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On top of a stone bridge, surrounded by pitch black darkness, a group of five people were pointing their weapons towards one end of the bridge, where a massive stone gate stood.

The expression on their faces were as if there was a great enemy ahead of them.

A moment later, a figure came out of the gate, followed by an immense pressure that immediately strafed them.

A loud sound echoed through the air as the figure stomped its feet to the ground.

The figure was three times the size of an orc while its height reached four meters.

But the most noticeable feature of the figure was its two bald heads, that were both staring right at them.

[Twin Headed Ogre]

[Battle power 100]


The monstrous size of the ogre made its frame take almost a quarter of the bridge.

When it walked, each step made the bridge shake violently as if a dozens of tanks were passing through it simultaneously.

The giant creature had a few metal plates on its body, to be precise on its shoulders, legs and arms.

Meanwhile, its torso was left bared open, showing its large chest and chiseled abdominal muscles.

There were a lot of parts on its body that were not covered by those plates, but Emery could tell its skin and flesh were not to be underestimated.

For its weapon, the ogre had a metal club as big as a pillar and covered with sharp edges.

When he saw the creature approaching and rocking the bridge in the process, Emery was flabbergasted, at a loss for words, while his mouth went wide open.

Mechanically turned his head around, Julian asked his friends, Anyone has any idea


Seeing the same expression he had before, Emery shook his head wryly.

Meanwhile, the sound grew louder as the figure drew closer.


There must be a way… A weakness we can take advantage of muttered Emery.

Standing next to the floating orb, Emery then noticed there was a timer on it.

10 minutes and still counting down.

Comparing the information he just received with the notification about this level, Emery\'s mind flew through a hundred thoughts, trying to find a connection.

Then, a conjecture came to his mind, he believed the difficulty of this level was actually divided into two.

The Defend the Orb and Kill the Boss Creature were two different objectives.

If they were able to kill the creature, it meant they would succeed in defending the orb.

However, the same cannot be said otherwise.

Emery quickly thought of their chances of completing both objectives.

With their current team condition, it was probably impossible to kill the boss monster.

Thus, they might as well just try to complete the easier one, rather than not getting any at all.

With that decision, the pressure on Emery\'s back eased a little, but he still couldn\'t relax.

In order to complete the objective to prevent the ogre from reaching the orb as the priority, they needed to apply a different strategy.

With the goal to hold out for 10 minutes, Emery immediately brewed a plan in his mind.

After Emery told his plan to others, the five of them swiftly got into their position.

Instead of defending and placing themselves on the low ground, Emery decided to take the initiative and approach the monster.

This way, they could choose how they attack and prevent the monster from coming closer to the orb.

And then, they would find a way to hold the creature back or at least slow it down.

The five of them immediately dashed towards the ogre before it could reach any closer to the orb.

When they reached it, they immediately casted their spells aiming to hinder and restrain the monster.

Julian immediately casted his [Mudwall] spell as the familiar scene of the rising clay wall once again appeared.

However, without even the need to bash it, the ogre just walked past the barrier with ease.

The wall was immediately brought down by its body and crumbled into pieces.

Another purplish light exuded from Klea\'s magic staff as she chanted her [Wind Sphere] spell.

When she finished the chant, Klea immediately aimed the ball of wind towards the ogre and fired it.

The condensed wind sphere immediately whizzed in the air and hit the ogre, making it stagger for a second before it returned to it normal self, as if nothing happened.

The same could be said of Chumo\'s [Spirit Missile], which only left a faint mark on the ogre\'s skin.

Seeing all the spells that could easily one shot the orcs couldn\'t even put dent in the creature they wavered.

The brave yet reckless Thrax seemed hesitant to charge in like he always did.

At the moment, they finally realized the creature\'s 100 battle power was not a joke afterall.

This is an impossible mission, isn\'t it Is this all supposed to just make us all lose Julian said angrily.


When the others fell into despair, Chumo, who was always silent, suddenly decided to speak out.

Guys, I can try something to buy time for us.

Wish me luck.

Before the others could digest his words, Chumo immediately moved.

This time, instead of attacking from a distance using long-range spells, Chumo decided to use his [Shadow Step] spell and began to run around the monster\'s massive hit, attacking and annoying the two-headed ogre like a buzzing fly.

The giant was getting more and more annoyed by Chumo\'s actions.

Therefore, it decided to stop its step and began to focus its attacks at Chumo.

Deafening sounds reverberated in the air as the ogre slammed its club and fists at Chumo, which then landed on the bridge.

Even though he managed to dodge the ogre\'s attack, Chumo still had to put his guard up as each of the monster\'s attacks was not slower than Chumo\'s speed.

The ogre tried its best to smack the annoying fly that harassed it.

Unfortunately, because of his large frame and Chumo\'s erratic steps, the ogre didn\'t manage to land a single blow.

When Chumo saw the ogre had begun to get used to his speed and rhythm, he immediately used his [Shadow Self] spell and began to cooperate with his shadow to move around the monster\'s legs, confusing the ogre again.

The ogre was truly confused by Chumo\'s actions that its two head crashed into each other when they tried to keep track of him.

Seeing the spectacle, Thrax and Julian shouted excitedly, Good job, Chumo!

Currently, the two heads of the monster seemed to be arguing with each other, using their own strange language that sounded like a combination of gibberish and growls.

When Klea looked at that, an idea suddenly appeared on her mind.

She then proceeded to tell Emery about it.

Hearing the plan, Emery\'s face turned weird as he asked, Will it work though

It\'s not like we have another plan replied Klea shrugging her shoulders.


At the same time, the monster was finally able to land a blow on its prey as it roared excitedly.

Unfortunately for it and luckily for the group, when it raised its club, it found all that was crushed was only Chumo\'s shadow.

Emery agreed to Klea\'s plan when he saw how close Chumo was to death.

When he saw that Chumo finally could not hold on anymore, he gestured to Klea.

Receiving Emery\'s signal, she immediately casted a spell on the monster.

But this time, it wasn\'t an offensive or defensive elemental spell.

It was her unique spell that got her accepted into the illusion institution.



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