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It seemed these golden knights were tougher to deal with than Emery first assumed.

His water spell [Crashing Wave] might be weakened due to the existence of his dark core, but it was still a bonafide Tier 3 spell.

Therefore, one could imagine Emery\'s surprise when he saw those four people managed to stand still, relatively unhurt.

This also made him have to give them a little credit for their prowess.

Even so, his current objective was still to give them a lesson, not outright killing them.

Therefore, Emery chose to fight using only his weaker, less deadly spells.

In the meantime, all four golden knights could be seen using their [Divine Power] ability as their bodies were covered with glimmers of light.

It gave them an increased capability in the speed and strength department.

Emery watched in interest as they charged upon him.

This time, it looked like they chose to fight with strategy as he could see only two of them decided to attack while the other two stood by, seemingly ready to counter any moves that he could possibly do.

Seeing the incoming golden knights, Emery let out a smirk, crouched down, and touched the floor with his hands.

Immediately after, the floor was undulating violently as if it was alive.

The next second, the stone floor rose into the air and created a wall which then headed towards the two golden knights [Mud wall].

Much to Emery\'s surprise again, the two were able to withstand a wall that should have weighed over 200 pounds with their strength.

On the other hand, the two remaining golden knights didn\'t remain idle.

The moment they saw their colleagues restrained by the wall, they immediately dashed at Emery - becoming the second wave of assault.

Due to the lack of long-range attacking spells in his repertoire, Emery was hesitant.

He worried that his Tier 3 [Enfeeble Blade] would really injure, or worse, instantly kill them.

Emery finally made up his mind when the two golden knights were already a few meters away from him.

[Aqua Lance - Tier 2 Water Element Spell]

Medium blobs of water took form around his body before forming into spear-like constructs.

The moment they stabilized, Emery immediately willed them to shoot forward.

In an instant, the lances arrived before the two incoming golden knights, knocking them back.

Emery naturally also didn\'t forget to send some of the lances onto the golden knights who held the wall.

Even though [Aqua Lance] wasn\'t a Tier 3 spell, it actually packed more impact than the Tier 3 [Crushing Wave] he used before because it was a single target spell.

Emery could see that the four golden knights were hurt by his spell, but not to the point where they couldn\'t move anymore.

Meanwhile on the side of the golden knights, they were very annoyed at the moment due to their inability to approach Emery.

Emery looked at them and said calmly, You won\'t be able to beat me.

I warn you, my next attack won\'t be that gentle.

King Uther, whose face extremely dark after he saw Emery easily handle the golden knights, gave another signal with his hand.

Immediately, half the knights in the room grab the bow that was on their back.

Soon, two dozen knights were pulling their bows and aiming at Emery.

Give up, Merlin! You can\'t escape this!

Emery, still adopting his calm attitude, turned to Arthur and Morgana.

Then, out of everyone\'s expectation, he motioned to move a bit further away lest they were impacted by the ongoing fight.

Arthur was hesitant to follow Emery\'s order, which automatically made Morgana have to compel him to do so.

Being blatantly ignored by Emery, Uther immediately gave the signal to turn the latter into a porcupine.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The faint sound of objects darting through the air rang out as dozens of arrows aimed at the figure standing in the center of the room shot forth.

The king stood up in shock when he saw almost all of the arrows squarely hit Emery\'s body.

He was about to cheer when he realized a second later that the arrows lifelessly fell to the floor after hitting its taget.

Emery simply used his bread and butter spell [Granite Skin] to basically nullify the arrows as well as to prove his point that they wouldn\'t be able to hurt, much less injure him.

And it looked like his idea was working as he could see that most of the knights were left with their mouths wide open, clearly unable to believe what they just saw.

Is this proof enough

Emery continued his words calmly, but everyone could feel the coldness behind it.

King Uther was both furious and terrified when he heard Emery\'s question.

He could not believe that none of his best knights were able to defeat this young, cursed Fey.

The king seemed to remember something as he turned his gaze to the figure who had been watching in silence ever since.

Gaious! What are you doing just standing there!

The old magician tried to stay out of the mess, because he was looking out for Arthur\'s safety.

Moreover, he had seen what Emery could do and, as such, he had no plans to join the fight at all.

However, with the direct order of the king, Gaious could only helplessly join the fray.

A wisp of fire gradually formed on his hand as Gaious cast his spell.

Seeing that, Emery commented, Old man, I don\'t want to break your old bones.

I really don\'t.

Gainous could only sigh when he heard Emery\'s ultimatum.

Be easy with me, young Merlin.

This time, not only Gaious, Sir Gawain also received a stare from the king.

With another golden knight and a wizard joining them, the other knights began to regain their previously crumbling confidence.

Without further ado, five golden knights made their move.

They surrounded Emery from all four sides as they brandished their weapons at the latter.

At the same time, Gaious had finished casting his spell.

However, instead of a fire element spell, dozens of roots emerged from the floor before they swiftly slithered towards Emery.

The knights were suprised when they saw that Fey didn\'t dodge the roots, allowing them to crawl over his legs.

They were confused for a moment before quickly throwing the distracting thoughts away, because this was their golden opportunity to bring Emery down!

Emery sighed when he saw the expressions on the faces of the knights, who were trying their best to hide their excitement.

He muttered, but in the enclosed space where they were, everyone could hear his words.

This is getting boring.

Thanks to his incomparable physical strength, Emery could easily tear Gaious\'s roots apart with his claws and bare hand.

As a result, the moment they swung their swords, the golden knights only hit empty air, with Emery nowhere to be seen.

Then, while they were looking for their target that abruptly disappeared, black spiky roots suddenly appeared from the same place Gaious\' roots came out, startling them.

The knights were giving their all to free themself from the roots\' entanglement.

Unfortunately, their effort was in vain as the moment they managed to cut one root, another one would appear.

As Emery was able to create 8 roots from his [Shadow Binding Root] spell, he was able to hold down the five golden knights with each.

The roots were even able to send one golden knight to the floor and completely immobilize another.

King Uther gaped at the sight unfolded before him.

He was completely shocked, and couldn\'t believe what he was seeing.

And then, he realized that Emery\'s figure was nowhere to be seen.

Where is he!

As if it was his worst nightmare, Uther heard a voice coming from his back.

Looking for me


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