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Their new home was located in an island paradise.

All around them, there were only works of nature that seemed to be unsullied by human hands.

Trees grew and formed dense forests stretching like a lush green carpet, hills stod proud in the horizon and the distinct sounds of the ocean waves could also be heard.

Sometimes, refreshing winds also carried the scent of salt from the sea.

Minerva spoke next, There are 50 estates all over the island and the place you will stay in will have your name.

You don\'t need to worry.

All the estates will be heavily guarded, so you don\'t need to think about anything except your own training.

Emery looked at his surroundings, taking in the view of this so-called secret base.

It seemed the beautiful living area and the full-time security were to let them focus exclusively on the training.

It was part of the privileges granted to those in the elite class.

As an elite, they bore the burden of future generations and the safety of the universe of men.

The heavy security was not only done to allow the elites to train and focus, it was also done to prevent infiltration by the enemy.

Besides the luxurious villas reserved for students and the dozens of training grounds scattered throughout the place, there were also several buildings made for weapon practice, filled with all kinds of weapons from the entire universe.

One of the most important buildings was the virtual training facility.

With the machines they provided, Emery had the chance to practice against any kind of enemy, just like the orcs during his first game or the duel in the virtual environment in the second game.

For duel training purposes, that\'s where the third year acolytes were involved.

There were 100 third year acolytes available for duel, all part of the facility.

Most of them were tier 7 acolytes, some were even tier 8 acolytes.

It was the acolytes\' duties to be the elite class practice match.

When the elites gave them a challenge, they were forced to accept.

Although these third years were also at rank 7, they had more experience making them ideal for practice.

Anas saw Emery look at those third year acolytes and explained.

When you\'re too content with yourself to grow more and pass your limits, this is what will happen.

All those acolytes are those who have the lowest progress among the third years, and their fate is to become a plaything of the strong.

They are little more than training objects here.

Grand Magus Aimon called for their attention, and all the eyes turned towards him in curiosity while the talking noises quieted down.

When he was sure everyone was paying attention, he began to explain about the terms for receiving spirit foundation pills as reward.

I am sure you are all already familiar with this pill. Grand Magus Aimon opened a small, beautifully carved wooden box, revealing a tiny white pill inside.

If you want to get more than one, you can do it through duels.

The Grand Magus explained that during the period of 60 days, duel challenges could be made.

If an elite acolyte could beat 10 of the third year facility acolytes, they would be eligible to receive one pill.

If they beat 50 facility acolytes, they would receive a second pill and a third pill for defeating them all.

The second way to get the pill was by doing really well in the written exams added the grand magus.

The acolytes did not react when the Grand Magus talked about dueling, but when the topic shifted to written exams, shocked gasps and murmurs could be heard from them.

Emery listened to the explanation and steeled his heart.

Indeed, all the challenge options were not easy, but it was understandable as the spirit foundation pills were very precious and obtaining one of them should be worth the effort.

Emery remembered again his low spirit aptitude rank.

He really needs these pills more than the other acolytes.

Determination welled up in his heart, his desire to catch up and even surpass all his peers was strengthened even more.

The explanation was done within minutes and the learning schedules were distributed.

Grand Magus Aimon bid his farewell and went away, letting the other four magus be in charge of the island.

4 magus and a grand magus, all in charge of overseeing the training and progress of 50 elite acolytes.

For comparison, in the regular class, there was only one magus to oversee 100 regular acolytes.

It was such a stark difference, even more in the privileged class who was said to have a supreme magus as instructors.

Thinking about privileged class, Emery was reminded of Silva and Roran, who had managed to get in.

The class gathering was over and some of the acolytes had started to walk away to their personal estate, while others decided to stay and discuss about trying out the virtual machine for duel.

Some talked about wanting to try dueling the third year acolytes as soon as possible.

Emery himself also thought the same, his last few opponents are just so strong, and he really has an itch to fight someone else to compare.

Emery was about to choose his opponent when a figure approached him.

Don\'t you dare fight anyone else before fighting me first. A familiar voice called out from behind.

Concerned, Emery tilted his head slightly.

It was Lodos the Maniac.

His eyes still reflected his insanity, but this time, it was mixed with anger instead of glee.

You! I challenge you to a real one-on-one duel, right here and right now!

Emery gulped when he saw the rage reflected in Lodos\' eyes.

He knew if he did not accept, Lodos would never leave him alone.

It would be better for him in the long run if he accepted the challenge.

I accept! said Emery in confidence

Lodos was one of the hardest acolytes he ever fought and previously the only reason he won was with the help of Gerri and Silva.

He wishes to see how much has he improved since.


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