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Emery still baffled by the scene unfolding in front of him.

This raised the question, which item gave the golden knights their strength Was it the sword, or was it the divine water

The knight commander turned to look at the ten new silver knights and said.

The things you see today are part of the most guarded secrets of the order.

Here, you stand as a witness to the things this order can provide for the sake of this realm\'s safety.

Perhaps one day, with enough merit under your belt, this power could become yours as well.

All the silver knights started whispering to each other with confident smiles, as if they conveniently forgot about the deeds required.

After Sir Percival was done, it was time for Sir Maleagant\'s ceremony.

Sir Maleagant! Are you ready to accept your sacred duty as the guardian of the order

The knight recited the same oath down to the letter, but somehow, Emery could sense his insincerity.

From the way his lips slightly quirked down in distaste with each word and his slight relief after he finished speaking… Though he spoke his words with vigor, Emery was not fooled.

Just like Sir Percival before, the knight commander gave him a vial of golden liquid.

His body started to glow with power and without hesitation, he touched the sword.

The knight with long black hair tried to pull out the sword, but unlike the muscular man before, he didn\'t seem to exert as much effort.

Though he used both hands, there was no visible strain on his muscles, unlike Sir Percival\'s attempt before.

Still, it seemed sincerity was not required in this ceremony.

The crystal sword started to glow under his touch.

Right when the light started to emerge, the knights and the commanders\' expressions suddenly changed.

No one was able to hide their shock.

Unlike before, there were two bright lights instead of one.

Meanwhile, Sir Maleagant merely smiled a small, cordial grin right before the lights went into his body.

The knight closed his eyes and froze for a second, right as everyone in the room started speaking amongst each other.

Emery looked up at the golden knight next to him, who showed a similar shocked expression.

Seeing the normally collected knight so flustered, Emery decided to ask.

What is going on here, Sir Yvain

The knight of Lion next to him let out a long sigh

This might become a problem, Lanzo.

Normally the sword\'s blessing only emits one light, only rarely it emits two.

Two lights only appear to a knight every 50 years or so. The Lion Knight explained.

But then, why is it a problem

Sir Yvain looked at Lanzo, glanced at one of the golden knights and answered.

The sword of Divine just bless one of us with the two lights last year.

It was the golden prince Arthur Pendragon, now having the second one this quick is…

Sir Yvain then went silent.

Either he had no idea or was unwilling to answer.

A moment later, Sir Maleagant opened his eyes, and right after, Emery could sense a strong aura from him.

The room was locked in a poignant silence for a few seconds.

Even the knight commander was stunned into silence, to the point he almost forgot to respond.

Co… Congratulations, Sir Maleagant! The knight commander stuttered a little like he was forced to find his voice.

The knight commander Agrival the Wise quickly took charge of the situation and smiled.

This is quite a blessing to the kingdoms, too.

To have two blessed knights protecting the kingdoms… It is the will of the divine.

Right after the old veteran knight spoke, everyone congratulated the new golden knight.

When it was Sir Arthur\'s turn to shake Sir Maleagant\'s hand, everyone started to whisper.

There seems to be a slight, invisible tension between them.

Seeing this, Emery could finally put it all together.

Receiving two bright lights from the sword no one had been able to pull for the last 1000 years was the closest thing to the prophecy.

To be king of Kings.

If only one golden knight received such a special blessing every 50 years it surely gave an indicator that such a golden knight was chosen among the others.

However, having two of them in the same era.

It could become a problem.

He wonders, won\'t it become even more of a problem if he also receives the same blessing What if he actually pulls out the sword How shocking would it be.

The knight\'s yearly ceremony was finally over.

The whole group was led back out of the room and the place would be locked once more until next year.

Emery closed his eyes while walking, trying to map out the place using his spirit force.

Right after the door closed in front of him, he opened his eyes and couldn\'t help but smile a little.

Now, he has familiarized the spatial condition inside the room, he believes with enough concentration, he could open up a [Spatial Gate] leading inside.

As this was a very important quest given by the high priestess for him, he didn\'t plan to wait long.

After the golden knights spoke their cordial goodbyes and went their separate ways, Emery decided to wait up in the woods until the sun fell.

When he walked out, torches had already lit up the place in a warm yellow glow and the knights had started patrolling the area.

He looked left and right, cast [hide in shadow] before running towards the direction of the fort and sneak in.

He made it inside the ceremony chamber without issue.

It seemed the place was kept empty unless there were ceremonies or important meetings to be held.

Emery stood right in front of the large door leading to the divine chamber, concentrating his spirit force, and then he successfully felt the room at the other side.

He cast [Spatial Gate] and a portal was open.

He appeared inside the cave.

Now, it was just him and the legendary sword.


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