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Later that day, the group was enjoying themselves with the ale and meat sent by Minerva.

Thanks to their achievement, they were able to enjoy such a sumptuous feast to celebrate it.

Hot piping, freshly cooked food was absolutely incomparable with the food created by the cube.

Let\'s drink and get wasted! Today, we will celebrate until midnight! Thrax said, laughing loudly and looking very happy.

He then continued his words raising his glass, Honestly, I have been to many kinds of battle, but today was the best, guys! Let\'s drink to that!


CHEERS!!! everyone said.

The feeling of reaching the top from the bottom of the pack was truly a wonderful feeling.

Each of them who were celebrating here, were truly euphoric when they thought back to the success they had accomplished.

The sight of Thrax and Julian, the mouse and cat combination, the ever-quarrelling duo, singing and drinking hand in hand, shoulder-to-shoulder, was really a beautiful yet strange sight for Emery, Chumo, and Klea.

Thrax, the drinking bull, kept forcing others to a drinking competition.

He challenged everybody on the feast, until he reached Julian and proceeded to challenge him too.

Julian, feeling challenged by him, accepted the challenge.

Thus, began the sight in front of them

We, Romans, invented the mead.

Therefore, I.




Fuck off, Roman… All of you are thieves of history.

It was us, the descendants of Greek Gods who invented it. snubbed Thrax.


I put my honor on the challenge!

The game is on, Roman!!! Who else Thrax said, sweeping his gaze around him until it stopped at Chumo.

Pointing his finger at him and shouting, Chumo! You! You, my friend… are you old enough to drink

Emery could see that Chumo\'s expression immediately turned serious when he heard Thrax\'s provocation.

The drinking game became wild, Thrax somehow lured everyone in it.

Emery was the first to surrender as he wasn\'t used to drinking.

After a while, the second one to drop dead was Klea.

They knew she was wasted when they saw her face became flushed red and she began saying weird and random stuff.

Surprisingly, the third one to drop the ball was Julian, the man who said he would win the game suddenly fell to the ground, unconscious.

Thrax, who saw his rival lose, started claiming to have won the game.

However, unbeknownst to the reckless bull, Chumo was still there sitting and gulping ale like water with an indifferent expression.

In the end, Thrax dropped drunk to the ground while his expression showed he couldn\'t believe he lost to Chumo of all the people.

For your information, my friend.

My people have created alcoholic drinks thousands of years before your \'gods\' drink them said Chumo.

Emery, who immediately did a tactical retreat due to his inability to drink alcohol, watched the whole game in excitement.

Smiling happily through the feast, Emery thought this was probably one of the happiest moments of his life.

Not long after Thrax became wasted and unconscious, Chumo also put down his glass and went to sleep, or maybe he just fell unconscious too, hard to say.

All of them just laid down on the living room floor, wasted.

Emery, the one with the least alcohol in his body, was still awake watching the motionless bodies of his friends.

He then realized Klea looked very uncomfortable, as her body shuddered due to the cold.

Looking at her thin revealing clothes, Emery shook his head helplessly.

Getting up from his seat, Emery quickly picked up her body and carried her into the bedroom.

When he laid her down on the bed, he realized Klea was awake.

She didn\'t want to let go of him, instead she pulled him down.

Hence, Emery ended on the same bed laying next to her.

You… you...

why did you keep secrets from us, huh!! Who do you think you are, huh Klea said, almost mumbling.

Shaking his head, Emery said, Klea, you\'re drunk.

You should sleep now. He then tried to get up.

However, a hand stopped him, Drunk You drunk Me No, I\'m not… how can I be drunk

Emery knew only a fool would argue with a drunk person.

Therefore, he decided to stay silent and let Klea speak all of her gibberish.

A few minutes later, Emery saw Klea was finally silent and her eyes were close.

He then slowly tried to escape.

But this time, Klea suddenly said something in a soft voice.


Please stay… Will you

Emery was ninety percent sure Klea was still drunk, therefore he decided to stay quiet.

But then, she said something again.

Please stay...

I wish you to stay... Klea said while her eyes still closed.

However, her arms and legs started to get closer and closer until she hugged Emery.

You\'re warm, Emery... Klea muttered.

Their two bodies clung together and Emery felt Klea\'s smooth body on his own when her arms were hugging around his body.

The feeling of her breasts pressed tightly against his arm made Emery weak, unable to move.

Some thoughts began to flash in his mind, only to be quickly swatted by him.

Emery was quite sure he heard a small chuckle from the girl next to him.

Emery… Emery... said Klea softly.

Yes... replied Emery as he turned his head.

When he turned his head, Emery saw that the beautiful girl\'s face was close, extremely close to him, too close, it was borderline dangerous.

The next thing he knew was the pink lips of her were pressing against his.

A feeling, a new sensation sprouted inside him.

Emery froze and couldn\'t say anything as he let the beautiful girl kiss him.

As their lips parted, Emery heard Klea muttering, Just stay here, Emery...

I feel warm with you near...

Upon hearing that, Emery decided to return Klea\'s hug.

A feeling of comfort bloomed within him.

At this moment, the whole feeling of worry and exhaustion he felt was overwhelmed by this comfort as Emery felt very calm.

Without realizing it, Emery fell asleep with Klea in his arms.


When the morning came, Emery woke up feeling very refreshed.

For a moment, he forgot he had just spent a night sleeping with Klea.

When he turned his head to the side, he saw Klea, who had also just opened her eyes.

The two teenagers paused and looked at each other as if the time had frozen.


Kyaaaaa!!! Klea screamed hysterically as she quickly retreated from Emery.

E-Emery! W-Why are you here Did we... Klea said quickly.

Emery panicked at the accusation.

He quickly stopped her from thinking too far.

At the same time, Julian, Thrax, and Chumo broke into the bedroom thinking something had happened to Klea when they heard her scream.

However, the trio was greeted by the sight of Emery on top of the bed, with Klea right beside him.

In a split second, the atmosphere suddenly turned weird, with all of them turning silent.


The whole situation made everyone confused, especially Emery.

The five people could only stare at each other awkwardly.

And then, a woman\'s voice was suddenly heard from the corner of the room without them realizing it.

Hope you guys are not busy, because my master would like to see you all.


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