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In his impression, the Secret Technique Pavilion was supposed to be a very quiet place with few people.

However, after Chu Feng walked in, he discovered that the inside of the Secret Technique Pavilion consisted of many rooms that were separated from each other.

There was a signboard on each door of each room that indicated that someone was inside.

This surprised him a little.

He slowly walked to the front desk of the pavilion, and a line of words appeared in front of him.

[Are you ready to challenge the Secret Technique Pavilion]

Chu Feng nodded without hesitation, and said one word, “Yes!”

He had already looked it up.

The information on the pavilion was quite complete, and after reading through them, he knew that this was his home ground.

He had, unfortunately, known of the Secret Technique Pavilion too late.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have challenged the Beast Tamer Tower at all.

He would have come straight to the Secret Technique Pavilion instead.

[Please release all of your beasts.]

Without hesitation, Chu Feng immediately released the Wild Bear and the Mirage Butterfly.

As for the Mythical Tree, Lila was still playing games at home.

She was addicted to it, unable to extricate herself.

Chu Feng had a feeling that Lila had become an internet addict.

Thinking about it gave him a headache.

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But he would never allow that to happen.

What Lila didnt know was that her game time was fixed, and it had almost been exhausted after he left.

At this time, the holographic game screen in front of Lila and the many game equipment shut down at the same time.

Seeing this, Lila, who was still clueless about her predicament, instantly felt disappointed and wanted to cry.

“What is going on Why is there a game-time limit!” Lila roared a question that she seemed to be asking with her soul.

At the same time, when the game time was over, the robots at the side began to prepare.

After the ten-minute break, they went forward with a pile of textbooks and homework to teach Lila.

Seeing Lilas suffering, not only did Chu Feng feel no sympathy, he even wanted to laugh.

He had no choice.

Then, he looked at the screen in front of him.

After it had scanned the Wild Bear and the Mirage Butterfly, the scene on the screen had changed completely.

The rules of the Secret Technique Pavilion were actually very simple.

Any student of the Overlord Reserve Camp had a quota here.

For example, since Chu Feng was a sovereign-tier student, the three pet beasts that he had bonded could all enter the Secret Technique Pavilion and enjoy the opportunity to learn secret techniques.

Any secret technique here, even if it was just an elementary skill, was a priceless treasure of the human race.

It was the foundation of the human races awakening.

Countless ancestors had gone forward one after another, killing countless fierce beasts and foreign races just to obtain the other partys beast core.

In addition to that was the mechanical beasts superb computational ability.

Coupled with the AI that could amplify computational ability, god knows how many calculations each skill had undergone and how much time had passed before the principles of each skill could be analyzed clearly.

According to the information released by the Beastmasters to the outside world, at most a few dozen skills could be analyzed every year.

Three hundred years had passed, and the number of skills that people could learn in the Secret Technique Pavilion was only a little over a thousand.

This was enough to tell how precious the secret techniques were.

On top of that, the skills that had been successfully analyzed were only provided to the overlord-level upper echelons, as well as the geniuses of the human race.

If Chu Feng hadnt joined the Overlord Reserve Camp, then he definitely wouldnt have been able to enjoy this precious benefit.

If he couldnt enter the Secret Technique Pavilion but still wanted to learn the skills, he could only hunt in the wild to obtain the skill genes from the Beast Cores.

However, the success rates were exceptionally low.

If he wanted to obtain secret skills with such a method, he would need to do the same thing many times.

Chu Feng was now pondering.

Currently, his two pet beasts had extremely high attributes.

Amongst them, no further explanation was needed for the desolate-type Wild Bear.

As long as it was a skill that suited its amplification type skills, it would definitely suit the bear.

On the other hand, the Mirage Butterfly, who had the spatial attribute and spiritual attribute, could also learn many skills here.

After taking a look at the list, he could choose six skills from the dozens or even hundreds of skills.

However, advanced skills were not a must, because even elementary skills could be turned into super skills as long as Chu Feng used his enhancement points on them.

That being said, since there were already advanced skills here, he had better take a look first.

This way, he could avoid wasting too many enhancement points.

After looking through the list of advanced skills, he realized that there werent many that could be learned by his beasts.

The most important thing was that these skills were in conflict with the skills his beasts already had.

Among the beasts skills, they were divided into different types.

For example, the Wild Bears “great strength” was an offensive-type skill, while “great transformation” and “wild body” were considered status-type skills.

As for “wild domain”, it was considered a domain-type skill.

Other than these, there were many other types of skills, for example, defensive-type skills and so on.

There were also special-type skills.

These skills had stranger and more novel effects.

After much consideration, Chu Feng finally chose three useful skills for the Wild Bear.


Acceleration: Elementary skill.

The users speed will be doubled.

It can be stacked with other skills.]


Ironhide: Elementary skill.

The users defense will be doubled.

It can be stacked with other skills.]


Willpower: Elementary skill.

The users willpower will double.

can be stacked with other skills.]

These were the skills that Chu Feng had chosen for the Wild Bear.

Although they were all elementary skills, with his enhancement points, they could all be upgraded.

Acceleration, Ironhide, and willpower.

After looking around, there were no suitable super skills.

As for the advanced skills, they were all skills that conflicted with the Wild Bears original skills, thus completely useless.

Hence, he chose these three elementary skills.

It wasnt much of a big deal though.

These three skills could make up for the loopholes in the Wild Bears current skills, allowing it to become a truly all-rounded warrior.

[The skills to be learned by the Wild Bear have been confirmed.

it is being teleported to the skill-learning room!]

Immediately after, a light appeared, and following that, the Wild Bear disappeared.

Then, he heard a cry from the Wild Bear, and it sounded very frightened.


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