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Right after they finished their fifth day lesson, Emery and his friends decided to make their way straight to the Magus Hub.

The five friends walked through the portal gate and arrived among the crowds at the massive circle hall plaza.

Even though the group had come to this place a couple times, the view of colorful and unique drawings at its ceilings still somehow amazed them.

The group immediately walked towards one of the long tables, as they looked for an unoccupied counter.

The moment they spotted one, they approached said counter, which was attended by a beautiful young girl in white uniform.

Welcome to the Hub, dear acolytes.

What can I do for you today

Julian, who strangely became energetic, quickly said, Items, miss.

We like to check on the items we can buy with our contribution points.

The young girl nodded and said, Certainly.

Please wait a moment as I check your credentials.

Right as she said that, a small cube suddenly flew to the front of Julian and proceeded to throw light at him.

Aah! I\'m sorry, dear acolytes.

It was my carelessness to not notice you are from the elite class. The attendant quickly said as she looked at Julian\'s clothes carefully and finally saw the elite mark on them.

My apologies.

Since you are from the elite class, this place is inappropriate for you.

Please follow me as I take you to the second floor.

Then, my friends will also come with me.

The attendant was about to say it wasn\'t possible when she finally realized all five teenagers in front of her had the elite mark on their clothes.

O-Of course! Please follow me. the girl said with a bright smile.

Looking at how polite the attendant was to them, coupled with her charming smile, the group, or rather, the boys felt a sense of entitlement.

Haha! Now! Roman! This is the reason! This is why we fought so hard to enter the elite class! Hahaha!

The group quickly followed the attendant as they walked to one of the few spiral stairs.

The moment they stepped out of the stairs, they were greeted by the sight of a similar hall, but with much fewer people.

Emery could tell the people here were all either third year acolytes, elite acolytes, several privileged acolytes as well as Magus of the academy.

This place truly felt like it was only reserved for the VIPs.

The attendant from before turned around and said, Would you like to use the private room for your business

Everyone, once again, was speechless with the privilege they received.

Chumo raised both of his thumbs up, signifying his agreement.

The others also nodded their heads, causing the attendant to smile and lead them to the room.

They entered the private room, which was a circle-shaped room with seats all around its edge.

When Emery sat on the seat, it felt soft and comfortable.

There were also multiple floating cubes for their access and two white-uniformed girls standing nearby ready for any possibility of assistance.

Seeing the young and beautiful girls, Klea frowned, Why everyone has to be a girl...

I want to be served by boys with perfect abs!

Klea only said those words as she wanted to tease the boys who seemed to be unable to tear their eyes away from the beautiful attendants.

But unexpectedly, it looked like one of the attendants actually took her words seriously as she said, That could be arranged.

Please wait for a moment, I will go find…

Panic, Klea immediately cut her off, No!! No! I was just kidding...

Thank you… As she said that, Klea\'s face turned red.

She was blushing in embarrassment.

After the little farce, Emery and the others began to access the floating cubes around them.

They discovered the cube was reflecting lights with words to choose from.


[Spells] [Consumables] [Artifacts]

Emery started by checking the spells.

The moment his finger touched a word, a list of spells immediately appeared in front of him.

Inside, he could see all the spells from the ten main elements.

There were also dozens of battle art skills similar to the one available in the Combat Institute.

He then took a look at the pricelist of the spells.

Tier 1 spells cost around 100 to 500 contribution points, while Tier 2 spells began from 1.000 contribution points.

The cheapest Tier 3 spell was at 3.000 contribution points, while the price of Tier 4 spells started from 10,000 points, and so on.

Emery saw a Darkness spell that had a similar effect to his [Blink] spell called [Phase Shift].

The spell was a Tier 4 with a staggering 15.000 contribution points price tag.

The similarity between the two spells were in the aspect they touched, which was space.

Different from [Blink], [Phase Shift] only made its caster shift into another dimension, causing the body to turn into an ethereal form.

However, the caster was still standing in the same spot where they casted the spell.

At first glance, the spell was much worse compared to the [Blink], but its advantage lay in its speed.

[Blink] had a buffer time in its activation, while [Phase Shift]\'s effect was instantaneous.

Even though [Blink]\'s delay was miniscule, it still existed.

For the current level where Emery was, no one would be able to stop him if he wanted to blink away.

However, he wasn\'t sure if that would be the case when he was at a higher level, for example, Magus level.

Emery kept the Tier 4 spell in mind as he read the other spells.

Honestly, he was drawn to most of the spells on the list.

As he had 4 elemental affinities, he really wished to check all of them, one by one.

When Emery took a short break from the reading, he noticed his four friends seemed to be in the same situation as him.

He then decided to check the other category, [Artifacts].

The list of weapons, armors, and other items in it truly impressed him.

[Metal Golem - Tier 2]

[290 centimeters high, 310 kilograms weight]

[20.000 contribution points]

[The metal golem can be controlled via telepathy, requires spirit stones as energy]

Reading through the description, Emery was shocked to see the golem had the strength of a Rank 8 acolyte.

That meant it was even stronger than him!

Looking at the image of the massive, sturdy figure, he couldn\'t help but think, \'Wouldn\'t things be much easier if I have a few of these golems protecting me\'

As for weapons, Tier 1 cost in the hundreds, Tier 2 between one to three thousand, while Tier 3 began from 10.000 points.

Emery heard a shout of excitement from Julian when he showed an item

[Energy Weapon - Tier 2 - 9.000 contribution points]

[Length 110 centimeters, weight 22 kilograms]

[long range rifle, requires spirit stone to shoot]

This one very affordable said Julian

Emery continues checking the list and was curious to check the higher tier items.

Unfortunately, his access was limited to the simple Tier 4 and Tier 5 weapons, which cost from 30.000 to 100.000 contribution points.

Emery starts to find items that cost hundred of thousands of contribution points that he cants recognize.

Within the [consumables] he saw

[Legendary Bloodline Elixir - 40.000 contribution points]

[Spirit Foundation Pill - 30.000 contribution points]

Damn these items are very valuable

Seeing the enormous number, Emery checked his accumulated points.

[146.650 contribution points]

Emery grinned, thinking that all the sweat and hard work he did in order to get this much points would be finally awarded to him.

But then, he suddenly remembered that none of these items would be useful for him unless he could bring them back to Earth.

It was probably the best to ask about that special storage box first.


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