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Minerva put her attention back to the examination.


The following youths had similar results between each other.

There was a young man that towered over the rest of his peers and achieved battle power of 24.

Two levels higher than Silva, but his spirit power was quite low at 22.

The others on average had a battle power of 10 and a spirit power of 25.

As for their aptitudes every one in ten had a rank s rating.

It took half an hour at most before Emery and his group of friends from planet Earth were examined by the eye of power.

Julian spearheaded the group, as usual, and stepped on the glowing eye symbol.

It flashed and a number emerged from the symbol.

[Battle power: 8]

[Spirit power: 24]

[Spirit aptitude: Rank A]

It was a normal figure compared to the others.

Except for the dual affinity he had going for him, there was nothing else special about Julian.

He sighed, looking quite disappointed at himself.

He had been training since he was old enough to wield a gladius, so he had been quite confident in his physical strength.

As it appeared, however, the other worlds standards were higher than Earth.

Thrax\'s smug face though was all over the place as he walked past Julian and flexed his muscles.

He commented quickly before the eye of power examined him, A pig is a pig, it\'s better you flex your belly so you can be fattened for slaughter.

[Battle power: 10]

[Spirit power: 23]

[Spirit aptitude: Rank A]

Thrax\'s eyes widened looking at the result.

He seemed to be expecting a battle power 15 or so, but alas, expectations vs reality always disappoints.

Julian couldn\'t help but laugh as he pointed at Thrax.

I guess I shouldn\'t call you barbarian anymore, monkey.


Somehow, that seemed to cheer up Julian as he kept on laughing how Thrax had an epic fail.

It was Chumo\'s turn to enter the symbol; silent as ever, walking with light steps toward the glowing eye.

[Battle power: 7]

[Spirit power: 26]

[Spirit aptitude: Rank A]

Klea went in first on the eye of power and gave a wink to her cutie.

The glowing symbol shone bright as it listed the following result.

[Battle power: 6]

[Spirit power: 37]

[Spirit aptitude: Rank S]

Klea didn\'t disappoint.

Murmuring erupted and one could vaguely hear how the youths were talking about how a person from a lower class world had such talent.

She was a triple elemental magus; she even had high spirit power and rank s aptitude.

Klea blew a kiss to the crowd before descending from the platform.

Some of the boys seemed to have flushed faces, while the girls on the hand seemed to have faces of envy.

It wouldn\'t take long for Klea to become a rank 3 acolyte, after all.

Minerva simply nodded, seemingly satisfied on how she was with Klea.

She had checked earlier from which planet Klea had come from and having such an outstanding result for someone from a lower class world was indeed pretty impressive.

You\'re making us all proud, beautiful, said Julian, happy to have someone from his world getting a result higher than the average of all the other worlds.

Of course, replied Klea confidently, giving another sweet smile in response to Julian\'s praise.

Just like the others, she also didn\'t fully understand the meaning of the numbers yet.

However, seeing how a lot of them reacted as if she was a goddess, she was jubilant to receive their special attention.

After Klea, there was only one person left.


Like the previous exam from the crystal ball, he was the last person to be tested on the eye of power.

Everyone stared in silence, even the breathing of each one could be heard.

They were tense on how the only person who received four elemental affinities would fare this time.

Emery felt uncomfortable from their stares.

He had seen this type of stare before.

The stare of the other noble boys who looked at him in envy when Princess Gwen had given him attention.

It was a stare of people brimming with jealousy.

Emery shook off his thoughts as he ascended the stairs toward the platform.

He tried to encourage himself with the trick his father had taught him before whenever he felt nervous or scared.

And that was to imagine the people\'s faces as a fish.

That didn\'t work and Emery issued another shaking of his head.

Instead, he repeated in his mind that he was special, he had four elemental affinity and that was a huge feat.

Emery, are you ready asked Minerva, her face though looked unsure.

Ready! replied Emery with determination not noticing Minerva\'s expression.

He wouldn\'t have a low result since he had four affinities, would he

The eye of power\'s symbol shone and showed the first set of words.

[Battle power: 5]

It was the lowest number from all of the tests, in fact even lower than Klea who was even a girl and only had a battle power of 6.

Emery kept his hopes up though since he knew to himself he had inherited the weak constitution of his mother.

That was a given.

The next line appeared and it definitely was a shock to everyone watching Emery.

[Spirit power: 20]

This level was also the lowest number anyone in this room had seen.

Whispers started to resound on how the boy who had four elemental affinity only had a spirit power of only twenty was baffling.

But the cream of the crop was about to reveal itself.

When the last text finally appeared, uproar ensued.

[Spirit aptitude: Rank B]

Emery was more shocked than anyone.

He unconsciously looked at the disappointed Minerva, who seemed to have half-expecting this.

Then it dawned on him, he was the only person who had rank b as a spirit aptitude, but could he also be the only one in the entire academy


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