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When Emery awoken, morning had already arrived.

Emery groggily found himself to still be in the camp, outside of the abandoned house chained to a tree, before his blurred gaze fell on the knights breaking down the large tent and putting out the campfire, getting ready to leave.

As his mind became clearer, the image of Morgana being pointed at by a sword flashed in his mind.

He searched around however, there were no signs of her.

Where was she What happened to her

Unconsciously, he tried to stand up and find her.

But then, a figure stood before him, blocking his sight of the camp and the dazzling sun.

The figure said, You have awoken, my dear young wizard.

Emery knew that this voice belonged to the old knight.

Memories of everything that had happened last night roused his returning sense as he demanded, Where is she! What did you do to her!

Wow, did you have a bad dream asked the old knight, unfazed at Emery who was struggling to break free against the rustling chains.

Please, tell me! Emery repeated.

I will tell you, Emery, but first let me give you another piece of advice.

You must control your emotions.

Do not let people around you know your real feelings, especially your enemy.

You better remember that! said the old knight using his mentor-like voice.

He then added, As for your friend she\'s fine.

Where is she Let me see her, Emery pleaded.

I am afraid I can\'t do that, Emery.

Keane had already taken her away, and you see, we only have one cart and cage, so I sent him to take her away first, explained the old knight, shaking his head.

Where are you taking her! What are you doing to her! Emery raised his voice, awful thoughts of what they were about to do to her filled his mind.

Questions, questions, questions… too many questions, Emery.

Again, you\'re showing too much of your emotions.

Here\'s my second lesson, you should always observe first, listen, and think before speaking your mind, said Sir Bagdemagus in a gentle tone.

The old knight sounded so sincere and his advice always seems useful but with the rage within him, how could he listen.

Hoping to get a more direct answer than this, Emery said, Please tell me, what do you want with us

For you… like I\'ve said, you\'re special.

I\'m honestly planning to guide you for years if I have to even in my old age.

So, you can be the kingdom\'s greatest hero.

Emery felt his stomach turned upside down sick hearing the word hero from the man.

In Emery\'s mind, this man was no hero, this man wasn\'t honorable, he was someone despicable.

As for the girl, well… there\'s not much that I can do for her.

She\'s our enemy.

And for the future of the seven kingdoms she can\'t be released.

They\'ll probably torture or open her up so they can study her.

That\'s what I think, if you ask me.

Hearing such undesirable words and imagining her going through that, Emery exploded in anger! He tried to stand and pull the steel chains tied to his wrist and feet, but he couldn\'t get just enough force to break himself free.

That roman steel really is great! I should get more of this, remarked the old knight in a smile while fiddling with his gray beard.

Release her! She\'s just a girl.

Whatever happened years ago, it\'s not her fault.

She is innocent! roared Emery, pulling the chains.

Huh! I disagree, those Chrutins are far from innocent.

Forget about her! Please, don\'t follow your father\'s footsteps! Hmpf, if I had known about your mother that time, I would have not let him be close to her.

I would have even killed her myself if I had to! said the old knight, finally a bit displeased.

As for Emery… the rage in his heart was starting to surge once again.

The old knight\'s words about killing his parents, the threat against Morgana\'s life, the feeling of helplessness… Emery\'s mind was becoming filled with so many crazy images and thoughts that it was starting to drive him mad! The image of the High Priestess warning him against the savageness of their ancestor\'s bloodline, he tried to remember those thoughts amidst the maddening fury.

However, no matter what he did, he couldn\'t calm down.

The conflict in his heart, the anger, the desperation… Suddenly, Emery felt a strange sensation inside his spirit core.

The dark spirit core was throbbing.

It was reacting strongly to his anger and desperation, passing some sort of power through his whole body that he began to feel as if he was burning.

Let it go, the rage, set it free!

Then… Emery roared!

[Fey bloodline activate]

Emery\'s body started changing again into his Fey form, startling the old knight.

Emery! What do you think you are doing Calm down! shouted the old knight, pulling his sword.

In this Fey form, Emery tugged the steel chain but it still wouldn\'t break.

He hauled it again and again that his screaming and banging alerted all the knights inside the abandoned house.

Ten knights, including Abner, the Silver Knight, drew their swords and stood behind Sir Bagdemagus.

It\'s pointless, Emery! Just give up!

Emery felt there was something more inside him, he needed to explode more! More and more! Just let everything go! Emery gritted his teeth before letting his anger burst out! His muscles expanded, he became larger, more furs covered his body, his fangs and claws became thicker and sharper, until his face transformed into a full-on beast!

[Fey bloodline stage 2 activated!]

[Battle power has increased by 20]

Emery\'s body had transformed into something similar to Morgana\'s Fey wolf form but his form was bigger and more savage! He stood on his two feets, dwarfing the humans below him and became even more tinier as the ten knights ran away in fear! The Knight of the Anvil, however, stood in place and activated whatever it was that made his pupils white.

What is happening! Everyone get an arrow shoot! commanded the old knight.

Emery waved both his arms, breaking the tree in half and chain on his wrist.

He got down and slashed the chains when half a dozen arrows penetrated his skin.

About three arrows managed to puncture into his flesh but the rest seemed to have been deflected.

Emery screamed in pain but rage and suffering seemed to only serve to empower him.

And at that moment, Emery was losing his sense of self.

Fragmented visions of knights terrified screaming, tearing them in half, blood on his hands and mouth were the last thing he remembered before he passed out.

An unknown time passed, he woke up again only to find mangled and mutilated bodies lying on the ground.

Emery stood naked.

He grabbed the first robe he found to cover himself and drink water from one of the waterskins he found on the ground.

A cough and weak voice then entered his ears.

Em..erry… it was the voice of the old knight

Although this man was one of the people he hated the most in his list, he had once respected the man.

So, Emery walked closer.

He saw the huge claw marks across that had ripped the old knight\'s armor, there was also a bite on his neck, which kept pouring blood.

Emery stood quiet for a second processing what had just happened.

He was smart enough to know that this was all his doing but all he could remember was being delighted at the sight of blood and screaming.

Emery noticed the old knight was trying to speak, and since this man was no longer a threat.

He listened to the old knight\'s last words.

Bagdemagus said, Emery, you really are special… I am not wrong… heh...

Why are you still blubbering about this old man You are dying, Emery replied.

Haha, I know… Cough… My time has ended but your time has come… said the old knight, trying as hard as he could to speak.

Old man, just tell me who is behind all of this.

Tell me where did you send Morgana to, said Emery.

The last thing the old man said was…

For the..


good.. after that, the old knight stopped moving, his eyes still opened.

As Emery stared at the old man, he was surprised at himself that he felt sad with the old knight\'s passing.

Although they had only been acquainted for only a few days, the knight had influenced him a lot, whether it was good or bad.

For some reason, Emery felt the urge to bury Sir Bagdemagus, his father\'s mentor, but suddenly, the symbol in his hand shone.

[One hour until recall]

Dammit! Emery quickly picked up clothes, wore it and found the jet-black dagger and placed it in his bag.

He was hoping he could find and rescue Morgana before his recall, and even though time was limited, he had to try.

Walking around the chaos he had created, Emery surprised to find even the horses were mutilated, Emery suddenly became worried that if he lost control again, he might hurt a friend.

But now wasn\'t the time to think about that.

Emery easily transformed into his stage 1 Feywolf form and used his fey wolf innate skill [wild hunt].

Not knowing how far the cart traveled, Emery ran the fastest speed he could muster and followed the scent all the while getting worried he would get recalled any moment now.

Eventually, he saw the back of the cart and tried to run faster!

Emery unconsciously got in a running position on all fours and he saw Keane notice him in front of the cart and Morgana was on the back, in a cage, half-conscious.

With all his power, Emery chased the cart! He just needed a bit more time.

Keane was whipping the horse the hardest he could.

And just a few more steps Emery was able to crash into the cart.

Morgana\'s eyes fell on him, she smiled, but Emery suddenly turned into light and vanished right in front of her!

[You are recalled to the magus academy]


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