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As promised, I will now hand over the ancient cultivation technique to you. the Abbot said, as he got to his feet.

Follow me.

The Abbot led them to the back room, behind the tree.

Its door was covered by the tree\'s massive trunk, which was the reason why Emery\'s group had just realized there was a room there.

After entering the room they noticed yet another door.

The Abbot opened it and they saw what seemed to be stairs leading to a tunnel.

Emery was sure they led quite a bit down at the basement of the temple and, as the temple was built on a hill, the place they were currently at must be inside the hill.

Walking through the tunnel, the group eventually arrived at a room that seemed larger than the scale of the temple outside - a massive hall.

Estimating how long they had walked earlier, Emery assumed this place was situated exactly beneath the temple.

This hall, or rather, the basement of the temple, was constructed right beneath the main temple and the four sub temples.

It spanned across the entire foundation of the five buildings above.

In the center, the root of Gaia dominated the entire space.

The Abbot led Emery\'s group through the hall, they could see there were five smaller rooms in this place.

Noticing where they were looking, the Abbot opened his mouth.

Those were our training rooms

When he heard the Abbot\'s words, Emery finally realized the position of those rooms parallelled the five temples above.

The Abbot led them to one of the rooms, they could see there was only one flat-surfaced stone slab placed in the center of the room and nothing else.

Even so, their eyes were quickly caught by something scattered around the room.

The wall was covered by writings.

Curious, Emery and the others quickly examined them.

Thanks to their recent visit to the Great Library, they were able to recognize the language used by these writings was Old Sanskrit - a language only a few people on Earth were proficient in.

Fortunately, the symbol on their palms was able to translate it for them.

Perusing over them, Emery realized these writings were notes and annotations of a cultivation method.

What kind of cultivation technique did the person who used this room possess, Elder

A hint of reminisce flashed in the Abbot\'s eyes when he heard Emery\'s question.

This room was used by one of the twins.

There are several martial art techniques, but the one he was known for, the one he learned from the East Sage.


...Nine Sun Divine Technique.

Upon hearing this, Thrax immediately jerked his head upwards and looked at the Abbot.

It was apparent he was interested in this technique.

Nine Sun! Is it a fire element!

The Abbot looked at Thrax, a faint smile could be seen on his face.

Yes, it is.

Thrax didn\'t have the chance to celebrate yet, as what the Abbot said next brought surprise to the group, completely shocking them.

This cultivation technique does not merely enhance the prowess of your fire spells and battle power.

It bestowed its practitioner an exceptional regeneration capability, especially for inner wounds like the one you are having right now. 

Faced with Thrax\'s disbelief expression, the Abbot nodded his head and said, Yes, Practicing this cultivation technique will allow you to quickly recover from the injuries you suffered.

He had known about Thrax\'s injury when he saw the latter fight previously.

Meanwhile, Thrax himself was still in trance, as he didn\'t expect this cultivation technique would be the answer to his current dilemma.

Without wasting any more time, Thrax immediately leaped onto the stone slab in the middle of the room, sat in the lotus position, beginning to read and comprehend the cultivation technique written on the walls.

Good luck, Thrax! Everyone said in turn, before they left the room and headed for the others.

The moment they arrived at the room adjacent to Thrax\'s room, they immediately saw the exact same room with the same view of writings seen on the walls.

However, the group knew it was a different technique even from a slight glance.

This room should contain the Nine Moon Divine Technique.

From the name itself, they knew this cultivation technique was the complete opposite of the previous one.

The Abbot told them this cultivation technique was mastered by the other twin and, just like what they thought, this one was an ice element cultivation technique.

Hearing that, Emery and the others sighed in disappointment, as neither of them had any affinity to the ice element. 

They were about to leave the room and go to another room when the Abbot suddenly turned his gaze to Klea and said, How about you I can see that you have the affinity for the wind and water element.

Klea was so caught off guard by the Abbot\'s words she couldn\'t say anything for a while.

Huh Me!

Yes, Those two elements you have are the exact primary elements for secondary ice element affinity.

I\'m sure that learning this cultivation technique could enhance both of your elements and, with your level of talent and existing elements, you might create your own fourth affinity.

Upon hearing the confirmation, as well as the future prospect she would have if she learned this cultivation technique, Emery and the other two boys swore they could see flames blazing in Klea\'s eyes. 

Well, this reaction of her was to be expected, since this must be something the genius girl would be interested in.

A new challenge.

Oh, and also, the Nine Moons Divine Technique is the best cultivation technique for increasing the power of your spells. added the Abbot, which should certainly nail the deal if it hadn\'t already.

With a beautiful smile on her face, Klea went to the stone slab and sat there.

Without further ado, she began to comprehend the cultivation technique written on the wall.

Seeing that his two friends had received cultivation techniques suitable for them, Chumo couldn\'t help but say, Wow, I really wish there will be one that suits me.

The next room they went to apparently belonged to the strongest among the brothers.

From the words the Abbot spoke about this person, Emery imagined this person as a warrior with a body twice the size of a normal human.

After looking around the room and not seeing anything significantly different from the other two rooms they had visited earlier, Emery, Chumo and Julian simultaneously turned to the Abbot, waiting for the latter\'s explanation again.

As for this one, he was renowned for the cultivation technique he possessed.

The Twelve Golden Bell Divine Technique.

The Abbot told the three that this cultivation technique was the hardest to master among the others.

Mastering all twelve stages of this cultivation technique will make your body impervious, even to high tier artifacts.

Unfortunately, I don\'t think any of you can cultivate this since it\'s a metal elemental cultivation technique.


Julian quickly cut off the Abbot\'s words.

Me! I can! I have the fire and earth element affinity!

Previously, Julian didn\'t have the chance to showcase his strength because of a certain person.

Therefore, the Abbot hesitated because he wasn\'t really sure of the former\'s capability.

In addition, he could tell Julian\'s aptitude was not as strong as Klea\'s.

You are an A aptitude, I assume Honestly, I am not sure if you can succeed.

But yes, of course.

You can try.

Although it was clear the other party doubted his possibility of success, Julian would definitely not give up an ancient cultivation technique without trying it.

Moreover, something seemed to fit his fighting style perfectly.

If he could master this cultivation technique, Julian was sure he would not have to fear being surrounded on the battlefield or against any opponent.

With this thought in his head, Julian immediately jumped to the stone slab.

At the moment, three people had found what they were suitable with, leaving only Emery and Chumo.

Immediately, the Abbot led them to the next room, where he was silent for a while before opening his mouth.

This room belongs to Arjuna, the most famous among us.

He was a skillful archer and this cultivation technique of his was the opposite of the previous.

Something that was the softest among all, but in my opinion, this cultivation technique is the greatest of the four.


With great enthusiasm, Chumo spoke.

Me, me, me! I\'m an archer! What elements are needed for it

Actually, this one has no need for any elemental affinity.

Perfect! said Chumo excitedly as he zoomed for the stone slab.

This one is definitely for me!

Unfortunately, the Abbot still hadn\'t finished his sentence.

It only has one requirement.

The practitioner has to be a...

virgin… and keep being one or it will kill them.

Chumo\'s rapidly advancing body instantly stopped in its tracks as his head slowly turned towards the Abbot.



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