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Everyone noticed how Emery had been looking over the symbol on his hand.

He was debating in his mind whether he should show them or not because his current battle power had reached 27, which was just two points beneath Thrax and his spirit force was a bit less than 90, which was the threshold to reach before becoming rank 7.

Would they be shocked, envious, happy, or something else once he had shown them

After a couple seconds of hesitation, he opened his mouth but Klea spoke first and said, There\'s no need to show it if you don\'t want to, Emery.

Just know that we will help you push to rank 6 no matter what, right everyone

She gave a knowing look to the other four, which Emery noticed, and the rest nodded immediately.

Emery stared at Klea.

She had probably thought he was a bit ashamed to present his status thinking he was still in the early stages or had barely reached rank 5 in terms of spirit force due to his B rank talent in spirit aptitude.

This was most likely her conclusion as to why he had been hesitant after Julian had asked him.

Emery had spent the first four months in the real world doing a lot of alchemical work and gardening with Granny and Lanzo.

Although he had not neglected practicing his cultivation during the early mornings and the late evenings, his progress had indeed been at a snail\'s pace compared to when he had been transported by Killgragah in the spatial space of Khaos.

Inside the Khaos spatial space with the black dragon, it only took him two weeks to reach rank 3 and a month to reach rank 4.

He also mastered other spells as well as increased most of his elements to a high stage in terms of understanding.

And after his core had become a darkness spirit core with Killgragah\'s advice, he managed to reach rank 5 also in just a month\'s time.

However, since then, the gap between rank 5 and rank 6 was more than the previous ranks.

Rank 6 required him to push the spirit force by 40 more, and there was also a need to have a breakthrough in the elements like the early foundation Klea had.

Therefore, even though most of the returnee acolytes were in rank 5, their spirit forces differed in strength and quality, and since his friends, who themselves had a spirit aptitude of mostly A\'s and one S, were mostly in the 75s and above a year later, it wasn\'t only Klea who believed Emery to be in the early stages, which was about 60s.

It had never occurred to them the fact that Emery was in the late stage.

Emery considered clearing the misunderstanding for his friends and upcoming teammates because he believed it to be important for the magus game, not to mention, he somehow would like to show off his progress.

However, if Emery indeed showed them, the next thing he would have to consider telling them would be Killgragah.

He wasn\'t sure if it would be good to tell about the existence of the dragon.

As he was thinking though, the old knight, Sir Bagdemagus\' last advice rang in his head.

It would appear he really needed to start being more careful and not let everything about him known.

Klea then starts to try asking for some drink from the cube.

Emery stayed silent and drank whatever the cube had served them while keeping to himself the thoughts he just had.

He guessed it\'d be better for the meantime to not say anything about his progress, so everyone would still work hard in training and not bother him with too many questions he didn\'t want to answer yet.

Everyone then moved to the living room where there was a crackling fire on the side, giving a wonderful relaxing atmosphere.

In front of the fire while the outside had darkened was the best time to tell stories of what they had been through during the year they had been apart from each other.

The first person to share their story was Julian.

He started with how his family had met misfortune but quickly transitioned to how he never felt more alive.

Julian mentioned the preceding events indeed was terrible, however, because of that, he finally started his training and already rose through the ranks of the Roman\'s Legion army by becoming a centurion because of his family\'s old connections.

He boasted how he was the youngest person to have ever reached the title, even though there were a lot of grievances and people underestimating him for being young, he soon shut them down by showing the results of his knowledge in literacy and in the battlefield, which gave the much needed respect for him to keep his position.

He also mentioned how fortunate he had been to receive approval from his commanding officer in the army for his leave request just a day before his recall, else he shuddered to think what would happen to him if he got branded as a deserter.

Thrax snorted.

Hmpf! Spoken like a true roman, right! Talking about glory and discipline but corrupted to the core, you just had to use connections to get to a position.

Unlike us Thracians, we talk with strength and we are always true with our word.

Julian ignored Thrax\'s hateful remarks.

He just sighed, not bothering to explain to Thrax how the actual world and politics in the Roman culture worked.

The next person to tell their story was Thrax.

He mentioned how he had been in constant battle, and how he loved being in the battlefield.

And when he mentioned he had a beautiful wife waiting for him Julian suddenly exclaimed, A wife! You are just 16!

Stupid Roman, it\'s normal for us to have a wife at that age, retorted Thrax.

I\'m not saying whether you can or can\'t, what I\'m saying is that it\'s stupid for you to be tied already when you\'ve just started your glory! Imagine, how many swarms of women will be keeping you preoccupied later, said Julian in disbelief.

Like I\'ve said, you and your traditions are stupid, roman.

For us Thracians, it\'s normal for a great warrior to have at least nine wives, and if I garnered more glory, I might just break the record of having twelve wives.

That\'d be an achievement, said Thrax with a great laugh, seemingly proud of himself.

Julian had a look of exasperation.

He gave up trying to understand the young man opposite to him and said in resignation, Right… I\'ve forgotten for a second how barbaric you Thracians can be.

Ehem! Klea grabbed their attention.

Are you boys forgetting that you\'re in the presence of a lady here

Thrax didn\'t seem to mind but Julian withdrew.

And since it looked like Thrax was done with his story, and Klea had spoken, it was only natural for her to speak next, surprisingly, continuing a similar topic.

Actually, I am also married, and have become the Queen of Egypt, said Klea.

She then told news, which was actually more intriguing than theirs had been.

She mentioned that after her father had returned from his long voyage, her father actually had her oldest sister be killed before anointing her to be a dual ruler with her younger brother, Ptolemy.

Don\'t worry about my sister though, i never really like her anyway

The boys then gave her weird looks, wondering how Klea had the right mind to try and consummate her marriage with an 8-year-old.

Of course, it\'s for the title only! Damn you, boys! I am still a virgin! exclaimed Klea with great embarrassment on her face.

Klea\'s story only seems to make Chumo more nervous to talk about his.

Chumo then told a story about a young prince of a kingdom who gets thrown away and lives with the common folk.

Such a surprising story but told in a very short and simple manner, make the other wonder if he\'s talking about him or someone else\'s.

Lastly, it was Emery\'s turn.

He told the group about how he had gotten closer into finding his father\'s murderer.

He also told them about how he had found out he still had some remaining family, the people of the forest but didn\'t give them much detail about it.

Emery mentioned a lot, but also removed a lot of details in his story.

Believing to only let them know what they needed to know.

After he finished his retelling, the night had become late; everyone agreed to rest and prepare for tomorrow\'s task.

Klea bid them goodbye, Emery, Thrax and Julian, separated their ways.

And once Emery was alone, heading toward his personal residence, he started planning in his mind the ways to quickly improve his spirit force, battle power and rush into becoming a rank 6 acolyte.


Written and Directed by Avans, Published by W.e.b.n.o.v.e.l,

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