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Emery, Morgana and Luna stopped what they were doing as all eyes were on Silas.

Luna said, Silas, what\'s the matter

It\'s father! He\'s—

Luna\'s chair moaned as she stood up.

She turned to Emery and said, I am sorry that I must excuse myself, Merlin.

Please, make yourself at home.

She turned away and with hurried steps, Luna followed Silas whose eyes were slightly reddish.

Once they were away, Emery tried to know what was happening through the servant waiting on them but refused to answer since they weren\'t allowed to divulge information.

After finishing their meal, they were then escorted to a smaller house right next to the Quintin\'s mansion. 

The servant mentioned to Emery and Morgana that they had this little house all to themselves.

It was a guest\'s house.

Emery no longer knew if he should be surprised or not at the wealth of the Quintin Family.

He recalled that in his late-father\'s estate, they only had one guest room, but for the Quintins to even have a house dedicated for guests, in which that could rival a noble\'s house, it really made him wonder how deep their coffers went. 

They were given a tour by the servant Luna had tasked to assist them.

This little house had a living room with dark wood flooring, multiple candelabras, intricately designed table in the middle, which also had a wonderfully embroidered rug beneath it.

They were then shown the two bedrooms, which both had a large bed and a bedside table. 

Emery placed his stuff in the bedroom but then Morgana also did the same in his room.

He said, You can use the other room.

Morgana shook her head.

I don\'t trust these people.

The High Priestess tasked me to protect you, so it\'s better if we\'re resting in the same room.

Don\'t worry, I\'ll sleep in the corner and I won\'t bother you.

Emery knew how stubborn Morgana could be.

So, in the end, he just let out a sigh but told her she should be sleeping on the bed and he would sleep on the floor.

As a man who had aspired to be a knight, his conscience didn\'t allow him to sleep in comfort while Morgana on the floor. 

After they had finished placing down their stuff, the servant of the little house announced that Lady Luna had arrived.

Emery and Morgana then made their way to the living room and sat on the well-designed chairs.

Luna didn\'t appear to have her usual ambiance as she also sat. 

On that afternoon, Luna told Emery about her father\'s worsening condition.

She also began explaining the history between the Venta and the Forbidden Forest.

That was the situation until a hundred years ago, a new generation of adventurers tried to enter the forest and their tales became different from their predecessors.

They came back to Venta with tales of many mysterious beasts, which couldn\'t be found anywhere else outside.

In particular, one of the adventurers talked about an injured animal he had caught that looked like a rabbit but was very shiny, like silver.

When he consumed it, he found out that his illness that had been bothering him for years became cured and he became stronger. 

News of the silver furred rabbit spread and other people started entering the forest in search of the silver furred rabbit.

But that was also the time they began to find a very mysterious tribe inhabiting the place.

Ever since then, more tall tales about the forest came into being and some of them became inconsistent.

I remember reading that there was a short time period where the indigenous people, who the people called the Chrutin, were in a peaceful relationship with Venta.

However, when their savageness and rumors of how they could become beasts were, our friendship with them failed, said Luna, turning her gaze to Morgana, she added, Well, we have a living proof here of the shapeshifting beast.

Luna then continued telling about an important event that had happened twenty years ago where the Lioness Kingdom, along with other kingdoms, attempted to eradicate the forest of its people as well as its monsters.

They had sent a great army but when the dust had settled, the rest who had survived returned in failure.

Since then, the kingdoms in Briton named the forest people\'s land as the Forbidden Forest.

Despite the forest being forbidden now, there are still people from Venta who have managed to capture the silver furred rabbits, although this is only known by other merchant families, and sold only through the black market.

In fact, last year we managed to procure one portion of it and my father\'s condition did get better.

However, it was only a temporary solution and his disease came back.

Hence, the expedition by my brother.

While Emery translated this story bit by bit to Morgana, Morgana could connect it with the history of the Felanolion residents.

The story that happened was quite accurate with the history of Maeve opening the forest barrier and attacks from outside residents that made the Akavi warriors formed.

But regarding the details of why the war took place, maybe only the royal rulers knew about it. Emery also thinks that the high priestess should know something about it as well.

Emery thought he would ask about this matter the next time he met with her.

Emery realized that Luna had been eyeing Morgana for a while now.

He asked, What is it Luna

Merlin, can you ask her if there is any way we can get a silver furred rabbit


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