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In a special enclosed room within the Magus Academy, dozens of uniformed people were each standing next to a cube, staring at it with paramount seriousness.

The cube was reflecting a bright light split into several screens that showed different moving images.

Each of these uniformed people seemed to be concentrating on their personal screens, while taking notes when their eyes caught something relevant. 

Meanwhile, in the middle of this circular room, there were 5 people who appeared to be of a higher rank and were supervising the others.

In the center of these five people stood a woman wearing some kind of glasses on one of her eyes.

Looking at the luster the glasses gave off, one could guess they were an artifact.

Show me group 3, cube 8. the woman said with an authoritative tone.

Right as the woman finished her words, a much larger screen could be seen flying across the room, along with half a dozen much smaller screens around it.

One of the five people around her quickly gave a report.

Inside the screen, a girl was seen fighting against three acolytes.

That\'s acolyte Trish.

She is the top elite acolyte of group 3.

She had also ranked first on the first year\'s exam.

Casting her gaze at the screen, the woman ordered, Show me the record of her combat accomplishments.

In an instant, another huge screen opened up in the air, showing her battle prowess and record.

Seeing the exceptional statistic, the woman nodded her head, With her skill, it\'s no wonder she ranked first in group 3.

The people in these rooms were the one in charge of examining the data collected during the games.

They are currently re-evaluating all the top 50 from each of the groups.

Within the screens the most attention was reserved for all the top ranking of each group.

Group 2 was dominated by Zach the dragon bloodline acolyte and there was also Vida Themari the female Bird of Prey bloodline achieving rank two in group one.

The woman with the glasses artifact was not surprised seeing a few of the half blood acolytes were able to reach the top of the group.

These acolytes are on a different level, it becomes unfair for any acolytes to meet them in the game, they should have been in the privilege class She said to herself.

A moment later, another person walked in the room, which shouldn\'t have been possible unless said person was an important member of the academy.

The person who entered was a middle aged man with greyish hair and dressed in a Grand Magus robe.

Seeing the arrival of this man, all personnels inside the room immediately dropped their tasks and gave the man their greeting, Welcome, deputy head.

It turned out the man who just arrived was the second highest ranking person of the Magic Academy, Deputy Head Delbrand.

This man was in charge of the academy operational and administration matters and, of course, in the selection of the acolytes of the elite and privileged classes.

Deputy Head Delbrand waved his hand and immediately made his way to the center of the room, No need for the formalities.

Can someone tell me what just happened in group 7 How could the elite class be beaten Give me the report! A complete and thorough report regarding the situation!

A moment later, the images on all 6 huge screens immediately changed and showed the recordings of the group 7 battles. 

Seeing the image of two acolytes diving right into a lake, the deputy head pointed his finger at the one who reached the lake shore and asked, That\'s the one who got the first place

Yes, deputy head.

Show me his profile!

With a few seconds, another screen showed up in front of the deputy.

Inside it was the complete information of said acolyte.

An acolyte from the lucky class who managed to make it into the first place of the second Magus Game… It\'s the first time in 300 years!

He then continued to pore over the profile, Lower world, 4 element affinities, B aptitude and a mid grade bloodline...

This is such a mess … Turning his head to the side, he asked, What is the reason he was able to get the first place

Immediately, an image of a grey beast rampaging among the acolytes at the last minutes of the game shown in the screen.

I see… no wonder.

A 16 years old rank 6 acolyte, but was able to evolve into rank 3 bloodline is indeed quite special.

Moreover, that transformation is really outrageously strong. As he said that, the deputy checked the bloodline name and was stunned, Fey wolf is a mid grade bloodline Is this data correct 

Yes, deputy head.

The data is retrieved from the Bloodline Institute\'s database.

Deputy Head Delbrand scoffed when he heard it, That is a 2000 years old database.

Who knows when those old fogeys updated the database last time There\'s nothing accurate with those bloodlines anymore.

After all, they just evolve and mutate like rats.

After saying that, he quickly backtracked the recording from the moment of the beast rampaging to the start of the game, as he needed to be quite thorough with his examination.

Hmm… oh He beated Lodos too Pretty amazing. The deputy head commented when he saw Lodos getting thrashed.

This boy fights with both wits and tenacity, no wonder the crowd likes him.

However, the reason he managed to achieve first place was merely because of those people around him and his fortune.

At first, Deputy Head Delbrand felt excitement, as he watched the said acolyte fighting his way through countless trials.

But when he returned to the profile and saw the spirit core the acolyte had, the expression on his face changed to disappointment.

Spirit core of darkness Poor kid… The deputy head said, sighing quite deeply.

So, should I put a report on the boy, deputy head The woman in the center of the room asked.

No… no need to give a report about him.

Instead, go and give report about that Hartlight boy.

Roran Hartlight The woman asked again, for confirmation.

Yes, him.

It is him.

He was the cause of all this commotion.

And also, make sure to write the need for further investigation of the matter.

The academy board needs to know about this.

Alright, deputy.

We will do it right away.

Make sure there is no error in the report. Deputy Head Delbrand once again admonished.

He then turned away and was about to walk away when he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

So, all the new 500 acolytes have been decided

Yes, deputy head.

A total of 82 regular acolytes managed to jump into the elite class.

I see.

Alright then… keep up the good work.

Deputy Head Delbrand walked out of the room with new weight on his mind.

\'82 regular jumps up That\'s twice the usual yearly number.

Which means twice of my yearly hassle to explain this matter to those nobles whose kid didn\'t made itit.

The dragon boy case already gave me such a headache and now this…\' Sighing deeply, the man could only shake his head.

\'AHHHH!!! All this because of that Hartlight! Is that family trying to rebel


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