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Emery and his friends were escorted into the palace.

The entire building was made of sturdy yet clean white stones, with multiple weapons decorating the walls.

From the exquisite carved details seen on each weapon, it was clear each one of them boasted incredible craftsmanship.

After walking for a while, they arrived in the main hall.

The room was decorated with similar weapons as the halls, but with the addition of several skeletons and carcasses from many different kinds of beasts.

After they all entered the room, Lord Izta started explaining what the headmaster told him yesterday.

He did not mention whether he considered his own decisions right or wrong, but the fact remained that due to his actions, some people were targeting them, most likely those from the Nephilim faction.

Before explaining anything else, Lord Izta warned them to be more careful while he was gone.

On the other hand, Lord Izta also mentioned that, while he has to go to the front lines, the Headmaster of the academy has promised to help their planet, Earth, to earn its independence.

Lord Izta explained he was very grateful.

Even if he had to go to the front lines for one hundred years to pay for such a huge favor, he would gladly do it.

Lord Izta looked around the palace, sighed, and said in a sentimental tone.

Ah, I hope after this assignment, I can finally come back home.

It\'s been far too long.

Lord Izta explained to them the importance of being independent.

As they all knew, all lower worlds had a restriction law placed upon them.

The law was placed to restrict interference of the outside world into a lower realm planet, and one of its main restrictions was forbidding any magus to enter the world.

This was done to ensure the lower worlds could each go through a proper evolution process.

Only those in the position of a caretaker could give limited access to any magus who wishes to enter the lower world.

Lord Izta hoped to attain said position in order to finally go home.

How about us, Lord Julian asked.

From his tone, it was clear that he was very much interested in these matters

You five, acolytes of the academy, are special cases. Lord Izta answered.

Hearing about this, suddenly Emery thought of something and asked

Lord Izta, then would it be possible for us to come and go back home any time we want

What do you mean, Emery Lord Izta looked at Emery and asked.

What I mean is, is it possible if I want to go back to earth right away like today…

Why would you want to do that, Emery Each day you spend in this academy is very precious, Lord Izta replied baffled.

Hmph! Probably something to do with a girl! Klea interrupted.

Emery looked at her and Lord Izta, unable to answer that accusation as he certainly was thinking about a certain girl… That was, Morgana, obviously.

A month has passed, and due to the circumstances he left her in, he was really worried about her.

No, Emery, unfortunately not.

Our home is on the other side of the quadrant.

With the help of the teleportation gate and fast spaceship travel you may be able to reach it within days, or hours with the Headmaster\'s powerful artifacts, but the restriction placed only allow you the special case acolytes to enter during certain times, like the recall

Upon hearing the answer, Emery gave a long, heavy sigh.

After all, he really could do nothing to help Morgana for now.

He could only hope nothing bad would happen to her.

Anyway, While I am gone, Yuria will be in charge.

You can find her when you want to reach me.

I will also order 1000 of my warriors to stay behind.

If those Nephilim want to make trouble, you have my permission to order them as you see fit.

For anything else, Magus Xion, I hope you will follow up on the Headmaster\'s promise, will you


Of course, Senior, I surely will. Magus Xion answered solemnly.

This is the most I can do for you.

Other than that, I wish you all good luck.

I hope I\'ll see you all before your graduation.

For that, I have prepare a special graduation present for you all. Lord Izta smiled.

Ah, before I go, I have also prepared a party for us all.

That night, Emery and his friends were all gathered around a huge bonfire.

The place was packed, almost every citizen of the Terra Kingdom was there to celebrate.

Everyone enjoyed the luxurious food while singing and dancing together.

The party was not only held as a celebration for the five\'s acceptance into the elite class, but it was also a going-away party for Lord Izta and the 2000 men private army.

Though everyone else enjoyed themselves, the five participated in the party with a heavy heart, knowing Lord Izta would have to leave for a few years.

They only knew each other for around a month, but the lord felt like a part of their family already and they couldn\'t help but feel a little sad.

Emery did not even celebrate during this wonderful time.

He used everyone else\'s focus on celebrating to approach his master with guilt.

What is it, Emery Magus Xion asked kindly.

Ah, Master… I want to sincerely apologize, for I have broken the precious sword you gave me… Emery bowed and confessed.

Ah, yes Emery, I saw while it happened, it\'s alright.

No, Master.

I have broken such a precious gift I do not know how or when, but I will somehow find a way to replace your gift.

You mean with a sword like this one Magus Xion interjected.

Magus Xion waved his hand and took out an identical sword with identical symbols before explaining to Emery that the sword, though sturdy, was mass-produced for him and the master casually gave another one to replace the broken one.


Emery did not know what to say.

He had no idea what he regretted more, him worrying about the broken sword so much, or his master making him think that the sword given to him was such a treasured item.

Wouldn\'t this mean he had worried over nothing

The party continued all night, everyone seemingly still having enough energy even as the hours tick by.

When the party was finally over, the five of them stayed overnight at Lord Izta\'s palace.

The next day, they all bid farewell to Lord Izta and thanked him before leaving.

Right as they walked away from the palace, a notification appeared in their minds at the same time.

[Your Elite Class will start tomorrow]


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