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The knights stepped aside, Emery walked with a sword in hand closer to the drenched man in the middle of the courtyard.

Is this a joke cried out Padraig.

He pointed his huge blade at Emery and shouted, I am Padraig! The Crimson Fang Chief! Many knights have fallen to my blade and you\'re sending a boy to kill me

Padraig, if you can defeat this young man, I\'ll let you go! said the old knight.

Hahaha! The word of a knight is his honor, said the Crimson Fang\'s chief as he cracked his knuckles, neck and shoulders, looking motivated to fight with Emery.

Although Emery was surprised with the old knight\'s decision, Emery focused on the opponent in front of him.

He gripped both his sword on the right and the shield on the right tighter, facing the arrogant and ugly face of this Padraig, the marauders chief, only now did Emery realize how much he despised his opponent.

Satisfying thoughts of cutting this man down permeated his mind.

He had been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Now that this man was in front of him, revenge was within his reach.

Padraig looked around before walking around to left and right, without a particular sword stance, and he said, How old are you, boy I think that if I scratch you even once, you\'ll run crying to your mommy and daddy!

Emery tried to hold back his rising emotions but this man in front of him was really not making it easier for him.

Do you want to talk or fight!

Oooo! It appears I\'ve hit a sweet spot, haven\'t I Hahaha! Take this! roared Padraig, dashing to Emery.

Emery blocked the incoming swing from the sword; it was fast and heavy.

It pushed him a one step back, making his knees buckle for a moment.

When he was about to peek and strike the chief marauder, the foot of the large man slammed against his shield and because the force had the weight of a full-grown man, it further pushed him back.

If Emery had to gauge the strength of this man, it was lower than Cavvi and about the same as Kastan.

Padraig once again shot forward, he swung the two-handed sword as if it was weightless for him.

Each blow from Padraig issued a loud bang against the wooden shield of Emery.

Emery was holding his ground and occasionally striking back, but Padraig, despite being a burly large man himself, moved swiftly.

It was a speed one would certainly not expect from a man like him.

Nevertheless, Emery kept his composure against the continuous blow of sword.

After several blows, Emery got used to Padraig\'s strike, so when the next swing flew to him, Emery blocked and pushed the huge sword back with his strength.

The sudden shield bash surprised the huge man.

It annoyed him that Emery was able to meet and defend against his forceful strikes.

He created distance and said, Huh! Who are you kid!

That question drew out the hateful memory Emery had.

The massacre of the Ambrose estate.

The burnt bodies of the residence, the rotting corpse of his father… His mind was becoming clouded, loathing filled his being as he stared at the man who was responsible for the death of his family! Gritting his teeth, nothing at the moment seemed to matter as shouted in pain, just wanting to get his rage out!

My name is Emery! Emery Ambrose and I\'m here to avenge my father and the twelve residents of the Ambrose estate! Emery no longer cared whatever thoughts the knights and Sir Bagdemagus would have at his sudden confession.

Ambrose Aahh you\'re the Ambrose kid who ran scared **less!

When Padraig let out those words, it only gave vindication toward the rage he had been feeling against this man.

Emery held his sword and shield tightly and charged the guy, sticking close to him.

Hahaha! Let me send you to where your family is!

Padraig swung down his huge sword with both his hands; Emery raised his shield up again, blocking the powerful strike.

However, the strike from the chief of the marauders had more weight behind it, and because Emery\'s shield had been continuously receiving punishment, the shield split in half and made Emery kneel.

Emery raised his head while in a half-kneeling position and saw the burly and bushy man grin in confidence; Emery didn\'t move from his position.


The huge sword descended and battered down on Emery; an ear splitting clank resounded! Everyone thought Emery was done for but when Padraig looked down, his smug face vanished.

On Emery\'s shoulder, only a thin amount of blood was dripping out of his leather armor.

Padraig tried to pull back the huge sword but it seemed like it was stuck in Emery\'s shoulder.

[Stone Skin]

Emery had cast the earth spell before the huge sword had hit his shoulder.

Although the sword strike had landed and scratched on his shoulder, the heavy blow made Emery winced in pain a bit before changing it grin on his face.

You\'ve had your turn! Now it\'s mine!

How is this possible! Padraig exclaimed.

Emery didn\'t bother explaining to the man as he grabbed the fastened sword with his left bare hand, reversed his grip on the sword on the right, and jumped with all his strength, cutting of Pardaig\'s arms! Blood splashed on the ground and on Emery\'s face.

Padrig screamed in terror as he fell down with blood squirting out of his now missing arms.

He stared at Emery with panic-stricken eyes because with only just one move, Emery had decided the outcome of the battle.

Emery let out a villainous smile while the pounding rage in his heart spread a feeling of sweet euphoria coursing through his whole being.

Such satisfaction filled him as he enjoyed the blood curdling screams out of this man.

What-what-what are you! shouted Padraig, using his legs to push himself away on the ground.

Emery closed in on the man and rended the sword out of his shoulder.

He said with a grim voice, Your executioner!

Emery swung his sword fully ready to cut Padraig\'s head off.

But then — clank! Another sword stopped his swing.

He looked to his right and saw the old knight holding the sword.

That\'s enough… Mer—Emery, said Sir Bagdemagus.

No! This man must die! Emery snapped, he would not give such mercy to the man who killed his family!

The man has already lost.

He has no hands, hence, shall no longer be a threat to anyone.

What we should do with the head of the organization, is to bring him before the King and let this man be judged and punished according to the law of our kingdom, said the old knight in a stern voice.

Emery fought against the reasoning and raging inside his mind.

He looked at the Padraig, who had curled up, and the old knight, Sir Bagdemagus, who had a fatherly outlook.

In Emery\'s mind, he didn\'t want to, \'this man killed my family including many others, he must be killed as well!\' said a voice in his head.

But then, a soft hand touched his shoulder.

Calm down, said Morgana softly.

The simple touch startled him.

Emery slumped his shoulders and took a deep breath to subside his boiling rage.

Now, that he had somewhat calmed down, Emery was actually quite surprised with himself.

His initial plan was to interrogate this man before killing him.

There was a good chance another person was behind the raid on his estate.

With a clearer mind, he self reflected, not sure what had happened.

Morgana whispered words to his ear, The high priestess had asked me to be with you because you\'re not used to holding back our bloodline.

Emery remembered what the Lady of the Lake had mentioned to him, \'our ancestor\'s blood is savage in nature\'.

But honestly, he wasn\'t sure if it was his bloodline or hatred that drove the rage.

Emery relented and sheathed his sword.

The old knight smiled at Emery and gestured at a knight who had been carrying a rope.

They started tying the spooked Padraig as well as patched his missing hands.

Emery turned his back and walked away, but Sir Bagdemagus approached him.

The old knight\'s rough hand patted Emery\'s shoulder and said, This is how it should be, Emery.

This is good.

Your father would have been proud.

Emery turned around, kneel with one knee and said, Forgive me for lying about my identity, sir knight! Thank you for stopping me before.

Hahahah! Don\'t worry, Emery, you\'re still young.

I\'ll guide you like I\'ve guided your father.

The battle had finally ended, all the marauders were either dead, captured or fled.

At the same time Emery received a notification from the symbol on his hand.

[One day until recall to the Magus Academy]

As much as he couldn\'t wait to return to the academy, Emery was hoping he had enough time left to interrogate the marauder chief.


Written and Directed by Avans, Published by W.e.b.n.o.v.e.l,

Join Avan\'s Discord server: https://discord.gg/7ngn7yN9xN


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