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Today was the first time Felaenon Village was opened to so many outsiders.

Not only has that never happened before during the whole history of the village, but the ones who came to visit were knights.

Soldiers equipped from head to toe with weapons and armor.

These raise concerns to the villagers.

Near the entrance of the village, Chief Brennus was already waiting.

Right as he heard the clang of metallic boots, the old man stopped leaning against a tree and said.

Welcome, outsider.

While you are here, please leave your weapons outside.

Sir Gawain quickly opened his mouth to voice his concern, but the prince shook his head, before ordering the soldiers to hand their weapons over.

The chief placed the weapons in a neat pile, moved aside and gestured to the soldiers to enter.

You are now welcome to enter our village.

Arthur and the knights, Luna, and even Gaious, who supposedly had experience with unique things, were looking at every corner with interest.

Around the houses in the village, stood tall trees with hanging branches and glowing leaves, while the buildings made of all-natural materials provided an unique sight.

It was clear from how they acted that none of them expected such a unique place to exist in the heart of Briton.

Emery and Morgana walked among them and he occasionally answered the questions asked by the curious soldiers.

Although the two known figures were walking among them, the villagers seemed to be reluctant to welcome them.

Arthur too, was quite surprised.

Other than the unique place and clothing, these fey chrutins villagers look much like any Briton citizen.

The only thing that differentiates them was the light green pupils that could only be seen if one looking closely.

After a lot of cold gazes and hushed whispers, the group arrived at the largest tent and were finally greeted with a few warm smiles.

A girl ran towards them, followed by three others.

Sis Morgana!

The girl was Glita, the youngest of the fey sisters.

She quickly ran and hugged her big sister who has been away for few months.

Especially after all the concerning news.

I am glad you re fin Sis

The eldest sister Tyra approached and said Thank you for bringing her back., not only towards Emery, but also towards the group.

From her actions, it was clear she was unfamiliar with human greetings and she was keenly aware of it.

However, everyone merely looked at them in confusion, reminding Emery and Morgana that the knights didn\'t speak the fey language.

The two decided to help and translate them.

They made small talk and after a few minutes, Chief Brennus walked out of the deep forest to inform Emery and Arthur that the High Priestess was ready to see them.

Once more the golden knight Gawain wishes to follow the prince, but Arthur rejects.

With that, they left the rest of the group with Morgana.

So, who are we meeting Arthur asked while walking into a much deeper and denser woods.

He watched as roots started to grow and weave themselves into the ground and fill out the surroundings.

Hmm, how do I say this… Emery looked at the forest.

We are meeting the guardian of the Gaia.

Gaia What\'s that Arthur raised his eyebrows.

Emery remained silent, for he had no answer to that question himself, but after a few seconds, he said.

Just be respectful and speak only when being asked.

Alright, I can do that.

Actually doing such a thing was not necessary, but Emery remembered how Master Xion kept on saying the same thing back when he brought him to see Grand Magus Zenoia.

In addition, he has no idea of how the High Priestess would treat the prince.

It was better to be cautious.

The two finally stopped in front of the shrine and, once more, the golden prince found himself at a loss for words.

From entering the village to now, he had seen a lot of fascinating things.

From the rare, strange-colored animals scurrying just beneath his feet as they walked.

He saw all kinds of wonders, from a rabbit with horns like an antelope with the corner of his eyes, to a tree with glowing, soft blue leaves.

Everything was magical and deep down, it terrified him.

Just beyond a pond, they saw a large, towering tree with huge branches blocking the light of the sun.

The bluish glow of its leaves was the only source of light, giving the place a surreal atmosphere.

Actually, Arthur has seen this tree on the vision gave out by the legendary sword, he still unable to believe the wonder it shows in front of him.

It was at this moment when Arthur saw the huge bear-like creature coming out from behind the tree, the prince took a step back, his hand on his wrist to grab onto the sword that no longer rested on his waist.

Right as he panicked, a gentle echo came into his mind.

Prince Arthur… Please do not worry, Artio is a gentle creature.

The voice that spoke into his head, along with the information that such a huge bear was gentle, only made Arthur even more bewildered.


I am Nimue, the High Priestess of the fey.

The beautiful woman came out from behind the tree, while propped up with branches and roots that served as a makeshift seat.

Arthur calmed himself down right as she saw her.

Thank you for bringing him here. as she glance at Emery

Emery nodded in response.

The meeting was not complicated, as the all knowing High Priestess seems already knew about the prince\'s intention to foster peace between the two races, Logress\' plan for the fey, Morgana\'s return and their quest.

The High Priestess simply told the golden prince to do one thing.

That was, for him to touch Gaia\'s tree with his own hand.

It wasn\'t me who have the answer that you seek prince.

It was Gaia.

Arthur found the concept of a mythical tree hidden in Briton all this time, as an amusing thing, but he had come here prepared.

Before he decided to undertake this journey, he had resolved to take in what he saw with an open mind.

The prince bowed to the priestess, before walking closer and touching the tree with the tip of his fingers.

Right afterward, surprisingly his confusion turned into a much calmer expression, to the point he smiled in delight.

It was as if all his questions had been answered.

Written by Avans, Published exclusively by W.e.b.n.o.v.e.l,


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