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Emery tried his best to keep his expression straight as he wore the robe Gerri threw at him.

Emery also did not forget to glare at Gerri, as he was the reason his clothes disappeared.

After all, the purple flame temperature was frighteningly high.

It was no wonder that nothing was left behind after Emery \'bathed\' in it.

After making sure every inch of his body that shouldn\'t be seen was covered, Emery released a relaxed breath, as he had finally won the difficult battle.

Emery snatched the wins in his fights, making it two for two and increasing his chance to enter the privileged class.

Even though the second fight was kind of arduous, it was still a pretty smooth first day for Emery.

Moreover, not only did Emery win both matches, he even managed to learn a new spell in the middle of a precarious situation earlier.

A strong tier 4 defensive spell, a combined spell between darkness, earth and plant element: [Jade Skin].

Even though the intense fight ultimately ended with an anticlimactic closure, with one of the acolytes giving up, Emery\'s unexpected spell caused strong whispers amidst the audience.

The deep-green skin that gave off a bright luster brought a wave of discussion among the spectators.

[Jade Skin] was a rare spell that would require three elements as its base requirement, let alone the difficulty to cast it.

The prowess it gave was such that the spell could be considered as an unique spell, giving considerable impression to the audience.

If only they knew Emery just managed to learn the spell in the middle of the fight, in the midst of a dangerous situation, where it was do or die, the audience would definitely be more amazed and excited.

Within the VIP box, where countless distinguished and esteemed figures were, more people began to inquire about Emery, as they were curious about what Emery had shown in the battle earlier.

Ooh, wasn\'t he one of the first places in the second game


That\'s the lower world\'s one.


At the moment, one of the figures in the VIP box, who at first didn\'t have any interest in the fights, began to pay attention to Emery.

The figure was a thin-looking grand magus from Institute of Plant, Grand Magus Yvere.

The grand magus was seated near his old friend, the headmaster of Magus Academy, Altus Drayden.

Altus… That kid is from a lower world.

It looks like your effort with the academy policies against those factions have finally paid off.

Instead of smiling when he heard his unimaginable effort had finally bore fruit, the headmaster sighed deeply before saying, I am afraid the kid will have to face more challenges from now on...

Of course, he will.

But with the right guidance from the academy, such a kid will shine brighter.

Altus Dreyden let out another sigh, We have seen the same result for thousands of years Yvere, none of the lower realm talents ever really make it.

He needs more than talent, he needs guidance and support from other people, a strong resolve and a lot of luck.

If not, it will be like a beggar given a treasure.

It might only give trouble to him and to the people around him

This time Grand Magus Yvere was the one who let out a sigh.

I kinda miss my old optimistic friend.

We are not young anymore Yvere.

There are things we can\'t control

With him finishing his second and last match for today, Emery was free to leave, as the next two fights would be held tomorrow.

Because he was basically allowed to roam around, Emery decided to walk towards the other arenas.

The one he went to was where Klea was fighting.

Unfortunately, by the time he reached the arena, Klea had finished her fight and the result was a loss for her.

It quickly ruined the happiness Emery felt for his victory.

Even so, Emery tried his best to cheer Klea, who definitely wasn\'t happy.

You still have another chance tomorrow, Klea.

What\'s important is that you are fine.

Klea turned her head and saw Emery beside her.

She then hung her shoulder low, I am sure everyone is disappointed.

I believe they wont… I am not. Emery said with a smile.

Klea looked at Emery and saw his reassuring smile, Thank you, Emery.

You always say the nicest things.

Before Emery could reply anything, both of them were attracted by the sudden and loud cheers that came from the audience.

Something big must have happened to incite such a reaction.

When they looked around the eight arenas, excluding the one who was already empty, as the fight there had already ended, Emery and Klea noticed something that made their faces change.

Both Emery and Klea were shocked to see an acolyte being brutally beaten by his opponent.

Despite the apparent helplessness the acolyte had shown, his opponent seemed to not understand mercy, as he kept continuously beating the poor acolyte.

And to make matters worse, the opponent only attacked the acolyte in non-vital parts.

It was not a fight anymore, it was torture.

The opponent, a certain acolyte with a spiky hair was cutting the limbs apart while laughing maniacally.

From the expression the spiky-haired acolyte had shown, it was clear that he thought that the fight was some kind of a game.

A group of medical acolytes quickly went towards the arena and brought the poor acolyte to the medical center.

Meanwhile, the spiky-haired acolyte was still laughing madly at the arena, admiring his work.

Seeing the acolyte, made Emery frown.

It was actually not possible to expect all the people in the academy to have the right moral compass.

After all, it was impossible not to have a single bad seed among thousands of seeds.

In fact, being able to cast magic and standing on the top of others tended to change people.

Emery clenched his fist as he stared at the acolyte.

Deep inside, he wished he would get the chance to meet the guy later in the game.

After the last round of fights was finished, it marked the end of the first day of the third game.

The first day of the final game of Magus Games was concluded with another spectacular display of fireworks in the sky.

After the two rounds of matches, out of the 550 acolytes participating in the third game, 178 acolytes had already been removed for losing all of their matches.

Hence, there were only 382 acolytes left and they would once again compete against each other the next day.

At evening on the same day, Emery and his friends gathered at Lord Izta\'s palace.

Although it was unfortunate Klea lost one time, the group was still optimists for the second day match.

Especially looking at Emery\'s performance today.

Emery, you were actually very fortunate you didn\'t match against an acolyte from the privileged class.

However, you will eventually have to face one.

Ideally you will meet them in the last match, but if that is not the case… You just have to do your best. Magus Xion said.

Magus Xion also gave Emery his opinion regarding today\'s fights, where he could do better and what he shouldn\'t do again.

He specifically also guided Emery with his newfound spell.

After a little bit of practice, Emery decided to take a good rest.

After all, there were still fights awaiting him the next day.

The next morning, Emery came to the arena again and realized the place had become more rowdy than the first day.

When he looked towards the seats area, he was greeted by a sea of ​​people that filled the entire place as far as his eyes could see.

Moreover, the arena had been changed.

Instead of the previous eight small arenas, this time, the matches would only be divided in 4 larger arenas.

Emery entered one of the platforms at the corner, as he waited for the third round of the matches to begin.

He thought about what Magus Xion said yesterday, where he hoped he wouldn\'t meet any privileged class\' acolytes.

It somehow didn\'t feel right for him.

Emery unconsciously hoped to fight the strong acolytes, after all.

Moments later, the names of the 4 pairs that would fight were displayed on the screens.

Much to Emery\'s surprise, his name appeared on the screen.

Seeing the information of his opponent made Emery feel a little down as he saw the word \'Elite Class\' instead of \'Privileged Class\' as his opponent.

But when he saw the name and picture of the acolyte, his heart stopped for a moment.

His third match will be against Zack, the illustrious dragon boy.


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