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Before it left, the Wild Bear turned around to look at its Master, then dived right in.

Chu Feng was still quite confident in the Wild Bears abilities.

Even if the Wild Bears IQ was very low, it shouldnt be a problem for it to learn a few elementary skills.

But the more he thought about it, the more Chu Feng felt his determination gradually weaken, and he began to lose confidence in the Wild Bear.

Perhaps, with the Wild Bears IQ, it would be a little too difficult for it to learn elementary skills.

He should probably make the Wild Bear smarter next time.

If the Wild Bear could become smarter, it would definitely go all out.

So he should increase its IQ first before letting it learn skills.

Following that, Chu Feng began to choose skills for the Mirage Butterfly.

The Mirage Butterflys bloodline itself was quite talented, and its IQ was much higher than the Wild Bears.

The skills that the Mirage Butterfly could use were quite a lot.

Just like before, most of the advanced skills conflicted with its initial skills.

After thinking about it, Chu Feng started to look through the elementary skills.

In any case, he could upgrade these skills to super skills anyway.

In his eyes, there was no difference between elementary skills and super skills.

The only difference was the need to consume enhancement points.

Now that he was a true millionaire with more than a million enhancement points, did he need to care about the small sum that may be involved Not at all.

He only needed to move his fingers to turn the elementary skills into super skills.

After thinking for a while, Chu Feng decided to choose three elementary skills just as he had done for the Wild Bear.


Space-break: Elementary skill, the user will be able to break space.]

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Space-tear: Elementary skill, the user will be able to tear space.]


Hallucination: Elementary skill, the user will be able to confuse the opponent.]

These were all space-type elementary skills.

For elementary skills, they could be considered to be very strong.

He didnt expect to find such skills among the elementary skills, which was a pleasant surprise.

There might be a great surprise waiting for him if he maxed out these three skills.

They would become a powerful aid.

[The skills for the Mirage Butterfly have been selected.

It is being teleported to the skill-learning room.]

Then, a ray of light appeared, and the Mirage Butterfly disappeared without a trace as well.

Chu Feng could only wait outside.

He first pondered about things, but out of boredom, he took out a novel and began read it with great interest.

[Congratulations, the Wild Bear has learned the skills of acceleration, Ironhide, and willpower.]

[Congratulations, the Mirage Butterfly has learned the skills of space-break, space-tear, and hallucination.]

After the two beasts had successfully learned all the skills, they appeared beside Chu Feng.

Being still somewhat worried, Chu Feng carefully checked again.

Sure enough, the Wild Bear and the Mirage Butterfly had learned the skills that he had chosen for them.

Looking at the two of them, Chu Feng smiled in satisfaction.

Then, he looked at the Wild Bear.

The Wild Bear looked at Chu Feng in a daze, puzzled.

Why was its Master looking at it It was obviously very smart.

With its IQ, it can beat anyone.

To be honest, the Wild Bear was feeling quite diffident.

It seemed that its IQ was indeed inferior to that of a normal beast.

But how could it have such a low IQ Since its combat strength was powerful at any time, it couldnt allow itself to lose to any other beast in terms of IQ.

The Wild Bear made up its mind.

Seeing everything, Chu Feng revealed a half-smile.

Then, he immediately walked toward the assessment area in the Secret Technique Pavilion.

The Secret Technique Pavilion was different from the Beast Tamer Tower such that the assessment ranking here was much more complicated than that in the Beast Tamer Tower.

He had to take a good look at it.

Then, he saw the assessment ranking.

[Assessment Ranking] was written in a row, in a large golden font, right in the middle of the top.

[I, Moving Fighting Jet: score: 8.10,000.

Beastmaster: Luo Heng.]

[2, Lightning Firebird: score: 79,000.

Beastmaster: Mu Yao.]

[3, Bounty Black Monkey: score: 78,000.

Beastmaster: Zhu Haoqian.]

[4, Intense Lightning Eye: score: 77,000.

Beastmaster: Li Hao.]


Fire Elf: score: 690,000.

Beastmaster: Zhao Yao.]


Lightning Ape: score: 680,000.

Beastmaster: Chu Benren.]


Lightning Dharmaraja: score: 670,000.

Beastmaster: Luohe Nancheng.]

Chu Feng looked down row by row.

There were more than a thousand names on the ranking list, and the one with the lowest score was a beast called the Blackrock Rat King.

Its score was only a measly 0.30000, which meant that the beasts degree of development for the skills that it had learned here was almost zero.

Chu Feng could roughly guess that some Beastmaster must have had nothing better to do, so they had probably brought the Blackrock Rat King that they had casually bonded here to learn some skills.

On top of that, rewards were given based on the assessment rankings in the Secret Technique Pavilion.

In other words, the higher the rank, the more rewards one would receive.

And, each name would be rewarded, so combined with the fact that each beast would receive a ranking, it meant that each beast could obtain a separate reward.

Another point worth noting was the points reward.

These points were all, naturally, distributed according to ones beasts data.

There were rumors that if one got first place in the rankings in the outside world, one would receive more than five million points in one go.

Since they were here, Chu Feng directly sent the Wild Bear and the Mirage Butterfly to participate in the assessment.

This was the Overlord Reserve Camp, after all, so he did not have any worries.

After all, this was the safest place on the entire Blue Planet.

He would not be in any danger here.

Here, he only needed to study hard and become stronger.

It was that simple.

[Student Chu Feng, would you like to let the Wild Bear and the Mirage Butterfly undergo the secret technique assessment]

Chu Feng nodded without hesitation, “Yes!”

Immediately after, two doors appeared in front of him.

Then, the doors slowly opened, and light shot out.

The Wild Bear and the Mirage Butterfly each entered one of the doors, which led to two separate assessment grounds.

After that, Chu Feng had nothing to do for some time.

He could only wait in the rest area.

Gao Honghua put away his Three-headed Dragon.

As soon as he walked in, he saw Chu Feng.

He had long seen the boys photo, so he naturally recognized that the person before him was Chu Feng.

However, he still sat next to Chu Feng as if nothing was the matter.


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