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A few hours earlier…

Klea could be seen walking out of a shop.

She looked down at the item she just purchased, a satisfied smile on her face.

Emery is definitely going to love this! the girl happily said to herself.

Thinking about the expression her boyfriend would make when she gave him the gift she personally handpicked, Klea couldn\'t help but brightly smile to herself as she skipped very lightly from joy.

However, just after walking a short distance away from the shop, the Egyptian Queen suddenly paused in her tracks.

Someone was following her, and it seemed that the other party didn\'t care to hide their presence very much.

Klea warily stood in place.

Moments later, as if answering her suspicion, someone stepped in front of her.

Klea closely observed the other party.

From their body proportions, the other party was most likely a man.

He donned a black cloak over his body, with the Magus Academy\'s privileged class uniform underneath and a mask that covered his face.

It didn\'t take long for Klea to recognize who he was, so she opened her mouth.

Are you looking for Emery He\'s not here.

The young man didn\'t respond to her words as she expected.

Instead, he calmly said in his deep voice, Come with me… and don\'t make a scene.

Klea, however, only stood still and smiled, even sneering a little.

Are you serious right now Only a naive fool would follow a shady guy who talks like that.

The Egyptian Queen knew about the person in front of him.

After all, he was part of her \'Soon-to-be defeated by my love\' list.

He was indeed powerful, but she wasn\'t the least bit scared.

The market district was full of people; only a reckless fool would cause a scene at such a place.

The young man silently looked down at her.

His voice was calm, but his sharp eyes clearly contained threats.

If you don\'t come with me… the savage wolf will be in trouble.

Klea glared at the man\'s eyes with a sneer.

You suck at lying!

She quickly racked her brain and thought about the dozens of possible reasons why this man approached her.

She couldn\'t quite figure out which one it was, but knowing a bit about his background and relation to the rank 5 Cross family…

Whatever it is, it can\'t be good.

After a moment of thought, the girl firmly looked at the masked man in front of her.

She made up her mind.

I will come with you… but not today.

As soon as she said those words, the Egyptian Queen swiftly cast [Gust of Wind].

The violent rush of wind hindered her opponent\'s sight and, at the same time, propelled her upward into the sky toward her newly-formed summon.

Everything was done in less than three seconds, something only a genius could\'ve done.

While the people on the street were still confused by the sudden blast of wind, Klea had already flown high in the air.

Too slow! See you at the duel later! the girl cheerfully exclaimed from above.

She was about to cast a spell to warn Emery when all of a sudden, she felt something violently shake her mind.

Her summon instantly dissipated, and…

Her body stopped moving as she fell from the sky.

With just one sudden spell, the Egyptian Queen quickly began to lose consciousness.

A grand… magus… Emery… is in dan…ger…

After what felt like an eternity, Klea finally awoke in a large, unfamiliar room.

Her head was throbbing, but she still tried to take in everything in her surroundings and analyze the situation she was in.

A warehouse

As she continued to slowly turn her head, her eyes soon met an old man standing nearby.

Her heart skipped a beat, but she quickly regained her composure.

This old man should be the grand magus from before.

Elder, what do you want from me Klea asked the old man with a respectful tone.

She seemed calm, but her heart was wildly beating.

The old grand magus looked at her with a reassuring look.

Rest assured, I won\'t harm you… Come look at the fight.

Klea was rather doubtful, but she decided to follow the old man\'s words for the time being.

After all, if he truly wanted to do anything harmful to her, there was no way she would be able to escape.

How she ended up here was proof of that.

Klea stood up and carefully walked toward the window near the grand magus.

A distance away from where the two were, two young men were fighting fiercely in a warehouse next door.

They were quite far away from the window she was looking from, but with her spirit reading, Klea could tell who the two young men were.

The grand magus briefly glanced at her before calmly looking at the two young men outside.

It seems that we don\'t need you after all… Anzi can finish him in a fair duel.

I was worried for nothing.

Klea\'s mind quickly turned as she understood the gist of it.

She began to observe her surroundings and think of the best way to deal with the situation.

She first thought about shouting for Emery to hear, but after using spirit reading, she found that there was a thin aura surrounding where she was.

The grand magus used some kind of spell to hide their presence, which made her cross the idea of sending Emery a message.

From afar, she noticed that Emery was struggling against the other person.

Even his powerful Dao matter spell wasn\'t working on his opponent.

That\'s now how you do it, Emery… Klea couldn\'t help but think in her mind.

Her grip on the sides of her clothes tightened.

She wished that she could be there for Emery, but she was powerless against this person in front of her.

The thought of simply charging out even crossed her mind when all of a sudden, a figure descended from the sky above.

Magus Shena!

Klea\'s eyes immediately shone.

Her grip loosened as relief washed over her.

After slowly descending toward them, Magus Shena paid her respects to the old grand magus before saying,

Senior, the two can fight, but there is no need to keep the girl.

However, despite the amount of respect Magus Shena showed, the old grand magus wasn\'t even willing to look her in the eye.

Not only did he not have an ounce of respect toward her, but his expression clearly showed his disgust toward the dragon bloodline.

It is none of your concern, half-blood.

Go back! return to your animal kingdom!


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