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Mu Yaos voice was extremely clear, and it reached Luo Hengs ears, to which the latter slowly opened his eyes.

However, just like before, Luo Heng only nodded his head faintly before he continued to rest with his eyes closed.

Being used to Luo Hengs cold attitude, Mu Yao simply found a seat and sat down.

After that, she smiled at Chu Feng, who was in the arena, and said, “Your courage is commendable for accepting the challenge of 31 commander-level students in one go.

However, you should know that the students of the Overlord Reserve Camp are all geniuses.

Although you are also a genius, if you accept all 31 challenges in one go, you might lose miserably in the end.”

“Hehe, theres no need for senior sister to worry about me.

I wonder though, do you have any confidence in me” Chu Feng smiled knowingly and then said indifferently.

“Hehe, everyone can guess your strength at this point.

You have definitely not reached king level 7 yet.

Youre just using your skills to suppress those stronger than you,” Mu Yao continued to say with a smile.

Chu Feng did not say anything more, and Mu Yao fell silent as well.

Then, another person walked up and said, “Why is it so quiet here”

It was a young man that had a plump and fat body that made it seem like he would have trouble walking.

However, he simply strolled leisurely.

Then, he sat down before saying, “There are only the three of us now, but its not like we can go up and challenge him.

Are all of you here to watch”

“Hehe, of course, only the three of us generous people are here to watch.

To think Chu Feng even set a fee for watching the match.

Just to come and watch the show, we have to pay 500 points.

Only the three of us can afford it,” Mu Yao said helplessly.

“Haha, this kid is really smart.

500 points here is equivalent to 500 alliance dollars in the outside world.

This is a blatant robbery!” Zhu Haoqian immediately raised his thumb.

Indeed, other than them, no one else would be willing to pay 500 points just to watch Chu Fengs challenge match.

“Speaking of which, Luo Heng, youve been wearing that dark expression on your face all this time because of the 500 points” Mu Yao said with a chuckle.

“Hmph,” Luo Heng snorted coldly and didnt say anything else.

Mu Yao, on the other hand, was all smiles, as if her plan had succeeded.

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Luo Heng still remained silent with his eyes tightly shut, as if Mu Yao had hit the nail on the head.

Zhu Haoqian, on the other hand, was already used to this scene and Mu Yaos behavior, so it was a given he didnt think much of it.

Seeing this, Chu Feng was quite shocked.

When Mu Yao had just arrived, he had already noticed her.

She was simply so beautiful that she could probably topple countries and cities with just her looks.

On top of that, Mu Yao was a genius who was ranked second.

Her potential was no less than that of the senior Dragon King.

If she could grow in the future, she would definitely be able to become an intimidating powerful figure.

If such a person had a weakness, then her only weakness was her mouth.

Gradually, the number of people in the audience began to increase.

The people came one after another, some in groups.

“Holy crap, the admission fee is 500 points.

Why doesnt he just rob us”

“Its not like he forced you to spend 500 points.

Everyone spent the money willingly to get in.”

“Haha, thats true.

It should be interesting this time.

I heard that Chu Feng has accepted many challenges in one go.”

“D*mn, did you see that The top three on the leaderboard are all here! It seems that they are also interested in Chu Feng.

The 500 points spent this time are quite worth the price, right”

“The other people on the leaderboard are all here too.

I didnt expect that.

This time, it might be very exciting.”

Chu Feng was still waiting in the same spot.

The audience was almost all here, but the people who had issued the challenges to Chu Feng werent here yet.

Finally, the first challenger arrived.

Wang Hongzhi slowly walked into the arena and looked at the people in the audience seats.

A trace of worry appeared on his face.

Then, he saw a few familiar faces.

Although the owners of those faces did not know him, he knew them.

They were the big shots in the top few places on the leaderboard, all top-notch existences in the Overlord Reserve Camp.

Although he had talent and managed to hold his own in the Overlord Reserve Camp, his radiance was overshadowed by these peoples radiance.

This cant do, he had to prove his strength this time, and the best way to do so was to defeat the rookie who had been showing off the most recently.

As long as he defeated Chu Feng, his strength would thus be proven, and his name would be known by everyone.

He was under huge pressure in the Overlord Reserve Camp, which was filled with geniuses, and only by doing his best could he achieve what he had now.

Yet, this rookie, Chu Feng, was able to rise rapidly by relying on his talent.

This made Wang Hongzhi feel that the heavens were unfair to him — why was it that some people had talent and others didnt

“The first person here for the challenge is Wang Hongzhi.

He has already cleared the 22nd floor of the Beast Tamer Tower, but Chu Feng has already cleared the 27th floor.

Why is he so confident that he has the ability to defeat Chu Feng”

“Maybe he does have the confidence.

Wang Hongzhi is a veteran student, and hes usually the most diligent one too.

Otherwise, with his talent, he might not have been able to achieve his current status.

Its a given he wouldnt feel too comfortable being surpassed by a newcomer.”

“Hes long bonded with his fourth beast, and his main combat beast station has the elementary overlord bloodline.”

The audience was whispering and the atmosphere was very lively as everyone was discussing the two people in the arena.

It looked like this was going to be a very exciting match.

“Wang Hongzhi has a Sky-sea Spider.

His strength is indeed not bad,” Zhu Haoqian said with a smile.

“Chu Feng might be weaker among the two.

Although he has already cleared the 27th floor of the Beast Tamer Tower, and Wang Hongzhi has only broken through the 22nd floor, there is still a gap between the two of them in terms of levels.

Moreover, Wang Hongzhi has an enhancement-type talent, which means he already has an advantage in this battle, so there shouldnt be too much of a gap in terms of beasts,” Mu Yao said after taking a look, then said.

The outcome of the battle was uncertain.


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