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[Analyzing genes...]

[Fey Wolf bloodline rank evolved to rank 3]

[Rank 3 - Fey Warden]

[Battle power increase by 15]

As the notification appeared, Emery felt a surge of overwhelming energy coursing through his entire body.

Not only did all his wounds rapidly heal and close themselves, his previous erratic bloodline condition was also gone.

It even evolved into rank 3!

With the newfound strength he received, Emery once again struggled to break free.

Finally, one of his arms managed to smash through the crystal-like ice, allowing it to touch the air again.

Looking at his now-free hand, Emery only needed the extra push, the little push that would free him from this ice prison.

With the current precarious situation he was in, Emery didn\'t care about his limit anymore.

Hence, he forcefully used his battle art technique even though it was already past its cap.

[Immortal Gate - stage 3]

[Battle power increased by 8]

[Battle power 61]


The enhancement that [Immortal Gate] brought gave Emery the last push he needed to break the ice prison apart.

As he walked out of the now broken ice block, Emery could finally watch himself from one of the crystal-like chunks, his current appearance in its entirety.

The transformation was just like his first transformation with the familiar black tattoo on his chest.

But this time, his four limbs were completely covered by grey fur.

Despite the somewhat more animalistic transformation, Emery surely could feel how much more powerful his current transformation was compared to the previous one.

Turning his head to the side, Emery saw the blue-haired acolyte Micah looking at him with an incredulous expression, Y-Y-You are one of those disgusting half-blood!!! Screw you!! You have no place within the elites!!

Right after Micah said that, he immediately launched dozens of ice shards towards Emery.

These ice shards flew very close to him.

So close they should have been troublesome before.

But now, Emery could feel that his body was much stronger and lighter than before, thus he decided to dodge the incoming ice shards.

Although the ice shards were already inches away from him, the moment Emery moved his body, the ice shards that should\'ve hit him, hit only empty air instead.

As Emery dodged the first ice shard, he didn\'t stop; he continued shifting his position and body around.

In the end, he dodged all the ice shards perfectly, without a single one landing on him.

It was as if all the extra battle power Emery gained from the evolution was wholly distributed into his speed stat.

Micah was shocked when he saw Emery was unscathed.

Emery stared at the shocked Micah with a gaze full of hostility, causing the acolyte to feel shivers running down his spine.

Emery then dashed towards Micah at breakneck speed, only to crash upon the formerly [Ice Crystal Barrier].

Seeing the thing that encased him into a block of ice, Emery punched the barrier a few times, but with no results.

Instead of breaking it, Emery\'s hand once again began to turn into the ice by the crystal-like barrier.

Hahaha! There\'s no acolytes who can  break my indestructible barrier.

Dream on, filthy half-blood!

As soon as Emery\'s hand was trapped inside the ice again, Micah yelled at his two elite acolytes.

They swiftly broke away from their opponents and immediately charged towards the now immobilized Emery.

As the two acolytes ran towards him, one of them had flames covering his entire fist, the result of his unique spell.

Meanwhile, the other brought a massive ax that shone brightly.

The two of them charged towards Emery with great ferocity.

Seeing the incoming attacks, a thought of retreating flashed inside Emery\'s mind.



Emery could sense there was still a hidden power within his new evolved bloodline.

Closing his eyes and completely ignoring the imminent threats, Emery focused his mind, as he tried to find this hidden power.

Finally, he found it, the skill that previously he had no control of.

[Bloodline skill - Second stage transformation]

[Battle power increased by 25]

[Battle power 86]

As Emery intended his will to activate the bloodline skill, a sudden explosion of power appeared inside his body, followed by rapid growth of muscles twice its previous size and even more grey fur all over his body.

Emery\'s canine turned into wolf-like fangs, while his claws became more apparent and sharp like blades.

In the end, a savage wolfman stood where Emery previously was, making the smirking Micah turn pale.

Just as the transformation ended, the attacks from the two elites finally came and struck the grey beast straight on its body, causing the beast to be enraged.

The beast roared and stretched out its two hands and grabbing the two stupefied acolytes.

Before even one of them began struggling, the beast smashed the two acolytes against each other, causing their heads to hit each other.

The disoriented acolytes were trying to run away, as they quickly used their life-saving skill.

Unfortunately, the beast\'s grip was too strong, denying them any chance of escape.

The grey beast then slammed one of them to the ground and stomped him, causing a small cavity around the acolyte\'s body.

As for the other one, his fate was truly gruesome as the beast opened its mouth and bit his neck.

Blood crazily splattered into the air as the acolyte\'s head almost separated from his shoulder.

It then threw the acolyte\'s body away like garbage.

The tragic acolyte swiftly dispersed into particles before the body reached the ground.

Micah\'s face turned even more pale as the grey beast tore apart the squirming acolyte under his feet. 

If this was not virtual, there would have definitely been pieces of flesh and blood strewn across the ground.

For a second, the shivering blue-haired acolyte was glad he was inside the crystal barrier, separating him from the beast.

Alas, his happiness didn\'t last long as the beast turned its aggression to his barrier once again, punching and slamming it.

As if it wasn\'t enough, the barrier started scraping and cracking with each hit.

No! No way!

In fact, his barrier was actually weaker against physical attack compared to magic attacks.

But not even once Micah ever thought an unarmed acolyte would be able to break it.

The thought of running away came into Micah\'s mind, causing a feeling of shame to engulf him.

But he was more scared to get out of the barrier after seeing what the beast did to his two friends.

Micah panicked when he saw the barrier start to break apart.

But then, a notification made Micah instantly exhale a sigh of relief.

[50 participant left in the game]

[Congratulations! The survivors receive 10.000 points!]

\'Finally the game is over.\' Micah thought relieved.

[The game will end in 10 minutes.

Finalize your points by then.]

Fucckkk!!! Micah screamed to the top of his lungs. 

When the crystal barrier was finally shattered by the beast\'s punches, Micah immediately jumped out and was about to run as fast as he could.

But when he turned around, Thrax was already there standing in front of him and kicked Micah towards the grey beast\'s direction using all the energy he could muster.

This is for Chumo!


That was the last thing Micah said before the grey beast bit and tore his body apart.

The beast roared after Micah\'s body turned into light.

And now, the grey beast was staring at Thrax with its bloodthirsty gaze.

Emery! What the **! That is so freaking coo- Thrax said raising his thumb.

Before Thrax could finish his sentence Wait! Emer… Stop!! 

The beast leaped towards him with its claw brandished at him.

The unprepared and wounded Thrax was killed with one swipe from the beast\'s claw.

With shock and disbelief,  Thrax disperse into light particles. 

The beast then turned towards the next closest person standing, a beautiful girl with a black hair.


Aah… Emery…this is...

me… Klea just stood there frozen, as \'Emery\' glared at her.

But when the gray beast was about to attack her, a sword was stabbed into its shoulder.

You!! Moron! Don\'t use a skill, if you can\'t control it. 

The white-haired girl became the beast\'s next target.

Come here you stupid wolf! Silva loudly shouted, while she ran.

Seeing its prey was running away, the three meter tall grey beast swiftly followed the running Silva.

Silva, on the other hand, was rushing into a group of regular acolytes, who had been defending the whole time.

Roran! You two really need to have a talk.

Here he is your chance, you can thank me later! Silva said, still running and waving her hand.


As a result of Silva\'s tactic, the grey beast proceeded to leap into the group of acolytes and wreak havoc.

The next thing happened was screaming the sounds of bodies ripped apart turning into light particles.

[The second game has ended]

[Your total points are 41000]

[Congratulation you rank first place]


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