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Several lit torches flickered, casting shadow on Magus Xion\'s face.

The magus\' statement of \'you\'ve made a mess of your spirit core\' and \'...you\'ll never not be able to cast any properly ever again\' repeated themselves in his mind like echoes reverberating inside a cave.

He felt like he had become deaf for a second as the continuous thunder of Magus Xion\'s sentence didn\'t disappear.

Emery remembered Killgragah had told him that the way the dragon had taught him was another way of cultivating and the humanity\'s way was stupid.

He had expected that some people from the Magus Academy would be surprised to know this way of cultivating but to never become able to cast a spell in its full effectiveness again Had the black dragon, Killgragah fooled him somehow The black dragon still needed him, he believed.

That creature wouldn\'t save him in his moment of need and then just make a mess of him after, would he No! Killgragah would have not lied to him, he wouldn\'t accept such a conclusion even from a magus.

Emery shook off the festering thoughts and said, Please, Magus Xion, can you please explain

Magus Xion pondered for a second before looking back at Emery and said, Tell me, who taught you to cultivate this way

I… someone in my world did… Emery answered, his voice in the end diminishing.

He wasn\'t willing to tell them about Killgragah, it was too early to believe the conclusion Magus Xion had said.

After all, this way of cultivation had pushed Emery to become on par with acolytes that had a higher aptitude than him.

If they insisted however, he decided he would make up a story.

Something like a person who had magical powers such as him in his world had taught him; the lady of the lake came into his mind.

Chumo, beside Emery, couldn\'t hide the shock on his face.

He kept on switching his gaze from Emery to Magus Xion until it finally stayed on the magus and he said, Please, Master Xion.

Do you not have a way to fix this for my friend, Emery

If you continue with what you are doing, Emery, you would— Magus Xion paused mid-sentence.

He recollected himself and said, No, I\'m not the person qualified to explain this.

And since I have already promised to help you, it\'s… ok you should come with me.

Chumo, it\'s best that you don\'t come with us.

Chumo made a face of repudiation but when Emery shook his head, Chumo resigned.

Magus Xion then led Emery out of the classroom and back to the lobby.

They passed the darkness origin stone room, and after a couple more turns, Emery noticed that the torches were starting to become far and few in between on every divergent tunnel they entered.

The written signs on the ceiling as well were starting to become more faded and only the sound of their steps were all Emery could hear.

The increasing silence and darkness, however, was broken when Magus Xion suddenly spoke.

Let\'s hope she\'s in a good mood, if not I am sorry to tell but I won\'t be able to help you, said Magus Xion, voice fuller in the encompassing tunnel.

She Who are we meeting, Magus Xion asked Emery.

You\'ll know soon.

Remember to be respectful and do not talk unless asked.

Let me do the talking, do you understand said the young-looking magus, sounding a totally different person from the one he had heard in the classroom.

Emery nodded.

They walked in uncomfortable silence and Emery finally took notice of the upward slanting floor.

A faint whisper of the air whipped past his ear and when they got to the end of the tunnel, the image of a wide and mighty stair stretching over a cliff toward a gray palace entered his sight: they exited the insides of the mountain and were now near the peak.

Magus Xion didn\'t stop his tread and Emery followed not far behind.

After they reached the end of the stairs, Emery couldn\'t keep his eyes off the decorated monstrous stone sculptures laid displayed on the side of the giant dark wooden door.

Some had big bulging eyes, with fangs and wings; some also weren\'t humans, rather just a big eyeball the size of a human as well as all other things that looked as if it came out of a nightmare.

They paused in front of the towering door, and Emery saw Magus Xion taking a deep breath.

The magus turned to Emery and once more minded that he should be respectful, don\'t do anything rash and speak only when asked.

Emery didn\'t say anything but simply nod.

Afterward, Magus Xion reached out for the circular metallic door knob and slammed it loudly a couple of times.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The magus waited for a second or two before announcing, Master, it\'s me, Xion.

There was only silence until the huge door creaked open with no one pulling them from the inside of the palace.

Magus Xion gestured halt to Emery and once he was inside, he gestured once again to follow the steps he had made behind him.

The inside of the palace was also dark.

The light sources were scarce by the huge pillars which housed a couple more stone sculptures.

The sculptures inside this time were mostly in humanoid form and most of them had a sharp outlook with fangs peeking out stony lips.

There were even bat shaped sculptures as well as young and adult, whether it be men and women who seemed to look like they were in great fear.

Emery\'s spine ran a shiver for it felt like the sculptures were watching his every step.

They soon arrived at the grand lobby with a podium encircled by two large stairs on the side, with its surfaces covered by a crimson velvety carpet.

Yes, Xion What is it Ahh, you\'ve brought a gift for me today resounded a female voice inside the big, dark and empty lobby.

Hearing the chilling words, Emery\'s heart pumped hard against his chest.

I am sorry, master.

It is not that kind of gift.

This is a new acolyte of the darkness institute and his name is Emery, said Magus Xion, voice filled with the utmost respect.


what is it about the boy\'s circumstances that you felt the need to bother my slumber, echoed the voice.

Magus Xion gulped.

He spoke slow and kept his eyes locked on the empty podium.

Master, I owe this boy a favor.

And after seeing his situation, I was hoping you could give him some of your precious time to see the boy interesting or not.

I see...

anything for my lovely student, replied the voice.

Emery stood on the spot frozen as he could feel a heavy and constricting force drawing closer.

The silhouette on the podium appeared and as the raging fire cast its light on the shadow, his heart seemed to have stopped beating altogether.

He watched as a stunning woman revealed herself and took alluring steps down the stairs.

Her paler than snow skin contrasted greatly against her skintight black clothes that seemed to merge in the darkness.

He couldn\'t see where she was looking but he could tell she was staring at him with her ocean dark eyes, which felt fiery and able to penetrate his mind.

Well, well, well, this boy doesn\'t look too bad, my lovely student.

Are you sure you can\'t just give him to me said the woman.

Her voice seemed to make Emery feel enchanted for a moment.

Please, don\'t joke about things like that, master.

It always scares me, said Magus Xion, seemingly unaffected by what had hit Emery.

He turned and said, Emery, gives your respect to Grand Magus Zenoia, the head of darkness institute.

Whatever she had done, it seemed to have lingered on him.

When he recovered, he quickly said, My respect to the Grand Magus—

An invisible giant hand grasped Emery\'s full being and pulled him closer to the Grand Magus Zenoia the moment he was about to bow.

She didn\'t give him any chance to react for raised her finger with a wide smile and then pressed it against his forehead.

A great jolt of tingling energy rushed over his body.

She kept it pressed and said, Aaaah, you\'re a human but you also have a bloodline.

I like you already.

Hmm… quadruple affinity but a terrible aptitude.

And this is — Hahahaha! Spirit core of darkness Very good! Very interesting!

Emery could do nothing, not even let out a scream.

It felt like his only option was to accept this fate as whatever this prickling, sharp energy ran its course through every part of his body, for he knew there was no way he could resist whatever things this woman would do to him.

He then felt himself being lifted by the invisible hand into the air and Emery felt the flow of energy in his body being pushed upside down.

More needle like stabs coursed in every part of his body! The pain was so unbearable but Emery gathered all his will so hard to resist.

Let\'s see what happens if i do this! shrieked the woman as she gave out a maniacal laugh.

Emery thought his body was being ripped apart but aside from the paid and weird sense of ecstasy was filling him just before he passed out.


Author Note

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Dear reader,

First, I want to apologize that I haven\'t been able to do more chapters for the novel.

As some of you might already know, I have been behind on my promises because my editor/writing partner was infected by COVID-19 since last week.

Fortunately with his condition getting better and the new privilege month coming, I decided to commit myself to write more chapters and to give you more quality chapters.

I am very honored with the support you have been giving me to make this new novel reach the Top 50.

Honestly this gives me the confidence to tell my wife to consider doing writing full time.

But unfortunately no love about this yet ^_^

I plan to give March at least 10 chapters a week as promised, hopefully more.

Meanwhile I apologize in advance that I will take 2 to 3 days of rest before I continue releasing the daily chapters.

Hopefully, when I returned from my small break, there will be a mass privilege release.

As the month is about to end, I\'d once again like to invite you all to my discord server for the monthly event.

I am looking for the Earth Greatest Magus Biggest Fan with the 10 trivia questions regarding everything that had happened in the novel.

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