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Inside the familiar small hut at one of the hills of the Darkness Institute, Magus Xion once again was preparing tea for both of them.

After a few minutes of waiting, Emery was finally served a cup of fragrant tea, this time it was a different one from the one he had drank before. 

Thanking his master for the hospitality, Emery took a sip and felt the similar refreshing sensation coursing  passing through him.

He felt his body being rejuvenated by the tea.

Emery finds this hot bitter beverage that soothes his body to his liking.

Looking at the blissful expression on Emery\'s face, Magus Xion faintly smiled.

So Emery, let me see your stats.

Awakened from his somewhat ecstatic state, Emery swiftly tapped the symbol on his palm and showed Xion his information.

[Emery Ambrose]

[Battle power 43]

[Spirit force 150]

[Plant Spirit - early foundation]

[Water Spirit - early foundation]

[Earth Spirit - early foundation]

[Spirit Core of Darkness - stage 3]

[Fey Bloodline - rank 3]

[Acolyte Rank 6]

Looking at the striking rank 3 Fey Bloodline, Magus Xion couldn\'t help but nod his head, Ooh, rank 3 bloodline.

That is indeed quite an achievement for your age.

Moreover, you are coming from a lower world, which makes this accomplishment even more exceptional.

Emery took a look at his information when he heard Magus Xion say that.

To his surprise, Emery found out that his base battle power had increased by another 5 points, which was quite substantial.

It seemed the evolution his bloodline had gone through, not only gave him an apparent improvement on his strength, but also continuously strengthened his body.

Emery wondered if the growth would go on without limit or stopped at a certain point.

Well, no matter which one was it, it would only bring him benefits regardless.

Suddenly, a weird thought flashed through his mind.

Emery swiftly lifted up his clothes, revealing his upper body.

And damn, he is no longer that frail weak boy anymore.

Emery could clearly and vividly see his whole body had grown strong and compact muscles.

And also, his abs looked fantastic. 

Magus Xion could only wryly smile, when he saw Emery examine his own body with such concentration.

He immediately coughed on purpose, causing Emery to stop his \'inspection\'.

When he realized what he had done, Emery couldn\'t help but be embarrassed.


Emery awkwardly coughed to ease the atmosphere and swiftly changed the topic in hand, Ehem.

Master, I have a question regarding the third trial of Magus Game.

No, rather than a question, it is a confusion.

Hmm Do tell, Emery. Magus Xion replied, taking a sip of tea.

If it\'s a one on one duel format, then should I be at a huge advantage already I could just transform into my fey wolf form and beat my opponents through sheer power, am I right Even though I would lose my awareness, the only other person near me would be the opponent.

Hence, there would be no chance of friendly fire, right

Well, you could indeed do so… And maybe you would win.

But hear me on how the duel will go first...

Emery quickly perked his ears up when he heard that, ready to absorb any information Magus Xion blurted out.

There will be 5 fights to decide the winners of the game.

If you win one fight, you will fight another person who has also won their fight.

Therefore, if you win all the fights, which are 5 matches, you will be placed in the top 20 of the group and be considered as a champion.

Loose two times and you are out of the game.

You will need at least 4 wins to be considered to enter the privileged class.

However, the final decision, if they would take you as a disciple, still lies in the hands of the grand magus.

Hence, there is a lot of uncertainty.

However, there is one thing I can guarantee you will happen.

Emery turned serious when he heard that.

After all, the expression currently seen on Magus Xion\'s face showed he wasn\'t kidding.

I guarantee you that if you win the fights using your bloodline power, you will not be chosen to enter the privileged class.

Even if you won all 5 fights and became the champion.

Upon hearing that, Emery was flabbergasted.

Why He was confused as to why Magus Xion was so sure he would not be even considered as an option if he used his bloodline power.

As if he knew what Emery was thinking, Magus Xion continued his words, This place is after all a Magus Academy.

Therefore, it\'s your talent in magic that matters the most, the grand magus will not be interested in an acolyte who only depends on the power of the bloodline.

Do you understand

Emery swiftly nodded his head, indicating he understood the matter.

Looking at Emery vigorously nodding his head, Magus Xion flashed a smile.

And then, he continued, Therefore, you need to wholly focus on improving your spells for the next 10 days.

Based on what I have observed from your previous games, you already have a decent control on your spells.

However, your casting speed is still too slow and there is still so much more room for you to improve your spell effectiveness.

Upon hearing that, Emery nodded, as he recalled what Gerri told him before, which was the same. 

Magus Xion proceeded to explain what he should do for the next 10 days and Emery was gratefully listening to his explanations.

It really was a big advantage to have a teacher to guide you in the right direction, especially for an acolyte from a lower realm like him, who knew nothing advanced.

But, your current number one priority is getting to the rank 7.

It will be an embarrassment to me and to the game, to have a rank 6 acolyte competing for the chance to enter the privileged class.

Alas, you have one problem, one big main problem.

Your awful B aptitude and your four element affinities.

I still don\'t know if your situation is counted as extremely lucky or unlucky.

When he heard that, Emery could only release a long deep sigh.

After all, he fully understood that having B aptitude and several elements would force him to spend more time in the origin stone rooms compared to other acolytes.

Right now, Emery could only hope that 10 days would be enough to break through all his other three elements.

You should have plenty of contribution points as rewards from the previous game, right Hence, this is what we will be doing.

You will be practicing your cultivation in the respective origin stone rooms during the day, while at night, you will be studying and improving your spell capabilities with me.

Any questions or objections

I have no objection, master.

But I indeed have one question.

Ooh Ask away. Magus Xion said, reaching out of his hand and taking another sip of tea.

What about sleep, master Emery asked with a grinn on his face.

Of course you can sleep, you are still human after all. 

Magus Xion said, rolling his eyes.

Emery was about to feel his burden was lifted, but then, he realized Magus Xion still not finished his words yet. 

You can sleep as much as you want after you break through rank 7.


Staring at Emery\'s dumbfounded face, Magus Xion asked with a flat expression, Is there a problem

Yes… I mean no! No, master.

No problem. Emery replied with a wry smile.

Good Magus Xion nodded in satisfaction, Alright, I need some time to prepare something for your training.

So you better not waste any more time and go to one of those origin stone rooms today.

I will see you at night for practice.

Emery was then swiftly shooed away by Magus Xion.

As he walked out of the hut, Emery fell in deep thought, thinking from which element he should start.

From the remaining three elements he possessed: Water, Plant and Earth, Emery was the most proficient and confident with the plant element.

Hence, he chose to start with that and swiftly made his way to the Plant Institute.

Emery spent half a day inside the Elder\'s Respite, home of the plant institution.

And, as predicted, half a day was far from enough for him to have a breakthrough.

When Emery walked out of the plant origin stone room, the day was already dark and he could see stars shining brightly in the sky.

Emery immediately returned to Magus Xion\'s residence and found the magus already preparing a cage with a small rat-like creature inside it.

Sensing Emery had arrived, Magus Xion turned his body around and Emery can see the Magus\'s serious expression.


Your training starts now!


Written and Directed by Avans, Published by W.e.b.n.o.v.e.l, 

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