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Morning came and the Lioness entourage was busy preparing for their return.

The estate lent to them by the Order was rowdy with shouts, laughter and conversations.

Some talked about their victory, some joked about small things to lighten the mood and others expressed regret over their failure.

The knights were ready on top of their horses, while the squires and former squires all stood in front of the estate, waiting for their princess to come, so the journey could start.

Emery, on the other hand, decided to come in to ask permission not to join the trip back.

Although Emery could always use his [Spatial Gate] spell to return back to Camelot to search for Morgana later, he really lacked the patience to follow the 4 days journey back, pretending to be Lanzo and unable to do anything.

It\'s 4 days he could use to do more important things, he could use the time to inquire about the divine water from the high priestess, to catch up on his training in the Khaos space and also to find more information about Morgana.

He had no time to follow the princess\' entourage for 4 days.

Based on this realization, he decided to ask permission from the princess, after all, he\'s not really in active service like the other knights.

It should be fine...

at least he thought so.

Right after the princess walked out, he came closer to her and quickly said his intention.

He had braced himself for the worst-case scenario, if the princess ended up getting enraged over his decision, but her face was expressionless.

Calmly, she nodded and said.

I guess you have made your decision, Lanzo.

Yes, I don\'t mind, do whatever suits you.

I hope you find what you are looking for.

While the princess didn\'t react much, Yvain on the other hand was offended.

Even though Emery was not officially assigned as a knight to guard the princess, it was still a knight\'s duty to always protect members of the royal family.

The golden knight tried to block Emery\'s way and make him change his mind.

But before he could approach Emery, the princess extended a hand to stop him.

Yvain, don\'t worry about him.

Just let him be, he has his own path The princess stared at him and said Lanzo you need to decide if you really want to follow the path of the knight, we will be here when you are ready

From her tone, Emery realized the princess was somehow still troubled by their last conversation, but to her credit, she still tried to be casual about it.

But, Emery could certainly understand what the golden knight was getting at, and he would be lying if he said her response didn\'t stir his heart.

He has been raised, trained, and dream about being a knight since he was a child.

The path of Justice, Truth, and Honor.

Currently, he can\'t be true to himself until his many troubles are solved.

But now that he thought once more about it, what would 4 days mean, considering he still had three years before his recall He probably should finish his current responsibility appropriately.

Without realizing it, he called on to the princess.

Wait, I…

The princess turned around, waiting for him to finish.

But before Emery could say anything, a ruckus and a shout could be heard from the front gate of the estate.

Princess Gwenneth, why are you leaving so soon

The trotting noise of a horse could be heard from the side.

A knight with a blue and gold emblem came to a stop, jumping down from his white horse.

It was no other than the golden prince, Arthur Pendragon.

Princess Gwenneth, why are you leaving without saying goodbye That is impolite.

From the way she clenched her hands, Emery could tell the princess was in no mood to talk to the prince, but she decided to indulge him anyway.

My apologies, my prince, there is something I suddenly must do.

Does it really have to be done right away Perhaps, if you allow me to change your mind… What about a little tour around Camelot City Although it\'s probably not as pretty as the Lioness territory, I am sure there will be someplace that interests you.

It was clear, the princess was just trying hard to be friendly and in the end, she rejected his offer.

I apologize once more my prince, the truth is last night I just receive an urgent letter from my father telling me to return right away

For such reason, of course, the golden prince could not force her, but with his smile, he asked the princess to promise to spend time with him on another day.

While they were in the middle of a conversation, the prince glanced at Emery, who was watching them talk, and said.

Ah, it\'s you, Lanzelot! We haven\'t officially met, have we The prince gave Emery a kind smile.

To Emery\'s surprise, the prince seemed to be more friendly than he thought.

During the five days event, he never had the chance to really talk to him.

All Emery knew about him was his position as the Logress prince.

But, when the prince approached him and stand in front of him, he felt a chill going down his spine.

Something about him made his whole body tingle, goosebumps spreading down his skin.

It was clear, the prince held something that was important to him.

But what is it

The prince turned around and said Alright princess hope you have a safe trip, my knights will escort you until the border

Thank you

As for Emery, he still stood there suddenly realizing what it was that bothered him from the prince before.

Before leaving the princess called his name and asked.

Lanzo… What is it that you were about to say before

Emery took a deep breath, sighed, and said.

My apologies, princess, I simply wanted to wish you a good journey back.

He could see a slight disappointment in the princess\'s expression before she gazes into his eye and said Good Bye Lanzo

She turns around and walked into her carriage.

Though his heart was shaken a bit, Emery\'s decision was now firm thanks to what he just felt from the prince.

The prince unmistakably reeked a familiar scent.

It was a fey wolf scent.


Emery was sure the prince interacted with her recently, or the smell would not be as pronounced.

He stares intently at the prince standing in front of him.

What did he know What was his involvement in this mess

There was only one way to find out.

Emery couldn\'t wait anymore, before leaving Camelot, he must definitely give this prince a personal visit.


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