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[70 participants left in the game]

[Regular acolytes: 49/320] 

[Elite acolytes: 21/50] 

Within the last hour of the second game, only one elite acolyte was defeated, while the remaining of it were all the regular acolytes.

This statistic truly showed how distinct the difference between a regular and an elite acolyte, regarding their combat prowess and survivability in chaotic battle, where one could die anytime due to carelessness.

As chaotic as the battle it looked, in the end, these acolytes were fighting for points, for the chance of getting into the next stage.

In this kind of situation, where everyone was doing a battle royale with each other, where everyone pointed their claws at anyone who was weak, the rule of the game once again dictated the way the battle was going.

An elite acolyte had no reason to fight against another elite, as they wouldn\'t receive any amount of points defeating them.

Moreover, it didn\'t bring them any benefits besides endangered themselves, as the aggressor would be considered as a target by the other elite acolytes.

On the other hand, the regular acolytes were left with two choices, attacking the elites or their own peers.

Considering the risk, difficulty and outcome they would get from each option, attacking their own peer looked much more feasible than attacking the elites and risked getting obliterated.

Therefore, the regular acolytes were the main target by both the elites and other regular acolytes.

The most ironic thing was: this was actually the only logical thing to do due to the rules, especially for the regular acolytes. 


Emery and the others remaining in his group only needed to hold on and survive until 20 more acolytes were defeated.

If they managed to do so, they would receive 10,000 extra points that could make them enter the elite class successfully.

However, the remaining 70 acolytes were all the best out of the best, as they managed to survive until the last hour.

They were the acolytes who managed to stand out on top of the 10,000 acolytes of the 10 classes in group 7.

Evidently, they were either very strong, had an extraordinary life-saving skill or possessed amazing teamwork among their group.

Casting his gaze right in front, Emery could see that not far from him and Julian, Roran was being surrounded by a dozen of his acolytes and his two vice Lymord and Malara.

Malara, the red haired beauty, was an earth element acolyte who specialized in using sand and stones as her medium of defensive and offensive spells.

Meanwhile, Lymord, the brawny figure, who didn\'t look at all like a 16 years old due to his countless scars covering his entire body, was apparently able to transform himself into half human and half tiger.

In short, he turned into a tigerman.

Both of them were rank 7 acolytes and could be compared to the elite acolytes, who generally had reached rank 7 as well. 

Looking at how much planning Roran had prepared for this second game, Emery wouldn\'t even be surprised if both of them were already offered to be in the elite class, but refused the offer in order to become Roran\'s bodyguards.

As much as Emery wanted to blink over and finished off Roran with a slash from his swords, the [Blink] spell wasn\'t that easy to cast, especially when his mind was split between protecting Julian and keeping his eye on Thrax and Chumo, who were still fighting.

Emery still had much more to learn regarding his control of spells.

An acolyte was about to charge towards Emery after killing the last Akamba warrior.

Fortunately, jet-black roots emerged from the ground and entangled the acolyte\'s feet, immobilizing him.

With one of his hands placed on Julian\'s body and casting healing spells, what Emery could do was very limited, as he couldn\'t move lest someone attacked the still wounded Julian.

Currently, Emery could only depend on the [Shadow Root Binding] to block and restrain the acolytes who attacked his teammates.

As he lay on the ground, Julian suddenly coughed another mouthful of blood, startling Emery who observed the ongoing battle around them.

Despite his shaking hand, Julian gestured Emery to come closer and said, Brother, I...

*cough* am fine… Just f-focus on getting...

more points.

Upon hearing that, Emery shook his head and smiled wryly, Still acting tough, aren\'t you Just be quiet and quickly recover.

The second I leave your side, your awful state will attract more of them here like packs of wolf sniffing blood out in the open.

Just hang on!

Julian chuckled when he heard Emery\'s rebuke, Haha..ha..



surprising, Emery… D-Don\'t you…dare not…making it...

to the elite…class.

Emery nodded his head to show he understood.

While Emery and Julian had their heartfelt conversation, Thrax was almost on his last leg fighting against the sword-wielding acolyte.

As his [Fire Aura] nearly reached its limit, he was getting pressured by said acolyte.

Moreover, his [Immortal Gate] technique was also at its limit.

Slowly but surely, Thrax was being pushed back by the sword-wielding acolyte, until he was forced to adopt a defensive stance and received the acolyte\'s beating.

When Thrax stumbled on his steps due to the momentum of a slash, the sword-wielding acolyte quickly casted a battle art skill.

A faint luster could be seen on his broadsword\'s blade, he immediately swung it downwards towards Thrax.

A huge piece of steel was descending from above, causing whistling sound in the air.

Seeing the impending sword, Thrax, who didn\'t have time to dodge the slash, immediately raised the spear in the air.

Supporting the spear with both of his hands, Thrax braced himself for the incoming clash.

Clank! Splat!

Loud sound resounded as the spear got broken apart by the slash, followed by blood splattering into the air.

It appeared the spear wasn\'t enough to stop the slash delivered by the acolyte.

After splitting the spear into two, the sword proceeded on its way and cut deep into Thrax\'s shoulder down to his chest.

When the sword-wielding acolyte was about to do another slash to finish Thrax off, a root suddenly pulled him back.

Seeing his almost dead prey dragged away, the elite acolyte screamed, Argh!! That\'s my prey!

The sword-wielding acolyte then charged towards the three of them.

As there was no one else he could rely on, Emery had no other choice.

He drew his sword and dagger and immediately casted [Blink].

In the blink of an eye, Emery had appeared next to the running acolyte.

Clank! Clank!

Emery sent two slashes towards the sword-wielding acolyte, but he could parry both slashes.

From the clash, Emery could tell the elite acolyte in front of him had a much higher battle power than him, even with him already using the stage 3 Immortal Gate technique.

However, the most troublesome aspect of this acolyte wasn\'t his extraordinary strength nor impressive speed.

It was the simple yet intricate techniques he demonstrated.

The sword-wielding acolyte skillfully used all parts of the broadsword.

It didn\'t matter if it were the blunt surface, the sharp surface, the handle or even the swordguard.

This elite acolyte used all of them as means of attack.

In conclusion, this guy was a pure combat style acolyte. 

If it wasn\'t because of his [Blink] and [Granite Skin] spells, which allowed him to outmaneuver the acolyte and withstand the attacks, Emery would have already been cut all over, bleeding on his entire body.

Meanwhile, just like what he had expected, the moment Emery left his spot, leaving not one, but two badly injured regular acolytes laying on the ground in plain sight, everyone\'s eyes were attracted to that spot, becoming their main target.

The acolyte who was previously restrained by Emery\'s roots was the closest with Thrax and Julian, thus he was the one who jumped in the fastest.

When he noticed the acolyte, Emery was in panic.

Alas, he was slammed by a huge sword as he was about to cast his [Blink] spell, causing him to kneel on the ground with a loud boom.

Huh! You are tarnishing this fight by distracting yourself! Focus and face me seriously or die!

In the meantime, the two wounded acolytes were trying hard to stand, as they realized the incoming threat.

Roman!, you..

can\'t fight..

anymore huh! you..look like **!


smell the..

same Thracian

I guess..

This is..it..

Roman Good..


No! ..Not yet!

The closest acolyte lunged at them with a spear in his hand.

Thrax was still unable to move due to piercing pain on his shoulder.

However, Julian had been receiving a few rounds of healing spells from Emery, so he was the one in a better shape between the two of them.

Julian swiftly picked up his shield, ignoring the pain coursing through his body and smashed it towards the incoming spear.

When the shield got in contact with the spear, a vague glow appeared on it as Julian used his shield battle art, causing both the spear and the shield to drop.

Next, Julian immediately dashed towards the acolyte and tackled him with both of his hands.

Using his third stage Immortal Stage technique, Julian tightly held the acolyte, making him unable to move.

Thracian, do it! I can\'t hold this guy for long.

Thrax was shocked when he realized what Julian was asking.

Julian\'s body was in the way, the only way he could attack the acolyte was to pierce through him.

As if he sensed Thrax\'s hesitation, Julian continued, Grab the spear and do it! Consider this as the payment for the points I took from you before!

Obviously, the tackled acolyte didn\'t remain still and waited to be stabbed.

Hence, he began to struggle, trying to escape.

Thrax! Hurry! I cannot hold on!

The acolyte was struggling for freedom, but that only rewarded him with a headbutt from Julian.

You Thracian dog! Do what you are ordered to do!!

Thrax took the spear on the ground and swiftly thrusted it through Julian and the acolyte.

The spear went through the two acolytes\' body.

The two of them slowly began to disperse into light particles.

Looking at the dissipating figures, a drop of line appeared on Thrax\'s face, Fuck you Roman for making me do this! These points are barely enough!

The thing Julian did for him really burned his spirit.

Thrax slammed the spear into the ground, as he forced himself to stand and cast a tier 1 fire spell [Heat Touch].

As his hand glowed a red light, Thrax proceeded to burn his own shoulder.

When his wounds had been sterilized, Thrax lifted his head and shouted in rage.


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