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The dark green energy slowly transformed into another form.

It was a cute little girl in a dark green dress.

“Isnt this an elf” Seeing the human form, Chu Fengs eyes couldnt help but widen.

He looked at the human form that Lila had transformed into.

It was in the form of a human, but more specifically a wood elf.

With this, he could tell the public that he had contracted a wood elf, which was a pretty good excuse.

Then, with a thought in his mind, he summoned the cute little Lila.

“Chu Feng,” When Lila saw Chu Feng, she immediately jumped into his arms excitedly and rubbed her head against his chest.

Chu Feng hugged Lila lovingly.

He first felt that she was very light, then it felt like he had a daughter all of a sudden.


If he really had a daughter, she might make him angry, but how could cute little Lila make him angry She would only make him happy.

Lila kept rubbing her head against Chu Fengs chest and hugging him tightly, unwilling to let go.

This was how she showed her closeness.

“So this is a human body!” In Chu Fengs arms, Lila murmured.

At the same time, she was also very curious about her own body.

It was time to explore her body now properly.

As she thought of this, she reached out and grabbed the edge of her skirt.

Then, she lifted her skirt with her hand.

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Seeing this, Chu Feng was immediately surprised.

He quickly grabbed Lilas hand that was lifting the edge of her skirt and said with a smile, “Youre already in human form and a female on top of that.

You cant do this, understand”

Chu Feng warned.

The current Lila was still very innocent, just like a human child.

She had, after all, just sprouted and grown up not long ago.

She had just gained intelligence.

It hadnt been more than a day since she had used the wood source crystal to transform into such a form.

For this period, she still had a lot to learn.

She could only slowly master all that she needed to through the accumulation of experience.

The Wild Bear was also very ignorant, as well as the Mirage Butterfly.

All of them needed to accumulate experience and slowly learn everything.

Now, all he could tell Lila was how interesting and fun the outside world was, and how many beautiful sceneries there were.

Other than that, dangerous and evil things should be kept secret.

This was to protect Lilas innocence.

In Chu Fengs eyes, an innocent soul was just too precious.

Then, he began to explain.

“I see, I got it!” Lila smiled sweetly and then continued, “Only you can see it!”


Hearing this, Chu Feng felt very helpless.

What was in this little girls head He reached out and flicked Lilas head.

He wanted to say something but hesitated and chose not to.

Then, he put Lila aside and asked her to play in the yard.

There were several robots in the yard that could teach Lila and play with her.

In addition, there were also all kinds of entertainment facilities here, so Lila didnt have to worry about getting bored at all.

Chu Feng was quite knowledgeable in the nurturing of children.

He needed to provide the right guidance on hobbies and interests to prevent Lila from going astray.

Now, he also needed to limit the time Lila played games, to prevent her from becoming addicted.

Lila could only play for a few hours a week, no more than that.

Not only that, but Chu Feng also prepared a large number of primary school textbooks and teaching aids, which he handed over to the robots for them to guide Lila in her cultural lessons.

He was aiming to nurture her to be a knowledgeable person.

Children were the new generation of hope for humans.

The education of children was of utmost importance.

Although Lila could not be considered a human, she still had a human heart, so all of this was necessary.

After arranging all of this, Chu Feng watched as Lila played games in her exclusive game room.

Seeing that the robots were taking good care of her, only then did Chu Feng feel relieved.

He turned his head away in relief and prepared to use up points, investing all the remaining enhancement points on the Mirage Butterfly.

[Virtual Reality Plus level 50: Supreme skill, creates many illusions that are half fake and half real.

(0/2550) ]

[Space Collapse level 50: Supreme skill, collapses a large area of space and completely destroys it.


[Space Blade level 50: Supreme skill, forms a large number of extremely sharp space blades.


[Space Domain level 50: Super skill, controls the surrounding space and forms a sealed world.


[Spiritual Domain level 50: Super skill, disperses spiritual energy and forms a sealed spiritual world.


[Enhancement Points: 4000]

This time, Chu Feng had invested a total of 343,000 enhancement points.

After all of the Mirage Butterflys skills were strengthened, he only had a pitiful 4,000 enhancement points left.

However, after using up all these enhancement points, the profits were also very considerable.

Among them, the three supreme skills had all been upgraded to level 50.

The explanations for the skills had also changed.

It could be said that the skills had all undergone a qualitative improvement.

For these skills to have been upgraded to the supreme level from the super level, the Mirage Butterfly was now increasingly similar to the Mythical Tree in all aspects.

Right now, in the beast space, the Mirage Butterflys aura was constantly rising.

In the blink of an eye, it had leveled up to the sovereign level 2, and its level was still rising rapidly.

Sovereign level 3, sovereign level 4, then sovereign level 5… Finally, it reached sovereign level 10.

Only when it had reached the limit of the sovereign level did the Mirage Butterfly stop its terrifying leveling up.

Chu Feng could feel that the Mirage Butterfly now had the possibility of breaking through to the commander-level.

All it needed was more energy.

At the same time, the Wild Bear was in a similar state.

Their power was already heaven-defying and beyond comprehension.

Then, he said to the Wild Bear and the Mirage Butterfly, “The next time I help you add points, it will be the moment you break through to the commander level.

If any of you doesnt break through to the commander-level, dont even think about leveling up in the future!”

The Wild Bear and the Mirage Butterfly protested when they heard this.

They spoke one sentence after another, but they werent really protesting.

They were just responding to Chu Feng.

Chu Feng smiled in response.


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