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In just a short while, the Mythical Tree had grown several meters tall and was continuing to soar into the sky at a speed visible to the naked eye.

It was simply astonishing.

If anyone else were to see this scene, their jaws would have dropped.

One had to know that it was originally just a small seed.

But now It had only just been planted, yet it had already grown into a large tree that was more than ten meters tall.

Its treetop covered the Wild Bear that had originally been taller, and on top of the treetop were specks of emerald green light.

The aura it emanated was faintly discernible and was filled with an incomparably rich vitality.

Not only that, the originally barren ground around was now full of life and vitality.

Small trees rose up from the ground, and the grass turned into a lush green patch.

Now, the beast space was filled with life.

Looking at the greenery, Chu Feng felt extremely gratified.

Moreover, at this moment, the Wild Bear also became very happy and delighted.

It began to roll around on the newly-grown green grass, howling joyfully.

Bathed in a dense aura of life, the vitality spread out on its body, making it feel warm.

Other than that, something seemed to be changing in this space.

What exactly was it Chu Feng had no intentions of trying to understand it.

Even if there was a change, it was definitely a change for the better.

Chu Feng found it quite unbelievable himself.

Bathed in the vitality of the massive Mythical Tree, although the changes seemed to be very slow, being the Wild Bears Beastmaster, Chu Feng could naturally feel its changes.

As such it was a given he could sense that the Wild Bear was slowly growing stronger by bathing in the Mythical Trees powerful vitality.

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There was also the Mirage Butterfly.

The situation with the Mirage Butterfly was harder to discern though.

However, the same applied to it.

If the Mythical Butterfly could bathe in the Mythical Trees vitality all the time, it would definitely be able to turn into a cocoon and transform into a super overlord-level existence.

Having an advanced bloodline was simply heaven-defying.

“No wonder the Mythical Tree received the faith of countless races on Blue Planet!” Chu Feng muttered.

At the same time, he seemed to have understood something his eyes lit up with golden rays.

The power of the Mythical Tree had surpassed his imagination.

Originally, he had expected the Mythical Tree to be far less powerful than it was now, but now that he had seen it with his own eyes, he could already imagine how powerful he would be in the future.

With the help of the Mythical Tree, he would be able to obtain more benefits, and he would thus become even stronger.

And at this moment, the Mythical Trees level began to soar.

Awakening level two.

Awakening level three.

Awakening level four… Awakening level ten.

After reaching Awakening level ten, the Mythical Tree seemed to have reached its critical point and its breakthrough began to show signs of stopping.

However, the Mythical Trees breakthrough did not completely stop.

Its level continued to soar and soon broke through the critical point.

In the next moment, a very powerful aura gushed out.

It was fresh, elegant, and fragrant.

[Mythical Tree]

[Level: Extraordinary Level 1]

[Bloodline: Advanced Overlord]

[Talent: Super plant talent, super life talent]

[Skills: Tree world level 1, miracle of life level 1, plant domain level 1, life guard level 1, transformation]

Now that the Mythical Tree had reached the extraordinary level, it was already an advanced Mythical Tree, which meant it had a higher level of intelligence.

“Delicious!” As if it was licking its lips and tasting its food, a stream of thoughts from the Mythical Tree reached Chu Fengs ears.

Hearing this voice and feeling the thoughts of the Mythical Tree, Chu Feng felt quite gratified.

Because through this thought, he could feel that the Mythical Tree was becoming stronger.

The Mythical Tree had originally been a little sapling.

To put it simply, the original Mythical Tree only had a childs mind and intelligence.

But now, this little tree had grown up.

By just growing up from a babbling baby to the level of a ten-year-old child, the Mythical Tree already had such strength.

For its growth to be so exponential, it could be considered terrifying.

But in terms of the Mythical Tree itself and its long life, it was still now equivalent to a child.

Of course, there were many taboos in the process of nurturing the Mythical Tree.

Any mistake in doing those taboos would bring irreparable consequences.

If Chu Feng hadnt reached the sovereign level, he wouldnt have dared to use so many wood source crystals on Lila.

Usually, when Beastmasters nurtured their pet beasts, the higher their level was, the faster their pet beasts would evolve.

The first reason was that Beastmasters with higher levels had greater resources.

High-level Beastmasters had greater strength, making it easier for them to obtain rare treasures and more resources.

Putting these resources into nurturing pet beasts would naturally help the pet beasts to evolve faster.

The other reason was the boost from the beast space to the pet beasts.

The higher the level of a Beastmaster, the more of a boost the beasts would receive.

Currently, Chu Feng was a sovereign-level Beastmaster.

If it was before when he was still at the awakening level, he wouldnt even have considered using the wood source crystal even if he had bonded with the Mythical Tree then.

If he used such a treasure to forcefully raise the Mythical Trees level, it would be impossible to suppress the power of the wood source crystal with just an awakening-level beast space.

This was an extremely dangerous thing.

If he couldnt suppress the power, even the Mythical Tree wouldnt be able to easily absorb it.

If it was a sovereign-level Beastmasters SSS-rank beast space though, the effects would be completely different.

How many things could a thousand cubic meters of space hold How powerful was the energy it contained It could completely suppress the energy of the wood source crystal, allowing the Mythical Tree to absorb it properly.

Another thing was that after Chu Feng became a sovereign-level Beastmaster, not only did he have an even more powerful telekinesis, but he could even take beasts into his beast space at will.

Even if he didnt bond with those beasts, he could still take them in.

This was also the strength of the beast space.

As the beast space grew stronger and wider, it would gradually become a world with a complete ecosystem and a biological chain.

By then, it wouldnt be just a beast space.

In the end, it would develop into a brand-new world and a brand-new planet, making Chu Feng a creator of the world.

This was something that ordinary Beastmasters didnt even dare to imagine.

To be able to reach such a level and possess such strength, wasnt that extremely powerful and heaven-defying


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