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Emery noticed the expression plastered on Magus Xion\'s face and could not help but be worried.

Magus Xion was silent, thinking about what to say, after a while, he looked at Emery and said, Emery, tell me.

Why do you want to win the game

Emery was stunned when he heard the unexpected question.

However, before he could even say a word, the magus spoke again, I\'m sorry.

That\'s a stupid question.

Let me rephrase it.

Why do you want to be a magus

This time, the question asked by Magus Xion, combined with the magus\'s previous expression, made Emery worried.

He truly wondered the reason Magus Xion suddenly became so serious after learning about the five of them under the teaching of Lord Izta.

When Emery was still puzzled by the magus\'s behavior, Magus Xion spoke once again, I\'m sure Magus Izta has something planned for you and your friends.

And I believe it\'s not my place to talk about it.

However, your answer to my question will help me to decide on how to help you.

Therefore, think carefully and find the real answer in your heart before you say anything.

Realizing how serious Magus Xion currently was, Emery tried his best to answer, so as to not let the magus down.

He then quickly fell into deep thought, \'Why did I want to be a magus\'

Coincidentally, he just thought about the matter this morning.

Emery realized the new passion to compete and become the best was much more important for him than revenge.

However, when Emery thought he already knew the answer and was about to say it out loud, he suddenly stopped.

Something in his heart stopped him from saying it.

\'Become the best That was not it...\'

Emery then closed his eyes and dived into his consciousness, as he tried to find what was the most important thing in his heart.

He didn\'t know why and how, but he knew that would be his answer.

As he dived in his consciousness, Emery remembered one of the most important memories of his life.

The happiest moment in his life was when he fought and won the first game with his friends, when they supported each other and strived for success.

The moment where the five of them discovered they managed to do it and celebrated together, with smiles and laughter.

Emery then tried to imagine how it would have been if he did win the game, but by himself.

He was sure the feeling he had felt would have been much different compared to when he won with his friends.

Then it hit him, it wasn\'t about winning he enjoyed the most.

It was the feeling of working and helping each other, shoulder to shoulder, in the face of challenges.

That was the greatest feeling he ever experienced so far.

Emery went on to think about what worried him the most, the things that could make him lose his sleep.

And surprisingly, it wasn\'t about not finding the real killer of his father, nor losing the Magus Games miserably.

It was actually the face of a certain someone.


Emery didn\'t have much relation with the poor girl.

However, ever since he saw her being caught right in front of his eyes, Emery couldn\'t stop feeling worried about her predicament.

Emery took another sip of the warm tea, exhaled a huge sigh, but his eyes were determined.

He had found his answer.

Staring straight at Magus Xion\'s eyes, Emery said, I want to become magus so I can protect those who I care about.

The answer gave Magus Xion a huge smile.

He then took a sip of the tea and said, Then, Magus Izta wasn\'t wrong about helping you all.

Or at least he was not wrong in helping you.

Magus Xion took out a pouch from his storage ring and gave it to Emery.

He received the pouch and felt it quite heavy, Emery directed his questioning gaze at Magus Xion, asking what this was.

Magus Xion just smiled and gestured to Emery to take a look.

When Emery opened the pouch, his eyes were met with bright yellow glowing stones.

A large amount of yellow spirit stone.

The sight of so many spirit stones shocked Emery he nearly dropped the pouch.

Master, w-what… what is this for Emery asked, stuttering.

That\'s 100,000 spirit stones for you, Emery.

That\'s a lot of stones for an acolyte, so keep it safe.


I mean… Why I\'m confused as to why you are giving me this amount of spirit stones.

It\'s for you, Emery.

You will need it for the next game.

Emery was stunned and took another look at those spirit stones.

Indeed, with this amount Emery could definitely break through the maximum limit of 150 spirit force, effortlessly solving his problem of inadequate spirit force.

However, he had his own principle.

No, Master.

I can\'t accept these stones.

This is not right!

Upon hearing that, Magus Xion laughed.

Hahaha… don\'t worry, Emery.

In fact, I earned this much from betting that you would be able pass the first game, Therefore, don\'t hesitate.

Emery was smart enough and could guess what was going on.

But, master! This is the result of your bet.

I don\'t mind if you give a me portion, but I can\'t accept it if you give me this much Emery replied, while shoving the pouch towards Magus Xion

That\'s exactly what I was planning to do.

That\'s the reason I summoned you here.

But after hearing Lord Izta\'s matter and your genuine answer, I changed my mind. Magus Xion said, as he pushed the pouch back at Emery.

And also, I\'m already satisfied with seeing the angry face of that stupid magus Urix when he lost.

... Emery wasn\'t sure how to respond to that.

Master, I-

In fact, Emery... Magus Xion interrupted Emery\'s sentence, while taking out another pouch, Here\'s another 100,000.


What! Master, NO! Emery was getting more and more confused about the magus\'s actions.

This is the amount I was willing to lose to that stupid magus, Emery.

Which means this is how much I put my bet on you. Magus Xion said with a smile.

This is too much, master.

I really can\'t...

Naturally, it\'s not just for you, but also for your friends. Magus Xion interrupted him again, surprising Emery.

What\'s with your expression How can you win the next game without their help

Magus Xion then added, Of course, how much you want to share with them is up to you, though.

Emery was speechless at the magus\' words.

He stood up and walked next to the magus, and then knelt down.

Master, my friends and I are grateful for your generosity!

Magus Xion immediately pulled Emery to his feet and said, Just don\'t disappoint me, Emery.

Don\'t fail.

Make it to the elite class or don\'t come back here.

Emery once again gave his respect and said Thank you for believing in me master.

I will definitely not let you down!

I know you won\'t. Magus Xion replied with a big smile, Now, you should go before I regret giving those stones to you.

Emery smiled a little when he heard that.

He then walked out the house with a step that felt much heavier than before.

One more reason for Emery to succeed in the next game.


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