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Mags and Silva took a step back while Emery glanced at the information showing on his palm.


[Battle power 50]

Orcs! exclaimed Mags as she turned around and ran.

However, after taking two steps, blood spilled as she was thrown and stuck to a tree with a spear on her back.


Nobody leaves! an Orc said with his rough and raspy voice. 

Then another humanoid creature stepped out from the portal.

It had long golden braided hair, pointy ears and a dark cloak.

Two more elves came out after the first, one had short dark hair, while the other a brown short hair, and they emitted the same pressure as the elf wearing red armor. 

Emery shakingly tried to keep his head straight at them before looking at his palm.

However, unlike the orcs, Emery\'s palm only showed they were elves but the battle power \'\'. 

When Emery\'s eyes fell once more at elf in the forward position, the elf glanced back and Emery could feel his whole being held by an invisible force keeping him in place.

Not even a slight twitch of his legs or fingers could be done and he could hear Silva was also struggling the same as him.

Ugh! Your misfortune is rubbing on me! This is all your fault! Silva said with her gritted teeth.

Emery couldn\'t say anything, he hadn\'t expected that whatever the invisible pressure these elves were emitting would also affect his ability of speech.

He racked his brain, thinking what could he even do.

Not again, he couldn\'t watch and do nothing.

He moved around his eyes, searching for anything or something that could give them at least a chance to escape.

The elves made their way in front of the bloodied elf with the orcs behind them. 

Cin nin eriol...

(elvish language) can\'t you leave me alone for old time\'s sake the elf said, his eyes seemed to have a gloomy light.

You know it\'s not possible, the cloaked elf with the golden braided hair said, shaking his head.

The elf sighed.

Then I have no other choice.

Wind converged around them and their surroundings became darker for a moment.

The invisible pressure holding back Emery and Silva was lifted off as they were pushed back several steps.

A black wisp exited from the injured elf\'s chest and pushed it in Cole\'s chest before the elf dropped to the ground with his eyes wide open. 

GRAAA! one of the orcs grunted as he jumped to the side.

However, the black orbs followed the orcs and they tried to deflect it with their weapons.

It didn\'t prove effective and when one of the orbs touched one of the orcs, the orc shook slightly before falling lifelessly on the ground.

Only a few seconds had passed but three orcs were dead.

The three cloaked elves, however, stood still, unfazed.

They were chanting something underneath their breaths as the orbs flew toward them.

The cloaked elf in front raised his hand, creating a mirror like liquid substance that halted the black orbs in its path.

The black orbs shook violently but no matter how hard it tried, it couldn\'t escape the liquid substance.

Another elf summoned a staff from his ring and a bolt of lighting shot to Cole.

More bolts of lightning darted at Cole but he repelled all of them with a simple wave of hand.

The lightning struck the nearby trees, knocking some of them down and some succeeded in lighting up a whole tree on fire.

An orcs charged Cole with their weapons held high but with a simple gesture, the lightning bolts were swayed and incinerated the orcs instead.

The smell of charred rotten meat wafted in the air as Emery watched and believed that this Cole was different from the Cole they had known.

Seeing an opportunity, the third one disappeared from sight before reappearing behind Cole.

Cole was half-expecting it and managed to jump out of the third elf\'s two knives, however, the elf dispersed like smoke and revealed himself once again behind Cole, managing to cut off Cole\'s two legs. 

Cole plummeted on the ground and the elf sat on top of him before plunging the knives in his shoulders.

He screamed as the orbs spun stronger and flew toward his direction but lighting strikes erupted again from the staff of the second cloaked elf, deflecting the orbs.

The elf sitting on Cole withdrew his knives before stabbing again, making Cole lose consciousness.

When the energy emitting from Cole pressure was starting to diminish, Emery managed to take one step forward, however, the elf, who seemed to be the leader, struck another gaze at him and Silva, disabling them from moving once more.

Take him, the first cloaked elf said to an orc that just walked out of the portal, his voice seemingly unconcerned. 

The orc grabbed Cole by the uniform and dragged him back to the portal, leaving a line on the ground.

Meanwhile, the other two elves approached their leader.

That is more effortless than I thought, the elf with the staff said.

We are fortunate he has been fighting with Agis for days and we managed to catch him when he had just moved to another body, the elf with the knives said, sheathing his daggers before pointing at the dead elf.

What about this one 

The first cloaked elf moved closer.

Emery couldn\'t help but notice the darkness in his eyes and heavy tone as he said, It\'s now an empty vessel.


leave him here... He turned around and said in almost like a whisper, Namariel.

What about them asked the elf with knives pointing at Emery\'s

We have no use for them.

Kill them all.


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