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Emery stood still in disbelief as he read the information that appeared in front of him.

[Stone Skin] was a tier one spell.

But after infusing it with his darkness energy, the spell that came out was a tier three spell called [Granite Skin]! If that was the case, then would all his tier one spell become tier three after infusion Then what about his tier two and three spells Would they reach even higher heights

Getting excited about the prospects of his spells, he shelved these thoughts for the moment and went ahead to check both his hands and feet to see the spell\'s result.

He even lifted his uniform to check if his whole body had been covered with granite.

Congratulations, Emery.

That is one of the rare spells that can only be cast by the people who have multiple affinities, which in this case, earth and darkness, said Magus Xion when he saw that Emery\'s body was covered with granite.

Usually, this spell can only be learned by higher ranking acolytes, but in your case, sure it\'s special and interesting.

Moreover, the fact that you won\'t find this spell in the shop easily and it requires certain conditions to master makes your case even more extraordinary, said Magus Xion, while nodding in approval of Emery\'s newly learnt spell.

True enough, Emery could tell that his single element [Stone Skin] couldn\'t hold a candle against this [Granite Skin], not even close.

Not just because it was categorized as a tier three spell, but also because the difference in toughness between the two spells was really big.

He then tried to cut himself with his sword, if before he would\'ve felt it hurt, this time, it felt more like a prickle on his skin instead.

Emery got on one knee, giving his gratitude again to the magus in front of him.

Thank you very much, Master.

Magus Xion waved his hand dismissively and said, Honestly, I wish I could take the credit for it.

But this is all due to my master\'s idea, the grand magus, as well as yours.

Don\'t discredit yourself, since this whole matter wouldn\'t be possible without your efforts.

Emery, however, didn\'t really believe the magus\'s words and thought his master was trying to be humble, which made him admire the man even more.

He believed wholeheartedly, if it weren\'t for this person bringing him to the grand magus on his own accord, Emery wouldn\'t even dare to think any of this would be possible in his dreams.

Aside from that, Magus Xion also patiently guided him for the last 24 hours, giving him his utmost care and attention.

So, in Emery\'s heart whoever would be his next master, even if they were a magus or a grand magus, Magus Xion would always be his first master.

Keeping up the spell, Emery tried to test it out further by punching a nearby rock, but as he walked towards it, he could tell that the spirit energy flowing in his [Granite Skin] had become unstable and, not long after, the spell broke and his body returned to being normal.

Feeling that the spell was broken, Emery turned his head toward his master while scratching his head and smiling awkwardly.

You still need more practice to get used to it, Emery.

Be patient, said Magus Xion.

Yes, Master.

I will always keep your words in my mind, said Emery as he sat back inside the gazebo.

Once Emery had taken his seat, Magus Xion, who was staring at the sky, called for Emery\'s attention.

Emery followed Magux Xion\'s gaze into the sky as a green bird, slightly translucent, swooped down, stopping just before them or more precisely Emery.

It flapped its wings just in front of Emery and suddenly, the bird dispersed into shimmering green particles.

At the same time, the symbol on Emery\'s left palm shone brightly and gave him a notification.

[You have just received a message!]

[Emery! What do you think about my new spell Do you like it It\'s a wind-based summon spell! I\'m great, aren\'t I Anyway, we have been looking for you since yesterday.

The Magus Games starts tomorrow and we need you to hurry up and come back, so we can discuss and prepare for the event.

The meeting place of course will be at my residence, tonight.

PS: You can come earlier again if you like.

So we can finish our...

discussion - Klea]

Emery couldn\'t help but smile when he saw the message from Klea.

As a result, Magus Xion, who was still sitting beside him, could also see the blossoming smile on Emery\'s face.

From your smiling face, it looks like you\'ve received a message from a girl, haven\'t you said Magus Xion, smirking.

Emery gave his master\'s attempt to tease him a slight chuckle and said, No, master.

It\'s from a friend.

If you say so, said Magus Xion, his smirk getting wider.

He then quickly schooled his expression back to normal.

Anyway, I knew that tomorrow is the start of the Magus Games.

Hence, I\'ll guess that you\'ll have to go and prepare yourself now.

Emery who heard this nodded his head and couldn\'t help but feel a little down at the thought of leaving his master.

Magus Xion clearly saw the expression on Emery\'s face and patted the young man\'s shoulder.

I have already taught you what you needed to know as per my master.

You should be able to continue on your own now.

I wish for your success tomorrow, Emery, said Magus Xion with a small smile.

Looking at the man who had guided him, Emery nodded and gave the magus his gratitude again.


Thank you for everything you\'ve done for me, Master, said Emery as he stood and got ready to leave the gazebo.

Just before he left the place, Magus Xion said, Wait.

I want you to have this.

Just think of it as your actual reward for your successful effort of managing to last for more than three minutes.

The magus handed Emery a single-edged sword made out of a dark metal.

Emery received it and checked the stats.

[Long sword - Reunite - Tier 3]

[Length 1.2 meter, 3 kilogram]

Emery, this is what we call a high grade normal weapon.

It\'s not enchanted like the other tier 3 weapons, but it gets its tier three grade from the quality of its material.

It\'s a perfect weapon for a magus who specializes in infusion spells.

Emery held and swung the sword with his hand, trying to feel its balance and weight.

It really was the finest sword he had ever seen and wielded.

There was a strength within this worn out looking sword.

As he was inspecting the sword, Emery then noticed a marking on its handle.


Master, what is this XU engraved on the handle

Oh, that That is my initials.

Hearing that, Emery was shocked and blurted out words stuttering.

Y-Your initials

Yeah, it\'s my initials, said the magus with a faint smile.

That is my old sword, the one I used when I was an acolyte just like you.

That\'s the initials of my name, Xion Uluric, said Magus Xion.

Hearing the magus\'s explanation, Emery was truly shocked and could only stand there, mouth agape with incredulity.

This time, Emery knelt in front of the magus, sword in front, Truly my deepest gratitude, Master Xion.

Before leaving, Emery suddenly realized that he hadn\'t yet joined the darkness institute.

The magus gave a look of disbelief with half a smile since Emery had been able to get guidance from a magus and even a grand magus, while not being part of the institute.

Emery wasn\'t even supposed to be able to join his darkness class, much less his personal training if that was the case, but one way or another, fate had pulled its strings for him.

Thinking about this, Emery could only laugh awkwardly and quickly accept the invitation.

[You are now member of the darkness institute]

Emery then received his three free spells.

He decided to choose [Curse - tier 1 - Darkness Element] a spell that weakened his opponent, [Hide in Shadow - tier 2 - Darkness Element], a spell that he had seen the effectiveness personally, which would be also very useful once he returned to his world and [Enfeeble Blade - tier 3], the same offensive spell used by Granny.

Knowing that he would struggle to cast his water offensive spells, it would probably be best for him to have some offensive spells from the darkness element he could rely on.

Emery then returns to the residence to meet the other and to make the final preparations for the Magus Games.

Finally the next day the notification came

[One hour till the games start, all participants are invited to gather in the great assembly]


Written and Directed by Avans, Published by W.e.b.n.o.v.e.l,

Check out our website https://bit.ly/avansweb and join the discussion in discord


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