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The short yet impressive fight between Emery and Lodos surely had quite the impact among the other acolytes, causing several amazed praises.

He himself felt a little bit happy when he managed to defeat the damn maniac by himself.

However, Magus Rommy\'s words quickly poured cold water on his smugness, as his words reminded Emery of his problem, a problem that cast stormy clouds over his head.

After the rematch against Lodos, Emery was honestly a little bit exhausted.

It was probably caused by the sudden boost he used in the fight, which his body still was not accustomed to.

Hence, he decided to take a quick rest in the luxurious estate assigned to him.

All four of his friends decided to do the same.

The group approached one of the senior acolytes in charge and asked for the location of their allocated estates.

Fortunately, all five of them received estates close to each other.

Before they were able to leave for their new accommodation, the senior acolyte offered them some kind of transportation device.

Emery said his gratitude before he proceeded to check the object in his hand.

It was a rectangular-shaped object, looking like a stepping mat and made of an unknown metal.

Moreover, it was able to float in the air by command!

This is so amazing and weird at the same time! Emery muttered.

At the moment, he truly wanted to break the object apart, to see what made it float like that.

However, Emery swiftly dumped the ludicrous thought away, as he believed what awaited him would only be failure and scraps of metal.

All five of them swiftly climbed up the mat-like device, one device for each of them.

They flew on top of the object through the air, enjoying the refreshing breeze blowing at their bodies together.

Of course, they did not let go of this chance to race with each other.

Thrax was the only one who could not control it properly, which earned him a generous amount of teasing from the others along the way.

The moment they arrived at their destination, the five of them immediately separated and went towards their own estate.

Emery walked through the brick road that gave off a rustic feeling, until he reached the place where his estate was supposed to be.

Lifting his head, he saw a large houses about five times the size of the previous accommodation provided for him during his time in the regular class.

There were also a few small houses around it.

It was the whole complex for himself.

Emery stood there, unmoving, his mouth opened.

Once again, he was dumbfounded by the sheer bias the academy showed.

Suppressing the indignation inside his heart, he walked into the estate with the goal of checking his new place.

He once tried to guess the facilities and amenities the academy would provide for their \'exceptional\' elite acolyte, but at the moment, Emery knew his estimations were still low, he totally underestimated the academy.

The moment his eyes saw the front door, Emery noticed there were four figures standing in front of the door, as if waiting for someone.

Surprisingly, the academy had given him two guards and two female attendant.

Emery was quite overwhelmed when the four bowed and greeted him with such fervor.

The two guards have an aura that doesn\'t seem weaker than him, while the two females attendant although doesn\'t seem like a fighter, they are both beautiful.

Not sure what to do with them, Emery walked through the front door and looked over the window across him, he noticed there was a large courtyard in the back of the estate.

He made a round through the estate.

He was amazed by the extravagance the academy provided for its elite acolytes.

Supposedly, the two guards and female attendants had their own room in the estate, which would allow them to help his every need during his time in the estate.

Hearing that, Emery truly did not know what to say anymore.

One of the female attendants smiled brightly and emphasized the word \'every need\' when spoke while the other also nodded in reprise.

Emery only shook his head, unwilling to comment on the matter.

He was about to dismiss them when a female attendant gave him a box.

Giving the attendant a questioning gaze, she only answered with, It\'s the elite acolyte welcoming package.

She then told Emery the box would need his palm to be opened.

Hence, he did so.

Emery placed his palm over the box cover and it immediately opened with a clank.

Inside, he saw a set of new uniforms and a small wooden box he could recognize with a glance.

Emery opened the box and smiled when he saw its content, a Spirit Foundation Pill.

This probably was the one mentioned by Magus Xion, the reward given to those who entered the elite class.

As for the uniform, it was apparently not just a uniform, it came with a protective barrier just like the protective artifacts.

He closed the box and went into his personal room.

Emery then sat in a cross-legged position, staring at the box.

His mind was full of thoughts.

Recalling Magus Rommy\'s words, Emery knew he had to plan his remaining time in the academy efficiently in order to reach his maximum progress.

5 days of mandatory training and 5 days of free training for the next 60 days.

Emery quietly gathered his thoughts, and finally decided what he had to do for the next 2 months.

First, Emery would go to the Moon Rave Gathering held by the Wolf Bloodline during his free training days this week.

After that, the next important thing he needed to take care of would be the Apothecary Exam for his Rank 3 advancement, which would be held next month.

Other than that, Emery also planned to meet Magus Xion, training his spells and combat abilities.

As for the remaining time, he would be training in the origin stone room, trying to increase his cultivations.

Glazing over the plan in his mind, Emery nodded his head.

It seemed to be a solid plan to spend his 60 days.

Emery then remembered that there was still the item Killgraga wanted him to find, which he still had no idea where it was at the moment.

He would need to ask around about it later, without raising any suspicion.

After all, the last thing he needed were eyes watching his every move.

After making up his mind, he finally got out of the room and noticed the sun was about to set.

Hence, he wished to rest his somewhat exhausted body.

However, he suddenly heard a knock from his front door.

Emery walked over and opened the door, only to find Klea in her nightgown.

He was startled by the sudden visit.

What is it, Klea


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