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Hello! Did you miss me Sorry I’ve been super busy with a lot of things and haven’t been able to edit any of the chapters.

Some of the Chinese flew over my head and I didn’t put any translator notes, so feel free to comment if you know what they mean.

“It’s so hard for you rich people to get married…” Rong Ya felt sorry for Shao Cixin.

Shao Cixin’s face was thick, and at this moment, she was not blushing, nor did her heartbeat change.

She even calmly answered Rong Ya’s sentence: “Yes, it’s very hard.

Family meetings are not easy to have.”

She picked up her long scarf and shook it: “Because it’s too hard, President Wen lent me a scarf.

I decided not to take this scarf off today.”

Rong Ya: “Why not take it off”

– Of course, because there are hickeys underneath that can’t be taken off!

Shao Cixin said in her heart.

But she couldn’t be so blunt, so she returned to her old cheeky way of talking nonsense.

“It makes me look like I love and care about her, which can promote a friendly relationship.”

“… she’s not here.”

“No, she’s here.”


Rong Ya was suddenly shocked: “Where, where is it”

Isn’t this girl still talking to Wen Zhihan on the phone Aren’t they all listening to them Fortunately, she didn’t say anything she shouldn’t say!

I saw Shao Cixin shaking the white scarf again.

“Her heart is here, so she is here as well.”


Rong Ya couldn’t help but applaud her: “Mrs.

Wen, you are really good.”

Shao Cixin: “Thank you, thank you.”

Lin Mumu, sitting in the front row, couldn’t help but laugh when she heard the two people’s conversation.

In the past few days of getting along, she increasingly felt that Shao Cixin was a fun person.

This person is always serious when they need to be and never wastes time.

They’re also really pretty, which is a bonus.

She finally understood why there are so many people who like her.

“Mumu,” Rong Ya called out, “what are you laughing at”

Shao Cixin also looked to the front.

Lin Mumu was sitting upright with a serious expression on her face: “I wasn’t laughing at anything.

It’s just that I think our big star is funny.”

Shao Cixin was humble and said, “You’re too kind.

I think your name is also very funny, did your parents name you according to the Five Elements1”

When she first heard this name, she felt that it was because this child’s five elements were lacking in wood.2 

Lin Mumu laughed and said, “According to my mom, it’s that my parents didn’t know what to name me, so they just split up my surname and thought, ‘Hmm, Mumu is a pretty name’, so that’s what I was called.”

Rong Ya: “… …”

Is this also possible

Shao Cixin was curious and asked, “What about your dad”

Lin Mumu: “My dad…”

She suddenly thought of that afternoon again.

That day, she was curious and went to ask her dad what the meaning of her name was and why he had given her that name.

Then her dad said solemnly and seriously to her, “It’s because your mom and I hope that you will grow up like four trees tied together.”

The junior high school student she was at the time couldn’t understand the meaning, and she asked directly, “Why do you want to grow up like four trees tied together”

“Because…” her dad thought for a while and then looked up and said, “Because it’s sturdy.”

Returning back to reality, Lin Mumu said, “That’s right.”

Shao Cixin: “…”

In the face of this simple wish, she was speechless for a moment.

Lin Mumu laughed again and said, “After that, my mom scolded him and said that he was lying to the child.”

Shao Cixin silently gave a thumbs up.

This father is also a talented liar.


Today, during work hours, Shao Cixin ran into Lin Han by accident. 

She hadn’t seen Lin Han since the last official announcement, and she didn’t know how he would react to the situation or if he would continue to be as persistent as Wen Yu. 

Obviously, Lin Han was a reasonable person. 

When he saw her this time, he didn’t have any flowers with him, and he didn’t try to show off his wealth like he did last time. 

He even chose to walk around her meekly. 

If Wen and Shao’s families discovered that he was pursuing Shao Cixin… Not to mention the Shao family, just Wen Zhihan would be enough to make him suffer! 

The difference between these two “Hans” is like night and day. 

Shao Cixin was relieved when she saw that he wasn’t bothering her anymore. 

If Wen Yu could be as reasonable as him, that would be even better. 

Speaking of Wen Yu, she hadn’t talked to her in a while. 

Shao Cixin was still the same on WeChat, ignoring Wen Yu’s messages and only posting on her Moments when she was with her girlfriend, trying to make her jealous and stuff her with dog food. 

During work hours, Wen Yu wouldn’t come looking for her, either because she didn’t know where she was or because she had Wen Zhihan to help her, so she didn’t dare to disturb her at work. 

For whatever reason, it was better if she didn’t come around to bother her while she was working. 

She didn’t want anyone to say she was messing around with sister-in-law literature.3

She looked at her phone longingly during her work break, half her face buried in her scarf.

She took a pretty selfie and then posted it to her friends list.

The accompanying text: My wife’s scarf and today’s me are a perfect match~

[Dad] liked it.

[Mom] liked it.

[Wen dad] liked it.

[Joanna mom] liked it.

[Scum]: ……………

A series of ellipses full of critical damage.

Satisfied, Shao Cixin closed her phone and had another enjoyable day!

Wen Yu regretted opening her friends list at this moment, or she wouldn’t have received such fresh dog food!

It’s just a scarf, she could have given it to her!

–No, that’s not right.

She suddenly calmed down and thought about it carefully.

This scarf may not have belonged to Wen Zhihan, it might have been a lie Shao Cixin told to tease her.

In that case, Shao Cixin must have put some effort into this.

It just so happened that she was worried about what to give Shao Cixin to express her feelings.

Since that was the case, she might as well give her a scarf.

To this day, she still feels there is hope between them, especially after Shao Cixin kept her in her friend circle.

She doesn’t know what she said or did to Shao Cixin when she was drunk, but since it was enough to make Shao Cixin remove her from the blocklist, then it must have been something that happened when she was drunk that touched her.

Even if it only touched her a little, it still touched her.

Since there is hope, she will of course seize it.

She will go to Shao Cixin to express her feelings, to awaken Shao Cixin’s love for her, and to seize a chance that may not last.

As for why Shao Cixin’s friends list is full of lovey-dovey posts…

Maybe this is Shao Cixin’s complaint to her, she has not yet forgiven her.

She will have to pay more and more to placate her anger.

Yes, that must be it!

Thinking this, she immediately went out to pick a scarf.


Shao Cixin said that if she didn’t take off her scarf for a day, she really didn’t take it off for a whole day and finally went home like that.

Walking into the community, she walked towards her own unit building while calling Wen Zhihan: “Thank you for your scarf, I will wash it and give it back to you when I go back.”

There was a gentle laugh from the phone receiver.

“Keep it, I said before you went out that I would give it to you.”

Shao Cixin put her hand in her pocket: “No, no effort, no reward.

I don’t want to take advantage of others.

Besides, you have helped me so many times.

It should be me who gives you something.”

Wen Zhihan heard this and asked casually, “What will Cixin give me”

Shao Cixin was stunned for a moment: “You’re asking so suddenly, I really can’t think of anything after a while.”

When she gave something, she was used to thinking about what the other person lacked.

However, as an economically independent and wealthy adult, Wen Zhihan can earn money to buy whatever she wants.

She is extremely wealthy and has nothing to lack.

As for giving something else, what should I give…

“Wen Zhihan, wait a moment,” Shao Cixin said, “I will give it to you when I think of it.”

Wen Zhihan held the phone slightly and froze slightly, and then slowly smiled.

She just asked what she would give, not really wanting her to give something.

How did it develop into this

But since she wants to give… she won’t be polite.

“Okay, then I will wait for Miss Shao’s gift.”

“Well! I don’t know when I will give it to you, but I will definitely give it to you.

I will try to give you a surprise.

Don’t worry.”

“Okay, I believe you.”

“Well, then, have a good rest and good night.”

“Good night, sweet dreams.”

The call was hung up.

Shao Cixin walked and thought about Wen Zhihan’s birthday.

She couldn’t remember which day it was.

When giving gifts to others, there must be a reason, and a birthday is the best reason.

Besides, with the current relationship between her and Wen Zhihan, she should also remember the other person’s birthday.

I thought for a while and couldn’t remember.

She simply opened the web page and searched for Wen Zhichan’s wiki.

In high school, she and Wen Zhichan were not even friends, let alone knowing each other’s birthdays.

Later, they became family, but this time it was only a year and a half, and they didn’t even have two birthdays.

If you take out the time when the two people didn’t see each other, they really haven’t gotten to the point where they can remember each other’s birthdays.

Fortunately, as a well-known CEO, Wen Zhichan’s encyclopedia is very rich, and the date of birth is naturally indispensable.

As soon as Shao Cixin opened it, she saw: January 7th.

Shao Cixin calculated and found that she was still shooting on that day and couldn’t go back to Fengcheng to give her a birthday.

Then she could only ask someone to send a gift and call to say happy birthday.

Thinking of this, Shao Cixin set an alarm clock on the calendar for January 6th of next year,

So that she can remind her that the second day is Wen Zhichan’s birthday so that she can send a birthday blessing to Wen Zhichan at zero o’clock and give her a surprise.

After everything was ready, she put away her phone and went home.

Just as she walked downstairs to the unit building, she saw the last person she wanted to see–Wen Yu.

Shao Cixin raised her eyebrows, and her face was cold and indifferent.

She didn’t expect that the scum would dare to come to her house to find her.

This kind of behavior is like she’s asking to be scolded.

As soon as Wen Yu turned around, she saw Shao Cixin, who had just returned.

Her eyebrows jumped with joy, and her heart was filled with surprise.

— She really does still live here!

Carrying a gift box, she walked happily towards Shao Cixin, her voice unusually gentle: “Cixin, you’re back.”

Shao Cixin heard this but only took a step back, both hands stuffed into her pockets, clearly wanting to keep her distance.

She was just missing a sign that said, “Don’t mess with this old lady.”

“Sister-in-law, it’s late at night, what are you doing here”


When she heard this title, Wen Yu’s footsteps froze.

She really didn’t like this title, especially when it came out of Shao Cixin’s mouth, like a thorn stabbing her heart over and over again, it hurt.

The more she didn’t like it, the more Shao Cixin wanted to say it, using the words “sister-in-law” and “sister-in-law” crazily.

“Sister-in-law Sister-in-law, why aren’t you talking If my sister-in-law has nothing to say, than this sister-in-law will go home.

“It’s cold outside, sister-in-law, you’re not cold, but sister-in-law, I can’t stand it.

Otherwise your older sister will be worried.”

Wen Yu: “…”

This person is sharp-tongued and knows how to get under people’s skin.

Wen Yu calmed down, raised the corners of her mouth, and smiled again, handing the gift box in her hand to Shao Cixin: “Cixin, this is for you.”

Shao Cixin glanced at the black and elegant gift box, then looked at her warily: “What is this Is it a bomb You’re actually plotting to kill your own sister-in-law!”

Wen Yu: “…”

There’s no need to jump to conclusions.

“It’s a scarf, I picked it out specially today, it’s for you.”

Shao Cixin knew she had seen her post.

That’s right, she wanted this scum to know that she would be better off without her.

Although she didn’t refuse the gift, she reached out and took it.

Wen Yu suddenly felt that the road to chasing her wife was bright, and there was hope for the future.

Then she heard Shao Cixin say, “Thank you, I’ll send it to your sister when I go back.”

After that, she walked away from her without any nostalgia.

Wen Yu: “”

She shouted at Shao Cixin in confusion: “Why are you giving it to Wen Zhihan This is for you!”

Shao Cixin turned around and looked at her with a “childish” look.

“Zhihan and I are both married.

What’s mine is hers, and what’s hers is mine.

If you give something to me, it’s the same as giving something to her, right

“How stupid are you that you can’t even do this simple substitution.”

Wen Yu: “”

Can it be calculated like this

Watching Shao Cixin’s heartless back, ready to leave, Wen Yu decided to use her last resort.

Shao Cixin hates it when she cries the most.

Every time she sheds a tear, Shao Cixin will be so soft that she will be especially good to her.

She didn’t take it seriously before, but now she wants to use this to awaken Shao Cixin’s love for herself – love first, then love!

So she took out the eye drops that she had already prepared and dropped a few drops in a hurry.

For the sake of getting her wife back, special times, special means!


There was a cry from behind.

Shao Cixin stopped again and turned around impatiently, and asked, “What’s wrong”

To her surprise, when she turned around, she saw a picture of a beautiful woman crying.

Two drops of crystal tears just slid down Wen Yu’s cheeks, and coupled with her slightly frowning appearance, there was a hint of pitifulness.

Shao Cixin frowned again.

– Oh

“I’m sorry, Chenxin…” Wen Yu said sadly, “It was me who was wrong before.

I didn’t know how to cherish you, and let you suffer so much…”

After saying this, she began to pretend to cry.

The tears are fake, but the words and emotions are more real than gold.

Now she wants to get Chenxin’s heart back more than anyone.

This time, she will definitely not disappoint her again, definitely not!

Shao Chenxin quietly watched.

At this moment, she suddenly remembered a sentence she had seen before: when a girl cries in front of you, it is the best time to show your concern and care for her.

She felt that it was time for her to show her concern and care for her younger sister.

So she said, “Crying so quietly, are you hungry”

Wen Yu immediately choked: “…”

Tonight, it was her loss.

[1] The 5 elements are fire, earth, wood, water, and metal.

Mumu means wood in Chinese, so this is a pun on her name. 

[2] Not sure what this means completely but the wood is similar to ambition so maybe she thought Mumu was not a very ambitious person.

[3] The type of literature where the married person ends up falling in love with their sister-in-law instead


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