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The words spoken out from Headmaster Altus\'s mouth made the already tense atmosphere turned uncannily silent.

The statement directly delivered by the highest authority in the Magus Academy definitely brought extreme shock to everyone at the present.

This meant that, not only did Emery not get the reward of being a grand magus disciple, but he also didn\'t get the privileged class entry he deserved.

Then, did not this mean all the efforts Emery had put in: the sweat and pain during the training and the severe injuries during the competition, before finally winning it, were all in vain.

Emery was overwhelmed by the news, one he wished he did not hear.

His calm demeanor he was almost broken.

He wanted to know why.

Emery was about to ask the reason, but Lord Izta beat him to it.

A spectacular outburst was coming out of Lord Izta, Headmaster, why! Why! What is going on here!!

After releasing the anger he held inside, Lord Izta quickly regretted saying it out loud.

In addition, to the headmaster of Magus Academy.

Fortunately, Headmaster Altus didn\'t look offended by Lord Izta\'s careless conduct.

He calmly approached the now silent Lord Izta and grabbed his shoulder signaling him to calm down.

Dear all, it has come to my attention what you all have been doing here. Headmaster Altus said while walking around Lord Izta.

He then suddenly stopped and stared at Lord Izta, You have not been your usual self, Izta.

Yes… headmaster...


Before Lord Izta could finish his words, the headmaster continued his speech, I have seen good things from these young acolytes.

Not just Emery, but the others as well.

It was indeed exciting and fulfilling to see that others were doing really well despite them basically being raised from a lower world Headmaster Altus said, looking at the others beside Emery one by one.

I understand what you all are feeling when I told you that Emery lost his entry to privileged class.

A reward that indeed should have been his.

Hence, I am here in person to make sure all of you didn\'t get the wrong idea.

Emery and the others were holding their breath, waiting for the real reason to be unveiled.

The reason young Emery here will not be accepted into the privileged class is not because he is from a lower world or because he is a half-blood.

Neither of the two was the reason.

Headmaster Altus directed his gaze to Emery and looked him directly in the eye, It\'s purely because of his current situation, or should I say his cultivation.

Emery saw Headmaster Altus took a deep breath before saying the words he had been waiting for, words that would clear up the confusion in his mind, The reason was because none of the grand magus would accept a disciple who is guaranteed unable to advance to the magus realm.

!!! The others were shocked by the unexpected and unimaginable reason.

G-Guaranteed to not... What do you mean, headmaster T-There\'s no way, right... Emery asked Headmaster Altus after he processed the words.

Alas, when Emery\'s eyes met with the headmaster\'s and saw the seriousness in them, he fell into despair.

All of a sudden, his entire body felt lifeless.

Everything instantly became dark and Emery felt lightheaded, as if his soul was flying out of his body.

The next thing he knew, the headmaster\'s voice went into his mind.

Young Emery, you have ruined your spirit core by going to the wrong path.

Most humans who chose your current path of cultivation will not survive their breakthrough.

Headmaster Altus then showed Emery how he saw his body from the outside.

The headmaster demonstrated how his spirit energy flowed in and out of his dark core.

Headmaster Altus then continued his words, Someone has been helping you to successfully cultivate so far and that\'s your fortune.

Just like others who once followed such a path, you have a much stronger spirit core compared to those of the same rank, hence your stellar achievement in the Magus Games.

However, in the end, none of those people managed to become a Magus.

And that was exactly what will happen to you, young Emery.

I believe that even with continuous fortuitous encounters and events, you can only reach at most rank 9 acolyte in your life.

When Headmaster Altus finished his words, Emery felt as if his souls was sucked back into his body and regained his consciousness.

He absentmindedly looked at the headmaster, only to find the man stared at him.

Do you understand, young Emery

Even though his heart was devastated, Emery still nodded his head, albeit with difficulty, Yes, headmaster.


I understand...

At the moment, Emery\'s mind was filled with what Killgraga had told him.

Could that dragon really want to ruin him

On the other hand, Lord Izta and Magus Xion were dumbfounded with all this revelation, especially Magus Xion who was completely oblivious to this.

I will repeat what I said earlier one more time just to be clear.

To make it more simple, the Magus Academy cannot and will not spend its limited resources on an acolyte who is destined to not become a magus.

I hope this answers all your questions.

Unexpectedly, Lord Izta knelt down in front of the headmaster, his head lowered, Please, headmaster! If there\'s anything you can do, help him, Gi-Give this kid a chance! G-Give my world a chance...

Headmaster Altus sighed, Yes, Izta.

I know.

I understand what you are trying to do with this young boy.

And I am telling you, young Emery getting into the privileged class would not solve anything and would only bring more problems than benefit later down the road.

Just as despair filled Lord Izta\'s face, Headmaster Altus continued, But rest assured, I am here to help you.

Headmaster Altus then shifted his gaze toward the woman who came with him, Master Ororo here is impressed with the young girl and wanted to take her as her disciple.

Upon hearing that, Klea was startled.

She then saw Grand Magus Ororo smile at her.

Are you willing to be her disciple Headmaster Altus asked, looking at Klea.

Klea glanced at Lord Izta at first and saw him quickly nod his head, signaling that she should accept the offer.

She then quickly bowed and said, I am honored to be your disciple, grand magus.

And then, when everyone thought that Headmaster Altus was done, he didn\'t.

He looked towards the three remaining boys, Julian, Chumo, and Thrax, I saw how you three fight together during the second game and I am quite impressed.

For that, I will let the three of you join the elite class.

This probably the most wondrous news they all heard yet.

Headmaster Altus flashed a faint smile when he saw how everyone was excited.

He then returned his gaze to Emery and said, As for you Emery, I have spoken to the Patriarch of the Wolf Bloodline and he agreed to help you learn and understand more about your bloodline.

Unless you can somehow break free from the problem your core has, this is the path I recommend to you to go through for now.

Emery nodded his head again and bowed, to give his gratitude and respect for the attention and care the headmaster gave him and his friends.

Headmaster Altus nodded his head and clapped his hand, attracting the attention of everyone.

Now, can all of you give me some privacy with your Lord Izta

Before leaving the palace, Emery saw Lord Izta seemed to be really anxious, more than usual.


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