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Chapter 2552 Unafraid

Rea Tyriel became contemplative, but the same couldn\'t be said about Black Tyriel, whose crow eyes were sharply squinting at Davis as though rearing to go.

After all, he was an Emperor-Tier Immortal Beast whose pride was above its life.

Davis can understand this, but he also doesn\'t understand how Rea Tyriel managed to tame Black Tyriel.


it didn\'t seem like she tamed him as he\'s constantly hitting on her if I\'m not wrong...\'

All he could see was that their relationship was complicated with how Rea Tyriel addressed Black Tyriel as her pet, but the latter addressed the former as junior sister.

Clearly, they were close, but both had different intentions toward each other.

This kind of dynamic made Davis feel amused as he also shared a similar yet different dynamic with Nadia and Eldia.

But I think I had enough fun.

After all, I can\'t afford to keep my brides waiting, can I

Davis suddenly uttered as he turned to look at Niera and Sophie, whose eyes were bright as stars as they gazed at him.

It didn\'t take perceptive people to know that they were overjoyed over his easy victories against powerful true disciples.

But as for the other people, they blinked.

He offered an olive branch that caused Rea Tyriel to be taken aback before she calmly opened her mouth.

Since you are becoming busier, we shall not disturb you any longer.

I wish you three a happy married life and also this gift.

It\'s for your bride- I mean, brides.

Rea Tyriel sent him a jade container which Davis grasped and opened it.

He couldn\'t help but smile as he recognized the pill to be a Heaven Immortal Vessel Soul Pill that was worth two hundred thousand contribution points, becoming greatly satisfied with the gift before he raised his head to look at her.

How nice of you to gift the brides.

You\'re not only rich but also a thoughtful person.

On the other side, Rea Tyriel didn\'t know what to say.

The gift to the brides was supposed to have provoked him into revealing his true self, that\'s selfish and egotistical, marrying with no love nor attachment, but with how he smiled genially, he seemed delighted that someone gifted his new brides.

It seemed that her initial thoughts about him were completely wrong, causing her to sigh.

Unfortunately, if I had known that there were two brides, I might have brought two gifts.

It\'s a pity.

Nevertheless, you\'re not as bad as you sound to be.

Depending on where you go and what you do, I would even like to form connections with you in my family\'s stead.

Oh Davis raised his brows, Didn\'t you think I was going to die soon

You could die soon, but what if you didn\'t I\'d like to reserve some of that extraordinary power you have for my family in the future but don\'t count on it, as it\'s only going to be one of benefits.

And here I thought you were emotional since you questioned my heart, but unexpectedly, you\'re smart and pragmatic.

How rude. Rea Tyriel squinted her eyes, I\'m still a woman...

so don\'t go denying my femininity just because I act like this.

I am the Young Mistress of my family, after all.

I have many responsibilities that I need to fulfill, including marrying my pet if he retains his Emperor-Tier Bloodline in the Immortal King Beast Stage.

She shook her head, seemingly disinterested, while the Lunar Crow began dancing and flying around her, orbiting her crazily.

Many people turned shocked as they heard about this for the first time, while Davis also became astonished.

So it was arranged by her power to form an alliance with the Lunar Crow Clan through marriage as she was conveniently the last immortal inheritor of the Lunar Crow Clan

Just like how Isabella had Mira as her pet, Rea Tyriel had Black Tyriel.

With how simple his name was, he didn\'t doubt Black Tyriel was truly her pet.

In that case, Black Tyriel shouldn\'t be born an Emperor-Tier magical beast but a born as a King-Tier magical beast originally or perhaps even lower.

He didn\'t know the specifics but could speculate that Black Tyriel had somehow become Emperor-Tier while cultivating in the Aurora Cloud Gate, becoming slightly qualified to marry her according to their families and more than qualified if he retained his bloodline in Immortal King Beast Stage.

After all, it was common sense that one\'s prowess drops when entering a higher stage, so for Black Tyriel to keep his Emperor-Tier Bloodline in the Immortal King Stage would mean that he would become far more powerful than any of his peers, including his fiancee Rea Tyriel.

This couldn\'t help but remind Davis about the word, expectation.

Fortunately, on a cultivation scale, he had far surpassed his parent\'s expectations long ago when he fulfilled their wishes, but for significant individuals like Young Masters and Young Mistresses from prominent powers in the First Haven World, that expectation was probably a nightmare.

Alright, alright.

If any of you still haven\'t dined at my banquet, go make yourself comfortable.

Young Miss Rea should also find some middle ground with your fiancee or pet, or one day, you\'re going to regret it if you don\'t do anything about it. >

I\'ll keep that in mind, but for now, I\'ll take you up on your offer.

Also, I wish I had some flaming chicken meat to eat.


Rea Tyriel\'s voice melodiously echoed as she laughed and went towards the banquet, causing Davis to be amazed.

What he saw was a bold Young Mistress willing to test the limits or the bottom line of a power.

Turning to look at the Zenflames, he really saw their expressions turn crimson in anger but didn\'t say anything as she didn\'t directly point toward them.

\'Damn, she really isn\'t afraid of the Fire Phoenix Clan...\'

He couldn\'t help but feel impressed.

Nonetheless, collecting the contribution points from Olas Windfall, he returned to his two new brides and scooped them with his hands as he wrapped them around his arms, audaciously bringing them to the banquet.

Many couldn\'t help but whistle at his boldness, but they also felt the heroic air he exuded moments ago had just died like a candle flame being snuffed out by a woman\'s seductive lips.

As men, they couldn\'t help but understand his way of doing things.

Nonetheless, many people who stayed outside poured into the banquet as they started feasting.

They kept throwing many pieces into their mouths, not even knowing what kind of dish they were eating but finding it extremely delicious all the same.

The Zenflames and Rocksunders who didn\'t join the feast also took part in it.

Davis was seated with Sophie and Niera at a table while surrounded by his women.

The feast came to their table, causing them to drool while their stomachs growled from pure hunger as they didn\'t circulate energy to feed themselves but even refused their bodies nutrition by absorbing an energy-absorbent pill that left them feeling hungry for this occasion so that they could feel satiated many times than they would normally feel.

Mingzhi served the aromatic dishes as she placed them one by one, explaining them in detail so that they could drool more.

She possessed a sadistic and amused smile on her face as she served them a sumptuous feast, causing Fiora and Sophie to smile as they rubbed their hands shyly, still eyeing the food.

Davis also couldn\'t wait to wine and dine with them and dine them in the night.

However, he couldn\'t help but frown as he tapped his palm on the table, causing Mingzhi to stop placing the other dishes on their table.

Don\'t eat.

Why Is the food I cooked not pleasing for you

Mingzhi\'s lips curled as she stared at him, but he shook his head.

It\'s poisoned.

What! Mingzhi jolted as she looked at the food she had cooked.

The others were also shocked, looking at her in confusion.

According to the Alstreim Family\'s tradition, the last wife of the man must welcome the new bride with food cooked by her own hand for acceptance and enrichment of relations between them.

However, it was poisoned

She inwardly swore that she didn\'t do anything, so she thought it must be someone else, wanting to explain.

However, she saw Davis\'s gaze travel elsewhere, causing her to follow his gaze.

Rai Zenflame, you dare resort to despicable tricks while being an Immortal King Shame on you.

Davis\'s voice was utterly cold, seeping with killing intent as he gazed at the crimson-winged fey.


What evidence do you have that I was the one who did it when many people were here Would you stop antagonizing us just because we want our inheritor back

Rai Zenflame\'s expression frowned as he coldly responded, quickly bringing the atmosphere down to an extreme chill.

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