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Seeing the group of people who stood in front and separated from them, Emery believed that those five-hundred people were second year acolytes just like them.

The reason was that he could see some familiar faces among them.

One of the people he noticed was Silva, the girl who fought with him the night of the Elder Respite incident.

When he saw the demeanor and attitude those people had, combined with the presence of Silva there, Emery was sure these 500 acolytes were from the elite class.

When the acolytes, that were standing in the inner circle of the arena, saw those elite acolytes, the new self-found confidence they just gained after successfully passing the first stage of the Magus Game dispersed like a puff of smoke in the air.

Despite the fact they were the top 50 from 10 class group, they still felt insignificant when they saw those people.

They then realized that, from the very beginning, they were only competing with the lowest level of acolytes.

And from this moment on, the real competition has begun, which would take place during the second game with those elite acolytes.

After all of the elite acolytes entered the arena, Magus Selina started talking again.

Moments later, her voice resumed throughout the arena.

Acolytes of the Magus Academy! Are.


Excited!! she said loudly, making everyone hear the enthusiasm behind her voice.

She then continued, For the next stage of Magus Game, the theme of the stage will be… a battleground!!! How exciting! Am I right

Hearing the unfamiliar term, many acolytes began creating ruckus again.

Magus Selena ignored them and continued her explanation.

Pointing her finger towards the thousands of acolytes, she said, It will be the fight between the best acolytes from the normal classes versus the elite class acolytes.

Which means the battle will be involving more than 3000 acolytes!!!

The battle will continue to rage until only 500 acolytes remain on the stage.

Those people will continue to the next stage.

The already rowdy acolytes grew even more clamorous when they heard the explanation of the next stage\'s theme.

However, this time, the stage will not be a team game.

In order to be selected to the third stage, all of you need to pay attention to your personal points.

Of course, you can still form a team if you want, but the points will still count on an individual basis.

The details about the theme will be soon released.

You\'ll be able to read them on your own.

The sight of thousands of acolytes focused on those \'elites\', as if they were about to eat them alive, and the target of those glares, on the other hand, didn\'t remain still and also threw their own glares back.

When the higher-ups noticed the tension between the groups, Altus Dreyden opened his mouth again.

I\'m very glad to announce the second stage has always been my favorite since its introduction to the Magus Game.

Therefore, I\'m looking forward to seeing your growth in the next 10 days.

May the most talented acolytes win!

After his speech, the headmaster immediately instructed everyone to leave, starting from the group of instructors.

As the rows of spectators began to leave the arena, Emery and the others who passed the first stage cheered loudly for their accomplishment.

A few minutes later, the cheers ended and the acolytes began to walk out of the arena, leaving some acolytes who were still ecstatic.

Looking at the acolytes who were getting fewer and fewer, Emery regrouped with his friends to discuss the second stage.

Looking at the situation, it seems the next stage will be much harder.

This time, we need to prepare early and more thoroughly! Julian said while clenching his fists.

However, another voice immediately rejected the idea.

No, no, no! You Romans are not fun.

We will celebrate our win with ale and women today! Thrax said loudly.

You Thracians are already drunk when you aren\'t drinking yet! rebuked Klea.

But this time I agree with Thrax.

Let\'s stop being too serious for a moment and relax ourselves.

Emery and Chumo nodded in agreement, making so Julian could only helplessly agree.

Before heading back to the residence, Emery turned back to check for Silva, but it appeared she had left the arena with the rest of the elite acolytes.

\'I guess there is no point for me to look for her. Emery thought.

He was then startled by Julian\'s shout.

Emery! What are you doing standing there Let\'s go!

I\'m coming! replied Emery as he ran towards his friends.

Emery and the others walked out of the arena and went through the portal.

They then returned back to the mountain area where all the class 77 acolytes resided.

When they reached the residence\'s courtyard, Magus Minerva was already waiting for them with a big smile on her face.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

Congratulations, everyone! I\'m sooo happy that so many of you managed to pass to the next round.

Aiya, I didn\'t realize I am such a good mentor.

… Everyone just stared dumbfounded at this teacher, who was shamelessly praising herself.

Many of the acolytes, especially the ones who failed, just gave her a long face.

Many of them thought their class teacher pretty much didn\'t do anything for them.

However, Emery personally thought of Magus Minerva quite positively.

She was just the free-spirited type who didn\'t like to pretend and be shackled.

Out of the 13 teams from our class, 4 of them made it to the next stage! Winners! Let\'s gather up!

Upon hearing that, the teams in question immediately came to the front.

When he looked at the other teams, Emery noticed all of them had Kaleos acolytes among them.

And one of the teams was filled by Zaiueo acolytes.

Seeing Emery\'s group, who managed to reach the top 10, the Zaiueo acolytes immediately approached them and took turns talking.

Congratulations, guys.

I congratulate you for reaching the top 10.

Congratulations from us.

When his friends warmly welcomed the Zaiueo acolytes, Emery could see the Kaleos acolytes looked both surprised and dissatisfied with the fact his group was standing among them, especially Rowe who personally glared at them in discontent.

Their expression turned even more ugly when they heard Emery\'s team managed to reach the top 10.

But when Magus Minerva specifically mentioned how great their team was to manage to get rank 9 and kill the ogre, their expression became priceless.

Emery wished there was a way to capture the image, so they could have a laugh every time they needed it.

On the other hand, it appeared Rowe and the other acolytes didn\'t even manage to enter the top 30.

The stark contrast between them made the Kaleos acolytes\' lose face, as they remembered how \'superior\' they proclaimed to be.

When Emery thought about their reaction, Klea\'s gentle hand touched his shoulder.

She then said, Let\'s not worry about them, Emery. Beside him, Julian added, Damn right! The harder they stare at us, the happier I feel.

After receiving all the acknowledgement and praise they could get in front the other acolytes, Magus Minerva walked closer to Emery and the others.

Still in her jumpy happy mood, she whispered.

Boys… girls..

Thank you so much for your efforts.

I really should reward you with something.

Therefore, I will send the best ale and meat for all of you to eat when celebrating.

However, those things were only for you guys, alright Don\'t tell the others about it.

They might get the wrong idea.

Emery and the others became speechless when they heard that.

Emery wondered if she was still the same person as before.


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