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The place they were visiting was the grand hall of the knight order.

The place was already jam-packed with people with various different styles and colors of attire.

From the insignia and symbols they bear, it could easily be assumed they were the representatives from other kingdoms.

Their arrival was followed with the sound of trumpets and a loud introduction.

Thanks to that, hundreds of eyes all focused towards them.

The beautiful princess led the group with confidence, each step she took radiating gentleness yet still brimming with power.

Her confidence made the knights and squires of Lioness Kingdom worry a bit less.

If their princess could walk here with pride, surely they could do the same.

Emery and the squires walked into a wide hall decorated with various banners and they were led to a different area, while the princess and the golden knight continued walking deeper into the hall.

He peered into the deepest room in the hall and saw five seats at the end of it.

Three of them were empty, while two were filled with two older men.

The princess smiled and bowed, showing her utmost respect to them.

Greetings to the knight commanders.

The two older men were two of the highest ranking knights from the seven kingdoms.

Sir Owain, the Aegis knight and Sir Agrival the Wise.

They smiled back at the princess admiring her beauty.

Ah, Princess Gwenneth.


You have turned into such a fine lady, princess, and you have honored this hall with your presence.

The princess made some small talk with them before heading to the right side of the room.

The end of the hall was furnished with three tables and three sets of seats.

The center seats were reserved for the greatest ranking knights, while the left and right sides had seats for representatives of the kingdoms.

Princess Gwenneth sat next to the representative from Gangani Kingdom.

Meanwhile, right across from where she sat, she could see the representatives from Damentae and Iceni Kingdom.

Apparently, four of the seven kingdoms had arrived in this hall.

In such a crowded room packed with famous knights, Emery cast his spirit reading ability and could somehow tell some of the special ones.

He found out that there are several golden knights sitting near the front tables.

This came as a surprise as there were only two golden knights in the whole Lioness kingdom, but there were at least a dozen of them in this room.

He had heard that this event was the place where the greatest knights of the seven kingdoms gathered.

Now, he had the chance to really experience such an event with his own two eyes.

A few moments later, he heard the sound of trumpets and, with a loud announcement, the newcomer was introduced.

Prince Edward of the Cantiaci and the entourage of the Cantiaci Kingdom have arrived!

Cantiaci Kingdom was Lioness\' direct neighbor, their main territory starting just a few miles east from the Lioness Kingdom\'s capital city.

They were known for their insignia representing a black fish, as well as their unique, shining silver armors coupled with inky black capes.

After giving his respects to the knight commander, the young prince with black curly hair chose to sit next to Princess Gwen.

Emery was actually quite familiar with this particular prince.

As neighbors, the Cantiaci Kingdom often sent their ambassadors to the Lioness Kingdom for diplomatic and economic reasons.

From the few times Emery saw this black hair prince, he always radiated the impression of a courteous and friendly person despite his position.

But of course, the prince would never notice a low rank noble like him.

All Emery knew aside from his behavior was rumors about how the king of Cantiaci had been trying to marry the young prince to Princess Gwen for quite a while.

Not long after the Cantiaci prince was seated, the trumpet sounded again, and everyone heard the name of the Norgales being mentioned.

Norgales was a kingdom from the cold north; their main territory was quite close to the barbarians\' territory.

On their shoulders, they bear the insignia of the White Bear.

Both their knights and the representative wore a long, brown furry cape extending to just above their feet.

All eyes were on them starting from their arrival.

The Norgales Kingdom was also known as the second strongest kingdom among the seven and probably as strong as the Logress itself.

They had the biggest known army with the most veteran soldiers.

Due to their location, they were forced to continue waging wars with the northern barbarians.

Attacks, both on a small scale or otherwise, were almost a daily occurrence for them, forcing everyone, even the civilians, to arm themselves.

Their skills extended to their squires.

Even with a glance, Emery could tell their squires were on a different level compared to the rest.

The Norgales Kingdom representative took his seat and the trumpet announced the last kingdom to arrive.

Everyone, including Emery, knew who was coming.

King Uther and Prince Arthur of the Logress Kingdom have arrived!

The group arrived with the blue emblem of shield and a golden sword at the center.

They were the most famous and prominent family of the seven kingdoms.

As they walked through the hall Emery could see gazes of both admiration and intimidation.

The prince bowed and gave his respect to the two knight commanders, while the king walked to the central table and sat on one of the empty chairs.

King Uther Pendragon was not only the king of the Logress kingdom, but he was also one of the five knight commanders of the divine order.

With the arrival of the Logress kingdom and the king himself, the gathering was started.

Sir Agrival the Wise stood up and called out for the knight of the Divine Order oaths and quickly everyone else stood up together.

We are the knights of the Divine Order.

We are the protector of the realm, slayers of evil.

We will always be brave and upright.

Speak the truth even if it leads to our death.

Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong.

This is our oath!

They recited the oath perfectly and without hesitation.

The end of their short speech was met with cheers.

Right afterward, the blond-haired prince of Logress turned around to address the masses.

His gaze was brimming with confidence and strength.

This was the first time Emery saw the young prince.

When their eyes met for a second, he felt a familiar but curious feeling.

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