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By the time Emery had returned to Magus Xion\'s residence, the sun had already set on the western horizon, as the night announced its arrival.

Therefore, Emery decided to not waste any more time and immediately dived into his nightly training.

Inside the familiar cubic room, Emery quickly cast his [Shadow Root Binding] spell, as his roots began to pursue the three thundermouses again.

Channeling his energy and focusing his mind to controlling the spell, Emery was able to catch the little creatures if he targeted them one by one.

Using the number of roots he could currently control, Emery was able to catch them with ease if he surrounded one of the thundermouses from all directions and continued the process just like that.

However, Emery still could not catch them altogether.

The reason Emery went through this training was to let him be able to concentrate multiple spells and control them as swiftly and precisely as possible.

Hence, Emery released the captured creatures, as he was still unsatisfied and wanted to try again.

At midnight, Magus Xion visited the cubic room and told Emery to take a short break.

While he was saying so, Magus Xion took out a small table, two chairs and a tea set, before proceeding to brew his favorite tea.

As he sipped the warm and fragrant tea before him, Emery told Magus Xion about his success in the exam.

At the same time, Emery also spoke out about strategy for the third game.

Emery wanted to discuss other means of fighting besides using his spells.

He wanted to know if he had other possible options, in order to increase his chances of winning even more.

Master, you know I have the strength paste and the acid potion in my repertoire. Emery said, which earned him a nod from the magus.

What do you think about them, master Will they be useful in the game

Magus Xion was silent for a while, before saying with a smile, Actually, I can\'t say for sure, Emery.

It\'s really as everything goes: it might or might not be useful.

The answer itself depends on your opponent.

So, the most important thing is to understand your enemy and yourself, especially the latter.

Upon hearing that, Emery fell into deep thought, contemplating his master\'s words.

After a while, he nodded his head, I understand, master.

Emery then proceeded with his next question, Ah, by the way, master.

I heard the third game will not be held in the virtual arena.

Is that true, master

Magus Xion nodded slightly as confirmation, Yes, but killing is strictly prohibited.

If someone is killed, the perpetrator would be heavily punished.

Wouldn\'t it still be dangerous though

Yes, of course.

But unless you instantly die, the academy has the facilities to bring your body back the way it was.

It can even grow separated limbs.


Unless the injury causes you some cultivation trouble.

If indeed so, then it will hinder you for the next round.

Therefore don\'t let your guard down even when you are in a winning situation.

If you are not careful, you will already lose the next fight before it could even begin.

Do you understand

Yes, master.

Upon hearing his master\'s reminder, Emery recalled that during the second game, when he forced both his bloodline transformation ability and [Immortal Gate] battle technique to their utmost limit.

Thanks to that, he was left with a chaotic spirit core after his body couldn\'t take the burden anymore.

If the same thing happened again, Emery didn\'t even dare to hope he would get another of those fortunate evolutions in the middle of the battle.

Lightning didn\'t strike twice in the same spot.

Realizing Emery was absent minded, Magus Xion asked his own question, How was your cultivation training in the origin stone room

Waking up from his contemplation, Emery was silent for a moment before releasing a sigh, It took me three and a half days to achieve a breakthrough in the plant element.

And to make matters worse, that is the element I am most confident of, master.

So, I\'m not sure if I will be able to do the same with my water and earth elements.

They\'ll probably take much longer to break through.

I need much more time, something I don\'t have at the moment.

Aah, you are right.

That will surely become a problem. Magus Xion said, while refilling his cup.

Your B aptitude really makes things much harder, Emery.

Normally, if an acolyte\'s spirit power has reached their maximum, it will only take them one or two days cultivation inside the origin stone room to achieve a breakthrough.

Gloomy atmosphere enveloped Emery for a brief moment before he took out a brown box from his ring and showed its content to the magus.

Take a look at my reward from passing the exam, master.

When Xion saw the pill laying inside the box, his eyes immediately lit up as a grin formed on his face.

A Spirit Foundation Pill! Good! Very good!

I heard this pill could help in cultivation.

Is that right, master

That\'s right! It will help your cultivation tremendously.

Magus Xion then explained about the advancement in the realm and the function of the pill.

All acolytes below rank 7 increased their cultivation using Spirit serum.

The time when the acolytes were still in the Spirit Condensation stage.

After reaching rank 7, the exact moment when the Foundation Core was formed, none of those spirit serums would be helpful anymore.

Fortunately, this problem was somewhat resolved by the existence of apothecaries, the invention of pills and potions that could help in cultivation.

When Emery heard that, his eyes were sparkling as he asked, Master, doesn\'t that mean this is exactly what I need in my current condition

Instead of answering, Magus Xion took out a similar brown box from his storage ring and put it on the table.

When it was opened, Emery could see the same pill lay inside it.

You will actually get yours when you enter the elite class after the Magus Games end.

However, I reckon you really need one right now.

So, I purchased one for you right away.

Who knew you would manage to get one already.

It appears the lady luck is smiling at you, Emery.

Magus Xion then explained more about the pill, letting Emery know how precious this pill actually was.

The Spirit Foundation Pill was one of the most sought after items in the universe.

It was also the reason why Apothecary Institute was one of the three main crafting paths in the universe.

Emery, the pill is supposed to be used when you have already reached rank 7 and it\'s a waste to use it now, However, with your current aptitude problem and the fact the game will start in 5 days.

I believe you have to use one right away.

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