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Swwoooshhh!! Swoooshh!!

Once again, the ellipse-shaped objects emitted multiple blades from their surface.

The objects pierced through the air and rushed towards him.

Emery knew even one hit from the flying object would cause him massive injury.

[Shadow Root Binding]

He decided to cast the binding spell, but his objective was not to bind the enemy, instead, Emery created some sort of barrier to slow down the object\'s advance and restrict its movement at least temporarily.

Emery cast multiple shadow roots, but even with all that effort, the spell was only strong enough to change the object\'s trajectory.

Though the result he got was far less than he expected, the spells still helped him to take care of half the objects, while the other half stills depend on his sword and daggers.

A warm sensation spread through his arms and legs, a sign that [Strength Paste] had taken effect.

[Battle Power increased by 4!]

[Current battle power: 57]

The notification appeared in his mind\'s eyes, signaling it was time for him to begin his transformation.

[Fey transformation - stage 1]

Heat spread from his heart making his blood rise in temperature until it boiled.

Emery slowly started to transform, but this time only two of his limbs are seen changing.

Grey fur crept out and started to cover both his legs, up from his feet to the area around his thighs.

[Battle Power increases by 5]

[Current battle power: 62]

Aaaaaarrrrgh! Emery shouted, feeling the explosion of energy from his core bursting towards every part of his body.

The next set of four ellipse-shaped flying objects rushed towards Emery and he used his newfound power to dodge.

With the increase in battle powerr, he was able to dodge the barrage without issue.

The next attack from the \'Soaring Shuttles\' came as quickly as the last one.

Thanks to his transformation, however, he became fast enough to get away from the attacks even without relying on his [Blink] spells.

The objects moved to chase after him, but with his increased power, Emery became more confident.

He stopped moving around and parried some of the ellipses while dodging the rest.

This was possible thanks to the new technique he learned from his time with the wolf acolytes.

Battle Power was an all-encompassing term that was used to refer to a person\'s physical strength.

Physical strength consisted of the combination between speed, strength, bone density, and muscle hardness.

Emery fey wolf transformation specialty was its speed, by only transforming his two legs, Emery still got the full benefits of speed without actually affecting his dexterity in using both hands for sword and spells.

Now emery able to solve the problem with the flying object by dodging, he no longer needed the swords and dagger.

His main priority is now matching the spell that Armand used to push him back before.

Hence he needs a spell to tackle it.

Emery put both weapons back on his storage ring and cast his strongest spell [dark matter].

He runs around dodging the flying object while channeling his dark core spirit power into one powerful attack.

Black smokes gathered into his arm and form into a black sphere of dark energy.

It was now or never, this powerful attack would be his chance to end this battle before the situation worsened.

When Emery felt the spell reaching its maximum power, he used [Blink] to teleport right in front of Armand.

The acolyte was shocked for a split second, but the shock quickly turned into fury.

You dare to even consider trying to outmatch me with spells Keep on dreaming! Armand shouted.

It seemed he had expected the incoming attack.

Emery pushed the black orbs towards Armand while his opponent did the same, causing a back-and-forth between the two of them.

In contrast to Emery darkness spell, Armand used a bright light element spell

The clash of the two spells was reminiscent of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.

Two powers, both with strength that couldn\'t be scoffed at, crashed into each other in a show to determine the power of their respective beliefs.

Strong wind currents and sounds of massive explosions resounded throughout the arena, causing the ground to shake slightly the longer their battle went on.

All the spectators stood in awe, watching the exciting clash of powers.

It had now truly turned into a battle of strength between the spells.

Two opposite spells in black and white, darkness and light, both meeting at a standstill with no current winner in sight.

Sweat started to wet the two clashing acolytes\' bodies.

Their spirit cores were overextended to their limits and beyond.

However, the standstill did not last long.

Armand\'s light started to be engulfed in darkness.

For an instant, Armand\'s face showed a puzzled expression.

The boy from the lower world had a stronger spirit core than his.


this is not possible! He shouted

Emery gave a small smile of satisfaction upon seeing the carnage from their clash.

Seeing Armand being trapped was a feast for the eyes.

I can do this! Emery muttered to himself.

However, his train of thought was broken by another mocking laugh.

Hahahaha you must have thought you had a chance of winning, didn\'t you Hah! Now you shall see the real power of the Nephilim family, Armand smirked.

Armand\'s eyes began to glow in dim golden light and a powerful aura began emanating from him.

As his aura got stronger, Emery was able to see light particles starting to form behind him and turning into a wing made of light energy.

The wing looks similar to an angel\'s, but it has a translucent quality to it, casting a rainbow reflection to any surface the light touches.

At the same time the force of his [Dark Matter] spell was suddenly pushed back against him.

The strength of his enemy spell just increased twofold.


The clash of two energies ended with Emery on the losing end.

He was thrown away dozens of meters to the ground until he hit a wall He slumped down as he tried to lean on the wall for support, and ended up spitting a glob of blood.

Emery was not going to give up yet, and he fought through the pain wracking his body to stand up and fight once more.

Right as he hardened his resolve, he saw more Soaring Shuffle objects float around his opponent.

This time, there were 8 of them circling around an angelic figure.


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