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Apart from having the institute of elements, Magus Academy also had the institute of paths.

Different from its counterparts that dedicated themselves on the researches into the intricacy and mystery of the ten natural elements, the institute of paths specialized on the studies regarding any special and specific talent that an individual could have.

The prime examples of institutes of paths were the institute of restoration, destruction, divination, evocation, illusion, and the list still went on.

Apparently, Klea had discovered that she had special affinity talents in the path of illusion and enchantment, thus the reason she was invited to the said institution.

Ever since she became the member of the institute, Klea had quickly become the institute\'s favorite acolyte due to her talent and personality.

When she saw the two ogre heads arguing with each other only because of an unintentional incident, Klea believed that she could influence the ogre\'s thought, or at least one of its heads.

Sure of her thinking, Klea immediately raised her hand and casted the spell when she saw Emery gave her a go.


Faint pinkish circle immediately appeared on top of the ogre unbeknownst by it.

The spell then began to do its magic.

The effect of the spell was to trick the target\'s senses and affect their minds, amplifying their emotions and muddling their thoughts.

Which in this case, made the two ogre heads even more furious to each other and their argument grew even harder.

Seeing the spell Klea casted, Emery and the others were amazed.

With this [Enchantment] spell in effect, they could easily manage to buy a few minutes for themselves.

When Emery thought how easy the monster fell prey to Klea\'s spell, he couldn\'t help but think deeply about the reason when he suddenly came into an understanding.

It actually made much sense that the ogre was easily affected by Klea\'s spell, especially the one she used.

The creature possessed terrifying defense, immense strength and unstoppable momentum, which granted its title of having 100 battle power.

How could a group of young acolytes, not even official mage, bring down this damn abomination

It seemed that the weakness that they could try to take advantage of lay in the mind of the creature, or rather its intelligence, which was quite low when compared to other beings of the same level.

Julian had the thought of attacking the creature when it was still in such condition.

However, Klea quickly rejected the idea because she was afraid the spell would be more difficult to control when it felt its life was being threatened.

And if that happened, Klea was almost hundred percent sure that the ogre would spiral out of control and rampage around its surrounding due to its uncontrollable emotions and muddled thought..

After a few minutes, Klea finally felt she was unable to keep the spell anymore and said, Guys, I can\'t hold it much longer.

Be prepared.

Seeing the remaining time left for them, Emery wasn\'t sure they could last until that time ran out.

The unstoppable momentum that the ogre previously showed made him think that they might not be able to hold the ogre back, despite using all their might.

Emery immediately fell into deep thought, trying to think of a way.

A moment later, an idea suddenly came to his mind that made him want to slap his forehead hard.

He then quickly voiced it.

Klea, what if you tell the ogre to jump off the bridge Can you do that

The others who heard that were dumbfounded by the unexpected question.

Then, they began to hit themselves for not having thought of this idea earlier.

Hearing that, Klea nodded and replied, I\'ll try.

Actually, the spell immediately became much more difficult to use if the user wanted to order the target to act on their command.

The chance of success was also quite low compared to when the spell was used only to influence the target\'s emotions.

Even so, Klea still tried her best so as to not disappoint her friends.

Thanks to that, her face gradually turned pale while beads of cold sweat started to fall from her face.

A few seconds later, Klea suddenly said, I did it! Even though she looked pale, a wide smile still adorned her face which showed how happy she was.

Emery and the others immediately casted their eyes toward the ogre when they heard her words.

In the distance, they could see the ogre starting to move towards the edge of the bridge, one step at a time.

When the creature was at the edge of the bridge, just one step away from falling into the endless darkness, the ogre finally became alarmed by the sight before it and managed to break free from the spell\'s effect.

However, Emery and his friends obviously would not let this golden opportunity pass by just like that.

As if their thoughts had become one, the four boys immediately attacked the ogre together.

Julian and Thrax immediately used their [Fire Infusion] spell as their sword and spear swiftly engulfed by streams of blazing flame.

They then dashed towards the ogre and aimed their weapons towards the back of the creature that wasn\'t covered in anything.

The attacks managed to hurt the ogre, but it was barely enough to wound its thick skin.

The monster, who began to step back from the edge, stomped its feet and swung its club towards Julian and Thorax.

Fortunately, the two of them managed to dodge it, albeit barely.

When Chumo went on and decided to attack the ogre, the monster\'s thought looked like it remembered who he was, the annoying fly.

It then decided to ignore the two boys as it redirected its club toward him.

Chumo was too tired to use his [Shadow Step] anymore, so the metal club was quickly getting closer and closer to him.

WATCH OUT!!! shouted everyone as they saw the club nearly hit Chumo.

Fortunately, or not, the club only grazed Chumo\'s body as he shifted his body to the side at the last moment.

However, the momentum of the graze alone stung his already weak leg and made him fall to the ground.

Chumo, now injured and lay on the ground, couldn\'t do anything as another swing was about to hit him.

In that moment, Emery blamed himself because he couldn\'t save Chumo anything without his spirit energy.

Due to the distance between them, it was too late for him to start running now.

If he still had his spirit energy, he could easily cast a spell to blink over and save him.

Chumo, who saw the metal club grow bigger in his sight, could only close his eyes and brace himself for the impact.


Blood splattered as the club hit its target.

However, Chumo didn\'t feel any pain when he heard the sound, instead he felt blood fell to his body, which did not belong to him.

Opening his eyes, Chumo saw a figure stood, no, knelt above him while the metal club was blocked by his shield.

It was Thrax who blocked the ogre\'s hit for Chumo.

When he saw Chumo thrown backwards, he immediately ran towards him because he saw that the ogre was not finished yet.

Luckly, he still managed to block the blow with his shield.

However, upon receiving the attack, the strength of the club made him feel as if he had been hit by a full-speed truck.

The impact made him knelt to the ground while blood gushing out of his body, even his round tier 2 shield crack apart.

but Thrax kept holding his ground as if he couldn\'t feel anything.

Don\'t you dare hurt my friend, you monster! shouted Thrax, he threw away the shield and stood up with the help of his spear with a trembling body.

The barbarian might be impulsive and stupid sometime, but at this moment his tenacity is unamatch within the group.

The creature once again raised its club and swung it down towards the two of them.

And this time, the attack could definitely end both of them.

Julian bashed his shield at the ogre, in order to attract its attention.

Alas, it didn\'t produce any effect at all.

At the last moment, when the club was about to touch the shield and crushed them, a green bottle was seen flying to the monster.

The bottle shattered into pieces when it hit the ogre as green liquid splashed to both of its heads.

When the green liquid touched its skin, the ogre immediately screamed in pain.

[Acid Potion - Tier 2 Potion]

Couldn\'t watch himself doing nothing, Emery quickly thought of the way to save them when suddenly he remembered about his experimental acid potion, the one he made using the rare plant he got from the Duma Beast nest.

Taking out the green bottle, Emery quickly threw the bottle towards the ogre with all the strength he could muster.

The ogre screamed in pain as it began to twist its body left and forth and scratched its face, trying to get rid of the green liquid which was causing it pain.

Looking at the writhing ogre, Klea immediately spent her last spirit energy to cast one of her strongest spells, [Thunderbolt].

Erratic lightning current swiftly appeared in front of her before it quickly whizzed towards the ogre.

The spell pushed the monster back another step closer to the edge while making it paralyze for a moment.

Seeing that, Emery immediately shouted, Together now!

Emery, Julian, the limping Chumo, and even the battered Thrax swiftly got up and ran towards the monster.

Together, they pushed the ogre with all the remaining strength they had left.

YAHHHHH!!! shouted everyone.

The ogre slipped off the edge of the bridge as its body began to fall into the dark abyss.

[Congratulations, you have successfully killed the Ogre]

[Congratulations, you have successfully defended the Orb]

[Calculating your team rank based on the achievement and time remaining...]

[Congratulations, your team is ranked 9th]


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