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As the crowd discussed, the Beast Tamer Towers ranking changed.


Chu Feng, 26th floor!]

Seeing this, many people widened their eyes in disbelief, staring at the board in front of them.

“Hes already cleared the 26th floor of the Beast Tamer Tower.”

“Chu Feng is really too awesome.

Hes already heaven-defying at this point!”

Many people gasped in amazement, unable to believe their eyes.

They even wondered if there was something wrong with their eyes.

However, just as they were shocked, Chu Fengs ranking changed once again.


Chu Feng, 27th floor!]

Seeing this, everyone went crazy.

They didnt expect Chu Feng to be able to clear the 27th floor.

One had to know that to clear the 27th floor of the Beast Tamer Tower, one had to defeat a king level 7 Thousand-transformation Beast, and there was almost no room for opportunism.

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What everyone didnt know was that Chu Feng was indeed being opportunistic, though these people couldnt find such an opportunity to cheat, nor did they have the strength to do so.

Beast Tamer Tower Wasnt this Chu Fengs home ground Right now, Chu Feng even felt that he could continue challenging the 28th floor.

However, he couldnt be sure that there was 100% success in the following battle, so there was no need for him to continue challenging the tower, lest he wasted time and energy.

Besides, to Beastmasters, every defeat was a blow to their strength.

Such a thing had to be avoided as much as possible.

Following that, Chu Feng walked out of the Beast Tamer Tower, leaving in an instant under everyones shocked gazes.

“Chu Feng is too powerful.

He only came here for a short while and didnt stay for long either.

Although Im already at the commander level 9, I feel like Im completely no match for him.

I even feel insignificant in front of him!”

“Its so infuriating to compare.

I cant even believe in my strength anymore.

This cant do, Im going to challenge the tower again!”

“I think youd better forget it.

Can you take another defeat”

“Whats there to be afraid of I will do this.

I want to become like Chu Feng!”

“Sigh, do as you wish!”

The people who were present were discussing and marveling at Chu Fengs strength.

At the same time, some felt inferior, some were angry, some looked down on him, and some were envious.

All sorts of emotions flooded the scene.

Most of them were jealous.

It wasnt a big deal, though.

Chu Feng couldnt care less about such things, nor did he care what these people were saying about him.

At this moment, a tall and dignified middle-aged man slowly descended from the sky.

Beside this middle-aged man was a beast, a giant dragon with three heads that was emitting a majestic and terrifying aura.

“Isnt this Instructor Gao Honghua Isnt he supposed to be in the barbarian races alternate dimension I heard that his three-headed dragon ate quite a few overlord-level barbarian race leaders!”

“Did you hear Instructor Gao has always been very powerful.

Maybe this time, Instructor Gao wants to take Chu Feng in as a disciple.”

“What you said is interesting.

As everyone knows, Instructor Gao advocates for war.

The Overlord Reserve Camp is divided into several factions.

If Instructor Gao takes him in, wouldnt Chu Feng be part of the faction that advocates for war too”

“Who knows If Instructor Gao really wants to take Chu Feng in as his disciple though, hes a step too late because Chu Feng has already left.”

These students couldnt help but start whispering to each other.

For a moment, they were chattering non-stop, and their voices formed an incessant sound wave.

Looking at these students, Gao Honghua narrowed his eyes.

Then, he revealed all of his dignity, “Why arent you challenging the Beast Tamer Tower What right do you have to stand idly and chat here”

Hearing Gao Honghuas loud voice, the students in front of the Beast Tamer Tower immediately scattered and went their separate ways.

They usually didnt have much respect for the instructors, much less fear them.

The two parties usually got along naturally, not having a thing or any care for seniority.

In any case, the people here could basically reach the overlord level after graduation.

When that time came, they would be on equal footing with the instructors before them anyway.

Everyone was a genius here.

This was the arrogance of the geniuses.

Gao Honghua was, of course, already used to this.

He immediately let out a long sigh, and said, “Whats with this brat Chu Feng To think he has such a powerful talent.

As far as I know, he only contracted a Wild Bear.

As for his other pet beasts, I dont have any information here.”

To protect the privacy of the students here, the information about the students would not be leaked.

Unless Chu Feng showed his Mirage Butterfly, no one would know that he had a Mirage Butterfly.

It was not a good thing for ones full strength to be exposed here anyway.

At this moment, Gao Honghuas eyes suddenly lit up.

He had received a message.

“Chu Feng has gone to the Secret Technique Pavilion.”

With that, Gao Honghua jumped onto the back of his Three-headed Dragon.

Then, the Three-headed Dragon flew rapidly in the direction of the Secret Technique Pavilion.

The Secret Technique Pavilion was a place where beasts could learn skills.

The more proficient the beasts were with their skills, the stronger they would be.

With that, they would also be able to pass the higher floors of the tower.

Gao Honghua was very clear that Chu Feng had a nurturing-type talent.

As such, Chu Feng might be going to the Secret Technique Pavilion to add points to the skills.

As for what the skills were, he wasnt sure.

The nurturing-type SS-rank talent named “talent evolve” could even raise a pet beasts basic talent to become a super talent, which was sufficiently heaven-defying.

If all of ones beasts had super talents that werent conditional, one could already be at the top among the overlords with such combat strength.

Gao Honghua was quite curious.

Chu Feng also had an SS-rank nurturing-type talent that focused on the nurturing of skills.

What kind of superior talent would he have in the Secret Technique Pavilion

His intuition told him that Chu Feng wasnt simple.

At this moment, Gao Honghua was filled to the brim with curiosity about Chu Feng.

He wanted to find the brat and explore his secrets.

When Gao Honghua arrived at the Secret Technique Pavilion and saw the scene before him, his eyes widened.

He felt somewhat incredulous and somewhat puzzled.

What was going on Why wasnt any of the students cultivating Why were all of them suddenly here!

Gao Honghua was very confused.


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