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In the last few months subsequent to his return to Rome, Julian had been having a very close relation and interaction to this Roman magister Marcus Crassus.

The man was not only the richest man in Rome, but he was also the person who held the most influence.

As he followed and walked through the man\'s daily life, Julian had a firsthand experience of how money and power could easily determine the outcome of a war.

He used his own wealth, thousands of coins, to instantly form 6 full legions fully equipped legionnaires to quell the chaos.

When they arrived, the legions quickly besieged the city.

We shall see how long they can last, starving to death, said Marcus Crassus, as he looked at the completely surrounded city. 

Well done, Julian.

If it wasn\'t because you were able to bring the citizens out safely, the senate might force us to attack the city right away.

Julian, who stood next to Marcus, was not happy when he heard the latter\'s compliment.

How could he be when he was forced to break his promise because of the man

Sure, he knew and understood the strategic importance behind the move, but not with the cost of his honor

Honor! Hahaha, how silly of you.

They are slaves! They have no honor and no need to give one either. Marcus casually said with a faint smile hung on his face.

Julian\'s accomplishment of successfully rescuing the thousands of Sinuessa City\'s citizens also gave a crucial factor to win the war against the rebels, important intel.

With the fact that the citizens got into contact with the rebels, Marcus was able to know the rebel\'s total number, their level of equipment, and also, the knowledge that the rebels only had enough food to support them in the city for one week, at most.

It would probably mean the rebels would be forced to go out and clash head on with the legionnaires waiting for them outside or stuck inside the city, until they reached death itself.

Even if they did go out, the only differences that would possibly happen would be whether they came out impoverished or frenzied due to starvation.


With this information, Marcus planned to only launch a full assault on the city two weeks later.

Therefore, he ordered the legionnaires to keep their formation and hold their ground.

Even the gods can not win a war with an empty stomach! Hahaha!! said Marcus, while laughing boisterously.

The more he heard about this, the more annoyed Julian became, apparent from how sour his face looked at the moment.

But then, he knew the rebels would not be easily defeated, not with Thrax on their side.

Moreover, hungry and cornered beings were known to be the most dangerous of all.

However, the next thing Marcus said did surprise him.

Julian, I have clearly seen your talent during your time with me these past few months.

You have done a great service to Rome.

Marcus then gestured to a soldier standing on the side, the said soldier quickly brought a chest and placed it before Julian.

The soldier swiftly opened the chest after Marcus gave the affirmation and, inside of it, Julian saw a commander\'s gear.

Julian Kaesar, for your great services to the republic, you are awarded the position of Tribunus and you shall lead the 6th legion as its commander for the glory of home!

This matter that Marcus just did was such a big promotion for Julian and unprecedented in the history of Romans.

He just directly went from a commander of 480 men to the highest authority of the legion consisting of 5000 men.

When the gear landed on Julian\'s hand, Marcus continued on.

You are just one step away from becoming a legatus.

Help me win this war and I will make sure the position is yours.

With it also naturally comes your place in the senate.

Having a seat in the senate was the same as being one of the 600 leaders of the empire that covered vast land - the highest level of honor one could achieve in the Roman Republic.

With this, Julian could also finally regain his father\'s honor who was tarnished by his enemy.

Julian was so motivated to win the war, until the magister added one more requirement for such reward, the moment the latter said that, it was as if the blazing flames in him doused by the wave of a tsunami.

I want you to hand me the head of Spartacus.

Julian had gone through, what in his opinion, one of the hardest two weeks of his life.

Throughout the weeks, his mind was utterly filled with the guilt for the hunger happening to the rebels inside the city and the thought of killing his friend for the title he so desired.

Eventually, Julian decided to spend the two weeks occupying his mind with how he should train the new legion that came under his command. 

In the end, the two weeks passed by like a flash to Julian and he had found himself standing before the 30.000 legionnaires, who had prepared themself to attack the encircled city where the rebels were at.

Hahaha, did you see those rebels on top of the gate They can\'t even stand properly! How can they even fight against us!

The magister, Marcus Crassus, had been waiting for the victory for two weeks and, finally, he could feel it was within the reach of his grasp.

The man was seen standing before the 30.000 legionnaires, giving off the air of authority.

Those slaves will meet their end today! All for the glory of Rome!!

Julian, on the other hand, honestly found the situation quite suspicious.

There were supposedly 80.000 rebels currently in the city and they had certainly seen the Roman legion\'s formation ready to adavnce.

However, the number that was reported to be seen by the soldiers were only in thousands.

It was as if they were purposely showcasing it to look less threatening, to fool the Romans.

Hence, Julian told Legatus about his suspicion.

Alas, the man was too embarrassed to retract his order after the prideful declaration.

Therefore, the Roman legions kept their advance toward the city.

When the 30.000 legionnaires were charging furiously toward the city, Marcus and the other commanders were given the surprise of their life.

Not only were the rebels not weakened or impoverished as predicted, there were even the sight of 5.000 Sicilians, who came to help the rebels from the sea.

Those **ing pirates!! They dare to come and help the slaves!!

When the Romans utilized their machines and sent salvos of attacks, the Sicilian also didn\'t remain either.

Their ships began to launch several flying rocks that smashed onto and destroyed the legionnaires\' formation.

While the Romans were trying to quell the chaos happening in their ranks, the rebels and the gladiators chose this moment to come out of the city, rushing ferociously toward the legionnaires like raging waves.

Julian could see Thrax at the front of the charge, leading the carnage as the rebels began clashing against the legionnaires.

Those who were around had somehow turned into a beast, as they wreaked havoc and fought as if they were oblivious of pain and injury.

Naturally, the Romans didn\'t back down, as they immediately fought back.

However, they were surprised to find out that the rebels and Sicilians were gradually overwhelming them and shredding their formation into tatters.

The fight continued on, but one could see the Romans were getting pushed back by the rebels.

Marcus eventually realized the situation and immediately ordered the legionnaires to retreat.

Alas, by the time he did so, the Romans had suffered quite a loss.

Not only did they lose their dignity because of this defeat, they also lost their brethrens under the hands of what they always considered as lower-class being.

On this eventful day, Marcus lost one-third of his men.

8.000 Roman legionnaires had died and buried in the surrounding area of Sinuessa City, while 2.000 others were wounded severely.

Julian was seen rushing towards the commander\'s tent, only to see the said legatus was wounded because of the battle.


Gritting his teeth from the pain he was currently in, Marcus pointed his finger at Julian, 

Julian! Those **ing Romans you rescued had gave us false information! If you don\'t properly settle this matter, don\'t you ever **ing dream about becoming a legatus! Do you hear me! I will make sure you end up as a footsoldier your whole life!

After being bombarded with several more curses and threats, Julian walked out of the commander\'s tent with a new task.

As he approached the battlefield, he could see hundreds of dying Roman soldiers, both young and old.

Eventually, Julian found himself standing in the middle of the battlefield.

He found his new resolve as his gaze fixed at the city.

It finally comes to this, my Thracian friend.


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