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The planet\'s history was filled with strife and civil wars between its previous billions of inhabitants.

The wars between those who had the Blood of the Serpent and those who didn\'t, continued warring for more than ten millennia that had sunk entire landscapes of this once intercontinental planet.

It only ended when the race of the serpent had finally struck a decisive blow against the head of the human purists faction that wished for the demise of all half-breed humans.

Alas, the 1% minority of the cunning serpent\'s race had won the unending war.

A thousand year of peace followed the remaining populus and they had regarded the serpent\'s race as the new ruler of the planet Oroboros.

In this lasting peace of the millennia, every year, the galaxy\'s Magus Academy hand-picked a single talented young person to be trained for the higher war happening inside the known galaxy.

When the time of the selection occurred, Silva was the exceptional young talent selected amongst her million peers training with the elements like her.

So, she couldn\'t help but always think how fortunate and blessed she was to be chosen.

She was determined not to waste this opportunity.

In the first year of her training in this most prestigious academy, however, she was facing the most dangerous event that had happened in her 15 years of existence.

She cursed her luck when she had decided to follow a boy who had the smell of a weak bloodline coursing through his veins.

One event led to the other and after she had thought they were going to escape with their lives after encountering a legendary beast and a high-leveled elf magus, things just kept getting worse and worse.

Silva opened the potion her clan leader had given her who had instructed to only consume it in a life or death scenario in not more than half portion.

[Bloodline power growing]

[Battle power has increased by 18 points]

She had also already used the life-saving artifact her parents had given her as a send away gift but even after using these gifts, she still wasn\'t strong enough to fight the foot soldiers of the magus elves, the orcs.

Losing consciousness she was as she tried to break free from the burly hand of the hulking orc clutching her neck.

But then, when her mind was about to go blank, its grip loosened because its head was cut off by the stupid young man, who was the sole cause of her increasing misfortune.

Silva turned her head and saw an orc jump from behind a tree\'s shadow with its spear directed straight at her.

She rolled away, hoping to get out of the spear\'s aim, but the sound of flesh being pierced entered her ears.

She looked at the direction of the sound and there, the stupid brat, whom she had been cursing, was standing just above her with his chest pierced by the metal tip of the spear that stopped just a few inches away from her head.

Emery! she shouted, her eyes wide open at the sight of him.

She stared at him, mouth agape; the boy looking back at her with a cheeky smile.

I\'m glad it didn\'t hit you, he said before he did something that made an impression to her.

The boy turn crazy and screams like a wild animal breaking the spear in half, pulling it out of his body like it\'s nothing, and thrusting it into one of the orc\'s eyes.

The orc and the stupid boy both fell on the ground.

Silva had to make sure this orc was dead through and through so she mustered her strength rosse up, walked over and chopped down the orc\'s head with her bloodied sword.

At the same time the potion\'s effect ended.

[Serpentine\'s Bloodline lowered.

Returning to normal.]

With the death of the two orcs, the danger to their lives had finally passed.

She had fallen back down once again and gazed at the dense leaves covering the starry night sky.

Silva said underneath her breath with a slight hint of joy, We survived, Emery.

We\'re alive.

But the stupid boy didn\'t respond.

She turned her head sideways to see if he was still breathing.

She tiredly got up again, felt his pulse and noticed how it was weakening with every beat.

Her own heart then sped up, staring at the boy who had just risked his life to save her.

For the first time in her life, someone had looked after her, someone outside of her family, her clan members.

It was a bizarre experience out of the culture she had been raised with.

Then she remembered how much she hated people with idiotic beliefs like Emery.

W-Why should I care about this selfish, stupid, boy! Silva shouted to herself as she ran with all the strength her legs could still muster.

Not toward the direction of the institute, rather, where she and Emery had tried to escape from.

The battlefield where several magi were fighting against the legendary dragon and its master, the elf in red armor.

She ran in a hope that the battle would have ended.

She ran and ran, not stopping even for a moment to catch her breath hoping to find a magi in the area who could heal the stupid boy.

Meanwhile, After Silva had left, a black wisp drifted out of the old elf\'s corpse who had died.

It seemed to hover for a moment as if it was checking its surroundings before entering through the hole in Emery\'s chest.


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