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In the middle of a large training field, one could see several young teenagers fighting against a man cladded in a golden armor.

The man looked very relaxed as he effortlessly dodged, blocked and deflected all the attacks the teenagers threw at him.

On the other hand, the teenagers continued to try their best to land a hit on the man.

[Fire Infusion]


Burst of blazing flames appeared on the sword\'s surface as it made its way to the man in golden armor.

Specks of ember trailed in the air as the blade headed towards the man\'s body, attempting to injure him.

Seeing the incoming attack, the man decided to dodge the attack by doing small steps to the back.

The small steps served as a disruption towards the swing\'s rhythm, enabling the man to find an opening in the attack.

The man immediately took the opening and calmly deflected the slash.

*clank* *clank*

All at once the man said calmly.

At the same time the man finished speaking, pitch black thorny vines suddenly rose from the ground beneath him.

The vines immediately crept up the man\'s legs, immobilizing it.

[Dark Root Binding]

Thanks to those vines, the man\'s movement was momentarily hindered as his legs were bound to the ground.

In a split second, two spells were seen approaching as they shot through the air towards the man.

[Thunder Bolt]

[Spirit Missile]

As the spells were fired, one could see erratic streams of lightning current and a missile-like of condensed spirit energy headed towards the immobilized man.

The spells hit the man straight to the chest as his body jerked back.

A moment later, the man was finally able to free his legs from the vines.

However, just as the man took a single step, a continuous spear strike appeared and struck him from behind.

[Vicious Barrage]

The metallic glow that was emanating from the bronze spear shone brightly as the spear stabbed the man continuously.

The strike was so fast, that it left several afterimages of the spear.

Receiving the continuous attacks, the man shouted, Not enough!

It appeared Emery and his friends\' repeated attacks were not enough in the eyes of Lord Izta.

The man even asked for more when he received the attacks directly.

Hearing the dissatisfied shout, Emery once again immediately casted [Dark Root Binding] on the man, in order to restrain the man\'s movement.

This time, Julian, whose attack was parried earlier, put his hand on the ground.

Pouring all the energy he could muster, Julian immediately chanted the [Mud Wall] spell.

And in a split second, when the man\'s movements were restrained again, a wall of clay immediately rose from the ground as it surrounded all parts of the man except for his head.

Emery used his [Fey Transformation] and stomped his legs as he dashed towards the man along with the others.

[Strength Up] [Shadow Self] [Dark Infusion] [Thunder Bolt]

All the attacks were targeted on the man\'s head.


Dust rose as the mud wall was destroyed into smithereens by the attack\'s impact.

When Emery and the others could see the man again, they saw he was standing there with an ax larger than his body in his hand.

Raising his ax, the man lightly swung it towards their direction, hitting nothing in particular.


The light swing unexpectedly generated strong wind currents that were coming towards Emery and his friends.

When the wind current hit them, they could feel their bodies being blown away, as they felt a pain like thousands of tiny knives piercing their skin.

All five of them tried their best to hold their ground as they were hit by the wind by stamping their feet into the ground.

Unfortunately, they were thrown one by one, starting with Klea, who was physically the weakest and then Chumo.

The shield-wielding Thrax also quickly followed their steps, as his body flew in the air.

Only Emery and Julian were left trying to defend against the current.

Julian used his [Mud Wall] to create a wall in front of him and his shield to block the wind, while Emery used his [Granite Skin] to protect his body against it.

But not long after, the wall was destroyed which exposed them to the wind directly.

Despite that, the two of them still insisted on holding their ground.

Emery was still with his [Granite Skin], while Julian used [Stone Skin] for extra protection.

Emery was very confident in the prowess of his [Granite Skin], but, maybe because Julian also used a shield to defend himself, Emery\'s spell was broken first, sending him thrown backwards just like the others.

A moment later, Emery was followed by Julian.

Alright, that\'s enough Lord Izta exclaimed as he stored his ax.

Currently, Emery and his four friends were training at the training ground behind Lord Izta\'s palace.

The reason they were doing so was to let Lord Izta know the firepower and endurance from each of them.

In the end, none of their attacks were capable of leaving a mark on this magus, much less injure him.

Instead, they all were thrown and fell with one strike.

Okay, gather up everybody. Lord Izta said.

He then muttered, Not too bad, right I think we were not that much better at that time.

Seeing the weird sight again, Emery couldn\'t help but ask, I\'m sorry, Lord Izta.

But, who are you talking with

Oh! Him Don\'t mind him.

He\'s just my old friend who still bothers me, Lord Izta said, while pointing to his side.

Seeing the empty air, Emery and the others were pretty sure that the man in front of them had a mental disorder.

No wonder they were a little worried.

Not noticing the gaze he received, Lord Izta said, Alright, I don\'t have much time so listen carefully.

In no time, Lord Izta could find out their advantages and disadvantages and explained it to them.

Other than this idiot here, all of you have below average battle power! said Lord Izta while pointing at Thrax.

You should make some time to increase your battle skill with the wooden puppet in order to receive more battle power.

Me too Klea asked, surprised.

Especially you.

Emery then opened his mouth, Lord Izta, wouldn\'t it better to focus on our spirit force to become a great magus

You\'re half right.

But one hundred percent wrong!

Emery was confused when he heard the contradiction in the man\'s words.

Sometimes the words the magus spit out made no sense.

You need a certain amount of battle power to become a great magus.

Actually, this is a very basic requirement to become a great magus.

It\'s very crucial to know this fact but most acolytes neglected it.

I\'m also sure that all those acolytes in the elite class were taught the same.

Baffled by the explanation, Emery said, I\'m sorry, Lord Izta.

I don\'t understand.

Please explain to us.

I saw your fight yesterday, where all of you were already wasted after only casting a few spells.

Lord, isn\'t it because our spirit force is limited

Half right, one hundred percent wrong! Lord Izta said again.

Seeing the puzzled expression on their face, he continued, Your battle power is the reflection of your physical status, the vessels of your spirits.

Now, if you imagine the spirit force is like water in a jar, where having a high spirit force might make you able to consume the water more efficiently.

You will even be able to enlarge the capacity of the jar with a big enough spirit force.

However, if your battle power, which is your jar, is weak.

Then your condition will be like a jar made of a very thin fabric, that can easily be ripped apart.

If that\'s true, how will you be able to increase the size of your spirit

It will be difficult and problems will always arise on the road.

Therefore, having a high battle power is very important especially during your early stages.

Do you all understand

Hearing this, it seemed that Klea was enlightened.

Meanwhile, Thrax, who didn\'t get called out having low battle power, smirking proudly.

Realizing that, Lord Izta immediately poured cold water on him.

What are you smirking about You\'re the worst of them all!

Me Why Didn\'t you say- Thrax asked, clearly confused.

Even though you have a higher elemental aptitude than that innocent guy over there, why have you still not mastered any tier 3 spell at all

I-I-I want to become a great combat magus! Thrax exclaimed, raising his hand in the air.

Great combat magus I am a combat magus champion and I think you are a fool!

Thrax froze, unable to find any reply.

Emery said Lord Izta, please guide us.

Alright then, I will first explain the difference between a combat magus and spirit magus.


Written and Directed by Avans, Published by W.e.b.n.o.v.e.l,

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