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[Spatial Gate - Darkness tier 3]

This is a low-level spell, but only those who are talented in space magic can cast it.

It\'s the perfect starting spell to hone your skills in space magic.

Anyway, give it a try.

From the dragon\'s breath, Emery had received some information about how to cast the spell.

But, all he knew was random chanting and runes he needed to channel through his dark core.

He had no idea about the spell\'s properties, let alone its function.

Emery\'s confused face made the dragon become impatient again, but it only sighed before speaking.

Here kid, look at this.

The dragon moved one claw and took out one of its scales.

The piece was about as large as a shield.

You can take this kid, think of it as a reward for being able to return to Khaos… Hahaha! I don\'t know why, but I am feeling generous today.

Meanwhile, Emery merely stared at it and thought.

Hmm… What kind of reward is this

Though the scale looked unique, Emery had no idea what use he could get from such an item.

The dragon was able to hear what he was thinking and narrowed its eyes in annoyance.

Huh! I\'ll let you know, this dragon scale of mine has been hunted down by people for it is a rare material with unique properties.

It rarely fell off before… but if you don\'t want it, then dont bother!

Emery realized his mistake right away and winced before quickly apologizing.

No, no, oh great supreme being.

I do want it, I want it.

Please forgive my useless brain for not knowing about such a treasure… Yes, I do want it.

Huh! If you understand, good!

The dragon used the tip of its claw to hold the scale far away from Emery.

This is how you cast the spell.

When you cast the new spell, imagine you want to reach this item without moving from where you are standing.

Easy, isn\'t it

Emery nodded and closed his eyes, trying to redirect the flow of his spirit energy into his dark core, while chanting the commands for the spell.

A tingle of energy could be felt forming in his hand.

He moved his hand forward unconsciously and swirled it, making a few small tears appear in the space right in front of his hand.

The tear was black in color, with a silvery glow around it

He took a deep breath and moved his hand into the hole.

Right as he did, another tear appeared right above the dragon scale.

Then, Emery grabbed the black scale, feeling the smooth surface and took his hand out from the hole.

Not bad kid… not bad… Killgragah said with approval.

As he held it, he realized the thin, black scale was much heavier than it looked.

Though it looked like a shield, he was sure that anyone without a high enough battle power would not be able to wield it.

Emery was elated.

His efforts to locate the void crystal had paid off and now he had a new item, potentially some new spells and a sweet boost in spirit power.

You have my gratitude, supreme being. Emery said, in sincere reverence.

Hahaha! Why are you so happy already You have not learned the best part of the spell yet.

There was more Now the excited glint was truly visible in his eyes.

The spell he obtained was merely the first of everything and that was music to his ears.

Alright, this is a trickier part, but this is the foundation of real space magic.

You have to master this if you want to advance and try out the others.

Yes, supreme being, please guide me, Emery nodded.

Now… The void crystal must have already made some changes to your dark core.

Find the center of the alteration and try to channel it.

This will be the foundation of your new spell.

Emery listened carefully to the dragon\'s guidance and tried to channel his energy according to his instruction.

He remembered the slithering of mercury-like silver blended into his darkness element.

He closed his eyes and looked deep within himself.

Right before him, he saw a shining rift.

Near the rift, Emery found the connection mentioned by the dragon and he cast the spell [Spatial Gate] yet again.

Another swirling hole was created, but this time, the hole did not go anywhere.

Instead, it opened up to a place, an empty place, just like an effect out of an item he was very familiar with.

It felt similar to the storage space he had used before with the aid of the storage ring.

But there was no ring, nor any other items.

At the moment Emery was conveniently able to create his own pocket dimension.

Emery quickly tried it by putting his stuff inside including the dragon scale.

Haha, exactly kid! It appears you are more talented than you look.

This is the basis of your space magic and now you are able to create a personal space inside your spirit core.

Do you like it

Of course Emery liked it.

The storage ring was the most useful item out of everything he obtained in the academy and he always wished he could bring the item home.

Now, he could have the same benefits without even needing a ring.

Hahaha glad you like it, kid.

Just wait until you master the spell; you will be able enlarge the space as you will, you can even create your own island inside.

But that\'s still so far for you… so far… especially with your low aptitude.

He had just learned a really amazing spell on top of everything he had received so far.

At first, Emery thought the dragon was only trying to use him to get the expensive crystal and before this he did not realize the dragon did everything for him.

Of course, he felt nothing but gratitude.

Thank you, supreme being, for the gift, the spell and the guidance

Now Emery felt more confident about continuing his quest.

In the middle of his elation, the dragon seemed to read his mind, and said.

Unfortunately, kid, you can\'t leave this place yet.

Now that you are here, I will not allow you to leave until you become a magus.


Instantly, Emery felt like he was thrown from a great height and crashed into the ground.


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