the two embraced.

The first words that came from Emery was his worried about her condition.

Such words coming from someone half dead only once again made Klea feel touched… and angry for the Cross faction.

Seeing the two, The old grand magus, however, quickly shouted.

The duel isn\'t over yet, or are you admitting defeat

What the old magus didn\'t know was that such words didn\'t matter one bit to Emery as long as Klea was safe.

In fact, if it were not for his concern for her safety, he didn\'t really care who won and lost.

I should just surrender, He said to Klea, worried that something bad would happen if he didn\'t.

To his surprise, the girl hit him on the head and said,

That guy just kidnapped your girl and you want to give up Are you really a man

Emery smiled at her words saying, But I don\'t think I can win.. Glancing at the silent Anzi, he continued, I\'ve tried everything; that man can\'t be killed..

To his surprise, the girl smiled.

Do you really think I will let you fight him again in your current state if I don\'t have a way

A curious expression appeared on Emery\'s face.

You have a way What is it Tell me.

The girl took out a box from her storage ring and gave it to him saying, This is my gift to you, Emery.

You can use this now.

Emery quickly opened the box, brimming with anticipation.

An enlightened expression appeared on his face as he saw something that made him realize how to defeat the Inhumane that seemed undefeatable by all his means.

Seeing them talking for some time, the grand magus once again shouted, Are we continuing or what!

This once again made Magus Shena angry, but Klea turned to them, facing the Cross young master as she ignored the old grand magus, and said.

Does a few minutes break give you trouble, young master In the meantime, you can treat your guard dog as well.

Now that Klea already had Emery next to her, she became even more fierce and forced the Cross Prince\'s hand.

Fine! 10 minutes break!

Klea turned to smile.

That much time should be enough for whatever she had planned and prepared to do.


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