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Emery\'s sudden appearance at the back of the king\'s throne immediately alarmed all the knights in the room.

They fell into a state of confusion - as to how he was able to move there, and panicked - as he clearly didn\'t have good intentions.

The knights frantically approached closer towards the king, but stopped when Emery glared at them.

As Expected, King Uther wasn\'t one of those paper kings, the ruler who could only govern and hide between its bodyguards the moment danger arrived.

He is after all a Knight commander of the Divine order.

In an instant, Uther activated the buff ability, [Divine Power], as he drew his sword.

Using all the strength that he had, he swung the sword behind him.

Unfortunately, instead of the sight of the sword successfully beheading its target, the same thing that happened to the golden knights earlier also happened to Uther.

Emery had grabbed the sword with his bare hands with ease, effectively rendering Uther\'s counterattack ineffective.

This time, Emery decided to use his other free hand to disarm the Logress King, causing the sword to fly into his hand.

Not that he needed a sword to kill the king, however, the moment the sword landed in his hand, all the knights who surrounded and watched their small confrontation became even more panicked.

Emery didn\'t know who, but someone shouted words that caused the jittery knights to lunge at him.

Save the king!!

As if they were on steroids, the golden knights who were immobilized by Emery\'s spell crazily cut the roots off in their efforts to \'save\' the king.

Most of them decided to focus their attacks at Emery, while some took a not-so-wise decision.

Seeing that the current situation was where the king\'s life was threatened, a golden knight \'cleverly\' decided to attack Morgana.

He thought that if she was caught, Emery would certainly surrender.

Emery, who clearly saw everything that was happening in the room, was about to blink back and send the said golden knight onto the underworld when he realized someone had jumped in front of Morgana.


Crisp sound of metal clashing against metal was heard as a sword had successfully parried the slash coming from the golden knight.

The latter was stunned when he saw the one who stopped him was Prince Arthur himself.

Prince Arthur! Let me pass! shouted the golden knight anxiously.

No!! Arthur said as he used all his strength to push back the knight.

Ignoring the golden knight who still asked him to step aside, Arthur shouted at Emery.

Merlin! I did as you ask! So, keep your promise!

Right now, Emery was standing right next to the throne, with King Uther just an inch from his sword.

He calmly scanned his gaze across the room.

Emery let out a faint smile and raised the sword in the air before swinging it down.



Swish! Stab!

Everyone shouted in panic, but the moment their gaze landed on the throne, they were dumbfounded.

Apparently, the sword didn\'t pierce through the king like they expected.

Instead, it had lodged itself in the arm of the throne just next to him.

Under the bewildered gazes of everyone, Emery nonchalantly walked back to the center, where he was earlier.

He then turned around and gave a slight bow to the king.

Your Majesty.

I think this is enough demonstration.

Do you agree said Emery with a smile.

Silence fell over the room as Emery waited for the king\'s response while the others were still digesting what just happened.

Emery frowned when he sensed that someone was still trying to sneak up on him.

The man probably thought he didn\'t know his sneaky act because his back was facing him.

Unfortunately for him, Emery didn\'t need his eyes to know what was going on around him.

Irritated with all the shenanigans these golden knights tried to do to him, Emery finally decided to let go of his inhibition.

It was clear that for these people, blood needed to be spilled so they would understand!


he casted a spell that materialized a dark shadow which then formed into the shape of a black crescent moon, [Enfeeble Blade].

Emery threw the dark blade toward the sneaking golden knight without even looking at the latter.

The man was only able to react fast enough to place his sword on the trajectory of the blade.

Unfortunately, a mere sword wasn\'t enough to stop Emery\'s spell as the dark blade instantly cut through the sword and pierced his armor as well.


Red blood spurted out from the golden knight\'s chest.

A loud scream of pain resounded through the air as the man fell to the ground writhing in his own blood.

Emery believed the sword and armor had blocked most of the spell damage, so they should have saved his life.

However, if the man was too weak and died because of that one spell, then it would be on himself.

Seeing the fallen golden knight, all the other knights became emotional and about to attack Emery as well.

Realizing that, Emery swift casted [Enfeeble Blade] again, and willed the dark blade to hover above his head.

This made everyone nervous and hesitant as they had seen with their own eyes how deadly that blade was.

This time, Emery decided to throw it towards the king.


The blade flew like a violent gale, flying past just slightly over the king and cutting the sword embedded on the throne into two.

That act made King Uther even more pale, followed by all the other knights.

They were terrified by the feats that Emery managed to pull off.

In their minds, it was clear that this wizard had a terrifying spell he had been restrained from using before, coupled with the unknown ability to move undetected behind the king.

They finally realized that what Emery said earlier was true, that he was being soft on them.

They finally realized the reality of the situation, that their powers were too far apart.

Emery calmly looked at King Uther and said, Your Majesty, if this evidence is sufficient, please tell your knights to withdraw as we will discuss in a civil manner.

The king looked conflicted as Emery could see his expression changing several times in a short period of time.

In the end, he relented as he knew that no one was strong enough to defeat Emery.

He ordered the knights to withdraw, even giving signs to all the silver and golden knights to completely leave the room.

Receiving the order, the group swiftly took the heavily injured knight with them in order to let Gaious treat him.

As a result, there were now only Emery, Morgana, and the two Pendragons staying in the courtroom.

King Uther, whose face still pale, looked at Emery with a resigned look.

So, what do you want To kill me Even if you kill me, you will see that the seven kingdoms will hunt you down!

Emery shook his head.

No, I want to talk about peace.


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