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Fortunately, Chief Brennus was kind enough to explain what the High Priestess said about Morgana to the inquisitive villagers.

Even though there were still some faces who blatantly showed their disdain and contempt toward him, especially Cavvi and his warriors.

Emery simply thought those people were just being protective of the village, which was what being an Akavi warrior was all about.

Therefore, he understood.

But at the moment, Emery didn\'t have the capacity to care about everyone\'s feelings, except for the Fey sisters.

Morgana\'s closest relatives.

Emery took the time to meet the sisters, told them what happened in detail and expressed his regret.

Brother, don\'t worry.

Of course we can understand.

The Lady of the Lake is all-knowing.

We are sure all of this is for the best.

Emery was quite surprised, as he could see the sisters had dispelled all of their previous worries in an instant.

They just disappeared like smoke.

Seeing this made Emery wish he could accept the situation easily like them as well.

Alas, that was not the case.

While they were all chatting in the hall, Emery experienced something that made his eyebrows subconsciously twitch.

Glita, the youngest among the Fey sisters, couldn\'t seem to stop sniffing all over him.

Brother, you smell much nicer than before. murmured Glita, as she continued sniffing him.

Even though embarrassed, Emery was certainly happy to receive a compliment.

In fact, he could also vaguely feel there was a stronger connection between them than before.

With his limited knowledge of the bloodline, Emery could only assume this was probably because of the increase in his Fey Bloodline level.

It was a common occurrence for higher level genes to give a positive effect to the lower ones, especially within the same family.

Being with the Fey sisters made Emery wish he could start on his bloodline gene experiments.

But at the moment, he didn\'t really know where to start.

He would need a good lab and proper ingredients before he could start.

Don\'t rush, Emery.

All in due time.., Yeah, all in due time. Emery said to himself inwardly.

Brother, I got a great idea! exclaimed Glita in her usual cheerful tone, bringing Emery out of his thoughts.

What is it, Glita

Here\'s the idea! With Sister Morgana somehow occupied, what do you think about picking one of us to accompany you now

Emery was surprised, seeing the girl sincerely wish to help him out.

Even more when he saw that the other three sisters Lilith, Lelith and Tyra appeared to be in agreement with the idea.

The three suddenly argued among themself.

Tyra said she, as the oldest, would be the best choice to help Emery, while the twins argue between each other.

Meanwhile, Glita was smiling cheekily seeing the result of her idea.

Which one will you choose, brother

Emery personally was troubled with the idea.

He was really worried, his experience with Morgana was truly something he did not wish to repeat.

Seeing the hopeful gaze in their eyes, Emery rapidly shook his head and hand,

No, no, no.


I kind of have some personal matters to take care of at the moment.

So, no.

I\'m sorry.

The decision instantly made the whole four displeased, but Emery was really firm with his decision.

Emery really felt he just successfully dodged a fast arrow.

However, he did not lie to them.

He did in fact have a personal matter he really needed to attend to.

When the dark veil arrived and covered the sky, Emery left the village and headed towards his other destination.

The place of power, where Kilgraga and Khaos resided.

After a run through the dense woods, Emery finally reached the familiar hill with many stone structures seen on it.

He stood there, on top of the hill, in the middle of the stone formation.

He could not believe himself he somewhat missed the dragon.

With a massive grin plastered on his face, Emery casually said, Yo Dragon! I am back!

He waited and waited, until several seconds passed, but there was still no answer.

Hence, Emery repeated the action again, this time, with a respectful tone.

I have returned and finished the task you asked for.

Still no answer, not even a faint one.

Emery remembered the way the dragon used to like how he spoke.

He proceeded to speak in a loud voice, Oooh supreme being Killgraga, your humble subject has returned.

Please grace me with your majestic presence and guide me on what to do next.

Emery waited in suspense for a few minutes, but still no answer.

He began to worry something had happened, something wrong.

He began to dive into his mind, searching about what the dragon\'s last words to him were.

One thing he remembered was to bring Granny and kill her at the place of power.

That\'s a definite way said by the dragon.

But it really wasn\'t something he could do at the moment.

Hence, it must have something to do with the formation that Killgrarah told him to get.

Emery had bought and learned the basic skill formation [Universal Formation Pattern] back at the Academy.

This should be the solution, but he really did not know where to start.

To put it simply, he got the theory but his practical experience was nonexistent.

Sighing deeply, Emery decided to do what a rookie would do.

He began walking around the formation and checking each of the stones, one by one.

There were a dozen large-size stones and twenty plus medium-size stones around the hill.

At first glance, Emery noticed they were arranged in a unique manner, which couldn\'t possibly be by chance.

He then remembered Killgraga did say the formation was broken.

Hence, Emery began to study the stones\' placement, as he tried to find some kind of pattern in them.

It took him a few hours of exhausting, diligent, cross referencing the pattern he analyzed from the stones with the one in the database before he could find something that was slightly similar.

[Earth Runes formation]

[A formation that allow the channelling of the profound power within the Earth]

Hah! Finally!

Emery was delighted to have finally found the correct formation.

He began to compare the current state of the formation to what it should be and found at least one of the three stones was placed in the wrong place.

Subsequently, he discovered the formation had half a dozen stones missing or needed to be replaced.

This formation used the particular blue stones as a catalyst to channel its power.

It meant he would have to complete the formation using the same stones.

And that was the problem, he could not find any of them on sight.

Without him realizing it, the sun apparently already showed itself on the horizon.

Left with no solution, Emery returned to the village and asked for help from the chief.

The similar stones were located on the other side of the forest, but unfortunately, the stones were very heavy.

Even Emery with his current battle power found it too hard to carry one.

Chief Brennus ordered some of his men to help but it took a few men just to carry one of the medium size blue stones and there\'s a matter of one large stone that none strong enough to carry.

Fortunately Emery was able to cast a spell he had for a while but never used.

[Stone Golem - Rank 3 Earth spell]

Emery was excited seeing the golem slowly being created out of the big blue stone.

Now Emery only needed to channel the spell to make the blue stone walk all the way to the other side of the forest.

He never used the spell as his dark core made his earth spells weak.

He knew the current stone golem was probably only good for simple movements but with his problem right now, the spell became very handy for him.

It took Emery another whole day to finally transport the necessary amount of stones from the other side of the forest to the hill.

This made him wonder how the ancient people who built the formation the first time managed to do so before.

The night once again graced the area with its presence and Emery finally completed the formation with all the stones placed where they should be.

Lastly, he only needed to create the runes using another catalyst.

His blood, just like how Killgrara told him before.

After several marks on each of the stones, Emery could tell the formation had finally been fixed.

All the runes he drew were glowing and became proof of his success.

He was about to recheck them one more time when he suddenly heard a familiar sound.

You have succeeded, kid.


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