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The lifeless body of Nate, the Lightning elite acoyle floated in the water for a moment before it slowly dissipated into light particles, leaving nothing behind.

As soon as the body disappeared, a notification appeared in front of Emery.

[Congratulations! You have defeated an elite acolyte]

[You have received 5000 points]

Looking at the notification, which told him he won the arduous battle, Emery could not hold himself back from smiling widely.

This was his first victory! Not only did he receive points for his efforts, the fight earlier also helped him break through the bottleneck he had in his battle art technique.

[Immortal Gate - stage 3]

[Battle power 46]

Emery was so happy with the outcome he forgot for a second his whole body was currently in great pain and aching all over, after enduring such a strong lightning current.

There was also another problem with the other acolyte, who were still waiting for his reappearance, outside the lake.

Knowing the acolyte was a Fire element acolyte, Emery felt safe being inside of the water.

However, he would still have to get out of the lake sooner or later.

The reason he managed to win the first fight was partly because of his strategy, but Emery was not sure if he could outsmart the next one.

After all, everyone in the second game were formidable opponent.

Therefore, Emery decided to stay in the water for the moment and casted [Nature Blessing] spell on himself to make sure he would be in his prime condition, if not optimal, for the next fight.

Ten minutes later, when Emery felt his wounds had closed up and his breath stabilized, he slowly walked out of the lake.

As soon as Emery\'s feet landed on the lakeshore, a figure swiftly landed a few meters in front of him like a fallen fireball.

The figure was a man with red short hair, the Fire elite acolyte earlier.

Seeing Emery\'s lone appearance, the acolyte\'s eyes bulged, as if he didn\'t believe what had happened.

I can\'t believe it! You managed to defeat Nate! How did you do that!

While Emery was recuperating and healing his injuries earlier, he had hoped the guy would have left.

After all, he spent a good ten minutes inside the lake.

Who would have known that the guy had the patience to waited for one of them to appear.

Eyeing the guy, Emery calmly said, Yes, I did.

Hence, I suggest you to leave me alone if you don\'t want to ended up like him.

However, instead of being afraid when he heard Emery\'s warning, the guy unexpectedly laughed, hard.

Hahaha! It looks like you do have some strength, after all.

That stupid Nate must be extremely angry right now for underestimating and losing to you!

When Emery heard that, he only smiled faintly and said, I am sure he is.

So Are you going to avenge him now

Upon hearing that, the fire acolyte immediately waved his hand as he denied Emery\'s question.

No, no, no.

I never thought of avenging Nate, actually i don\'t really like the guy very much.

However, we obviously still have to fight.

After all, it is what the game for. The guy said while flashing a grin.

After saying that, the acolyte quickly raised his hands and opened his palms.

Immediately after, two blazing fireballs materialized on his palms, signifying he was ready to attack.

Looking at Emery, the acolyte kept his grin and said, I am not Nate.

Therefore, I will not underestimate you.

What\'s your name

You can call me Emery. replied Emery as he readied his stances.

Emery… Hmm… good name! I\'m Gerri.

Right as Gerri finished his words, he immediately shot the fireballs toward Emery.

This time, Emery would fight one on one against Gerri.

It was time for him to openly test his current strength against an elite acolyte.

Two raging fireballs rapidly flew towards Emery.

Seeing the approaching fireballs, Emery couldn\'t help but recall the power he felt behind Gerri\'s fireballs.

All of the water-based spells Emery currently had in his repertoire weren\'t strong enough to match them.

Hence, it was time to try using the Darkness element.

Concentrating his mind on the darkness spirit element, the darkness core Emery had contracted rapidly as darkish runes appeared in front of his palm, proving Emery was casting a spell.

In the blink of an eye, Emery casted his current strongest offensive spell.

[Enfeeble Blade]

A horizontal dark line materialized and shot towards the incoming fireballs.

The fireballs collided with the [Enfeeble Blade] and the two spells exploded at the same time.


Loud explosions appeared as the two spells destroyed each other.

However, Emery noticed that Gerry was smiling, when he saw his spells failing to reach Emery.

I knew it! I knew that you weren\'t just a Water acolyte.

I noticed it when you ran away before with a smoke.

You really did play us before, smart move!

After saying that, Gerri once again casted [Fireball] spells and firing them towards Emery.

In a split second, a barrage of fireballs were seen flying through the air, Seeing the impending barrage, Emery swiftly casted [Enfeeble Blade] and conjured several dark blades that welcomed the fireballs.

Both of them continuously carried out long-range attacks using their spells, as they continued to dodge and move around, looking for gaps to hit their respective opponent.

*swish* *swish* *swish*


Seeing their battle was even, Gerri exclaimed loudly, Emery! I must admit that your darkness spell is amazing!

Huh! How so Emery asked, while still continuing to dodge and cast spells.


Dashing to the left to dodge the dark blade that flew towards him, Gerri replied, Your tier 3 spells are able to resist my tier 3 spells despite the fact that I am a rank higher than you.

Hmm… is that so Thanks! Emery replied, as he did a backflip to evade a fireball coming from above him.

The situation became a bit weird yet harmonious, as they were currently fighting with each other, but talking casually as if they were bosom friends.

Too bad, you won\'t win this fight!

Suddenly, the rate of Gerri casting and throwing fireballs became increasingly faster, and his [Enfeeble blade] spells unable to cope fast enough.

Thanks to that, Emery was cornered and forced to completely focus his mind on evading the rain of fireballs.


Emery was barely able to dodge the last attack, as his body was being flung by the impact of several fireballs exploding next to him.

His body spun in the air before he fell and laid on the ground.

Gerri, not letting him stand and throwing another fireball towards him, Emery swiftly rolled his body to the side to dodge the spell.

The impact pushed him a little, before Emery stood up and stared at Gerri.

Even though your spirit core was amazing, you are still an amateur in spells, Emery! Your casting speed is too slow!

Emery didn\'t even try to refute, as he knew what Gerri said was true.

He was still not used to cast this spell.

After all, it hadn\'t been that long since he decided on his specialization.

He truly needed more time to master his individual spells.

Alas, at the moment, Emery would have to fight with what he had.


Another explosion occurred, as several fireballs hit the ground.

This time though, Emery decided to take advantage of the smoke to hide himself and swiftly casted his most dependable spell.


As soon as the chant finished, Emery instantly disappeared from his spot and appeared behind Gerri.

Gazing at the open back, he quickly casted his [Enfeeble Blade] again.

But much to his surprise, Gerri was able to react much faster than his estimation.

When Gerri felt the fluctuation behind him, he swiftly turned around and quickly grabbed Emery\'s stretched hand before the chant completed.

Gerri held Emery as his ten fingers grabbed Emery\'s arms tightly.

Looking straight at Emery\'s eyes, he said, Impressive space magic.

But too bad...

your offensive spells sucks.

Feeling the tight grip, Emery quickly used his [Granite Skin] spell, both his arms swiftly covered with granite stone, causing Gerri to be even more surprised.

Amazing! I didn\'t expect you to have three affinities.


what\'s the use One element is all you need!

Surprisingly Emery\'s not strong enough to pull his arm, instead immediately after, Emery felt pain on both his arms as all of Gerri\'s fingers were engulfed in flames..

It\'s a purple flame.

The flame was so strong it cracked Emery\'s granite-covered arms open.

Haha! This was my ticket into the elite class, Emery.

Emery can feel the fire under his granite skin even right into his bone



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