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Morgana! Emery exclaimed.

Though her face was obscured with the cape\'s hood, the figure he took hostage under his arm was definitely her.

His shock made him almost forget about the battle, making him lower the dagger that was placed on the figure\'s neck.

Seeing an opening, the figure struck Emery\'s chest with her elbow, making him take a few steps back.

He did not resist, but he used the force of the attack to grab the figure\'s black cape.

He knew from her familiar smell, but this way, he could be sure.

He flipped to regain his balance and turned around to see the face beneath the hood.

There she was.

The familiar red-haired beauty that had been in the forefront of his mind for the past few months now stood in front of him.

She\'s safe… That\'s a relief! Emery muttered under his breath.

Ever since he returned from the Magus Academy, he had been searching for her with everything he could.

From asking Luna to search for the missing silver knight, asking for help from the High Priestess and so much more.

All that, and there were still no hints, but now she suddenly appeared in front of him.

They have been reunited after months of being apart, but Emery had no idea what to say to her, except for her name.

The woman in front of him seemed to be in shock and she kept on muttering some words.

Emery tried to approach her, but a pillar of flame emerged from both her hands, before she threw it towards him.


The attack was thrown in such a close range, forcing Emery to use [Blink] to dodge to the side right before the flames hit him.

… What! … It\'s me…!

He was confused.

Was it because of his [shapeshifting] ability that she didn\'t recognize him But wasn\'t she able to recognize his scent

Morgana it\'s me! Look! Emery dispelled his feywolf innate spell out of panic.

Right now he couldn\'t think about anything else, just the woman who seemed to be staring at him with murderous eyes.

Morgana did not answer, she casted another fire spell and threw the resulting fireball at him.

Once more, Emery used [Blink] to dodge.

What was it What did the two-faced prince or the old wizard do to her mind Did they use some mind alteration magic or something

Morgana stared at him and finally said something Is that the spell you used to disappear right in front of my eyes that time!

What! What are you-

The angry woman concentrated on her hands again and fire started to ignite both her palms before it coalesced into a pair of medium-sized fireballs.

Where have you been! it\'s been months! Not days, not weeks, months!

Emery raised both his hands in defense.

Now, he understood what the red-haired woman was talking about.

Wait, wait! Stop! About that, I can explain!

Morgana stopped her casting and the fireballs floating above her palms stopped expanding, though it was still blazing and casting an orange glow on her enraged expression.

She stared at him, urging him to give a quick and serious answer.

Explain right now!

Yes, yes, actually…

Emery\'s voice disappeared and he felt like someone was muffling his voice.

Right afterwards, a sentence came into his mind\'s eye.

[Restriction Spell activated.

You are not allowed to say any information regarding the Academy to those who are not part of it.]

He paled right after reading the sentence.

Oh… Dammit!


One of the fireballs floating above her palms were thrown towards him and he quickly dodged with a [Blink] as well.

He looked at Morgana and she made a gesture of mock throwing with her empty hand.

The second fireball was still blazing.

The implied threat was clear as day.

Stop, stop! I said calm down, just give me a minute!

Meanwhile, Arthur and the others all around them stared at each other with confused glances.

At first, they thought these two appeared to be fighting, but he realized from their gesture and words, they knew each other.

Arthur approached Morgan.

Morgana, what is going on here

Apparently, the prince had surprised both Morgana and the attacker, as they shouted towards him at the same time.


The prince took one step back and smiled in dark amusement.

Whatever the case, this was enough to conclude they know each other.

Although Morgana did seem to be angry at the attacker, if some of her actions were to be believed, the two seemed to have something more between them.

Realizing the man who came for Morgana was actually both a great fighter and a powerful wizard.

He decided to treat this matter carefully.

One other thing he found rather concerning was the fact this wizard had the ability to change his face.

That power was unheard of, at least from the few wizards he knew of.

Arthur raised his hand and his men both stepped back before sheathing their weapons.

He wanted to give some space to Morgana and wait until the problem between the two of them was resolved.

He couldn\'t help but wonder who this young man actually was.

Morgana sighed, letting the remaining fireball dissipate.

She took some deep breaths to calm herself down.

Emery nodded and used [Blink] once more and this time, he appeared next to Morgana.

With a tender grip, he held Morgana\'s hand and said.

I know it is my fault and for that, I am sorry, okay! It was not my intention to leave you for months like that.

Can we talk somewhere, away from these people Please…

Morgana looked at him for a second before nodding.

Unfortunately, Emery\'s [Spatial Gate] were unable to carry people with him, or at least, he was still not yet strong enough to do that.

He decided to grab her hand and lead her to the woods, away from the prying eyes all around them.

Morgana looked at the prince and he nodded before raising his arm.

The knights who surrounded them parted and let them pass and they disappeared in the darkness of the forest.


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