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Purple fire!

The fire radiating from Gerri\'s finger felt like a piercing drop of molten magma, and it cracked through Emery\'s granite skin as if it was nothing but bread.

What was even more surprising was that, not only the purple fire was able to go through his granite skin, but Emery, who was confident with his battle power, was still unable to break free from Gerri\'s crushing grip.

Such a strong grip!

Left with no choice, Emery decided to take the chance and use his newly evolved battle art skills.

[Heavenly gate stage 3]

[Battle power increased by 8]

With the battle art boost, now Emery has a total of 46 battle power.

Through his newfound strength, he pulled his arm out from Gerri\'s iron grip.

But just as he walked a few steps back, to his surprise, Gerri was still able to follow him close.

The purple fire expanded and covered his palm, and Gerri pulled back before striking Emery\'s chest with all his might.


The strike threw Emery several steps back.

Even with his defensive granite skin, the strike still gave him a lot of pain.

Not only that, the attack felt like it left a burning fire within his chest.

The fire continued roaring and tearing up his insides, and within moments, he spat out a small puddle of blood.

Yes! How do you like my technique [Flaming Palm] Gerri bragged.

With his hand still at his chest, Emery replied Well, I think everyone would know the feeling of getting hit and hitting someone are two vastly different things. Emery mumbled, half irritated and half amused.

The throbbing pain in his chest still remained.

What was that Is that a battle art, or a spell

It\'s hand to hand battle art that requires mastery of the fire element.

It works wonders when combined with my purple flame skill.

Ah, I see… Dang, if only I had my sword with me. Emery mumbled.

So, you are a swordsman too, aren\'t you Too bad you don\'t have a weapon though.

That\'s more reason why I will win this fight.

Once again, Gerri casted [Fireball].

A small ball of fire appeared and expanded bit by bit as he dashed towards Emery\'s direction.

It was clear, Emery was at a disadvantage on every single part of this fight.

Gerri was not only adept at long distance attacks, he was also a combat magus, who was extremely proficient at hand to hand combat.

Even with his quick feet and equally quick thinking, Emery was not sure he would be able to dodge Gerri\'s attacks.

It seemed Gerri\'s battle power and his own were not too different.

This battle was proof Gerri truly deserved his title as an elite acolyte.


Once again, Gerri\'s strike connects, this time hitting Emery\'s back.

The force of the strike caused Emery to fall down, roll on the ground, and hit a tree.

Beneath the tree, Emery struggled to stand and spat out another glob of blood.

Your strength levels are above average, you have good basics, and you have an extraordinary spirit core.

Unfortunately, your technique needs polish, and your spells take too long to cast.

You\'re still an amateur at this point.

Geez, thanks for the advice.

I\'ll be sure to practice harder next time.

Good attitude, but there will be no next time, loose here means no elite class for you! That\'s the end of the road!

Gerri dashed forward, while activating his fire attacks.

The weakened Emery was only able to use his [Blink] skill to protect himself.

Due to his injuries, Emery was unable to move quick enough or far enough and, as Gerri said, Emery\'s spellcasting speed was still lacking.

If he wanted to win, he needed a change in strategy.

A massive fireball rushed towards Emery, and he used [Black Smoke].

Where do you think you\'re going Damn it, if you\'re jumping into the water again I would be surely disappointed. Gerri looked at the lake, hoping his opponent did not take the coward\'s way out from their battle.

Of course, Emery did not run, he merely used the cover of the smoke to hide and give him a chance to use his powers.

[Fey bloodline activated]

[Battle power has increased by 10]

[Current battle power: 56]

The moment his transformation started, black tattoos with the shape of swirling lines started creeping across his skin, while his ears pulled towards the top of his head and his fingernails curled into wicked claws.

But, while he felt the boost of power, he also felt his muscles and bones being pulled into several directions at once.

The combination of battle art and fey transformation he used has increased his battle power by around 18 points, but as a side effect, his whole body felt as if he was being tortured.

Not wanting to waste this chance, Emery jumped forwards and using his whole strength, he slammed down hard with both fists as he landed.

Gerri was able to see that Emery was going to attack him, but Emery was too fast now and he didn\'t have the chance to dodge.


Gerri was quick enough to block the attack with his two hands, but it was still too strong for him, as result, he was thrown down on the ground.

Realizing the situation had changed, Gerri spun around and tried to run, but in this state, Emery was faster.

Emery jumped and pinned Gerri down on the ground with one arm around his neck, while his other arm pulled back and struck Gerri hard on the head.


A direct hit from an acolyte with 56 points of battle power.

Gerri spat out one of his teeth right as Emery struck again, causing a nasty bruise at the side of his face.

Emery tried to strike for the third time, but the desperate Gerri suddenly raised both of his hands and purplish light shine from both of them, as he casted his strongest Rank 4 spel [Ignite – Fire Element]

A massive explosion resounded throughout the area, and a burst of flame appeared with enough force to throw Emery several meters back away from Gerri.

Gerri attempted to stand up on shaky legs and an unfocused gaze.

After he finally managed to stand up, he exclaimed.

What the **, you are also a halfblood! Damn, you really are a monster.

How the hell are you not in the elite class

Emery struggled before he finally also managed to stand up.

His chest felt like a painful furnace due to the force of the rank 4 fire element strike.

With still some of the flame burning on his body, Emery cast the [Whip splash] and the swirl of water from the lake splash towards him.

Fortunately his granite skin was still giving him some protection or he would already have several burn marks on him.

He hissed and gritted his teeth in pain, but he managed to reply.

Thanks for that, I\'ll take that as a compliment.

It was clear, the next strike would determine the outcome of the battle.

Well sure, you can take that as a compliment, but only after you defeat me, Garri the Violet Flame!

Purple flames spread from Gerri\'s palms and blazed atop his whole body, showing off the power of his spirit force.

Emery took a deep breath and readied himself to strike, unfortunately Emery could feel his muscles were at their limits, Emery was not sure how long he could hold his current form.

He really had to end this fight as quickly as possible.

Okay, I\'m ready! come at me! Emery taunted.

Gerri dashed like a human fireball, while Emery still stood unmoved.

He took a moment to focus on his opponent\'s movement.

This time with his transformation, Emery believed he could move faster than Gerri.

He just needed the right move.

Dodge to the right or dodge to the left.

His opponent has a better technique than him.

It would be very troublesome to let him close.

When Gerri\'s was just three steps in front of him, Emery decided to dashed forward instead.

He covered his head with both of his hands and charges in.

Full strength to tackle the opponent in front of him.


It was the right move! Emery took him by surprise and due to his higher battle power, the crash hurt Gerri even more and threw him back a few meters.

Gerri was now laid flat on the ground

With a little headache after the crash, Emery tries hard to charge in to finish the fight.

Thats when suddenly another figure came from nowhere and landed nearby.

What an interesting fight! I really must join!

The skinny figure was a familiar sight.

It was the creepy acolyte known as Lodos.

The situation just turned from bad to worst.

Damn me and my sh*ty luck!


Written and Directed by Avans, Published by W.e.b.n.o.v.e.l,


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